Stella Dimoko US Explains How Diezani Lavished $100m On Furniture And Artworks


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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

US Explains How Diezani Lavished $100m On Furniture And Artworks

The United States of America has given the details of how a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, allegedly laundered about $144m, using part of the funds to purchase a yacht, landed properties, furniture and artworks.

According to the US, while she held sway as the Nigerian petroleum minister, Diezani, who was otherwise known as “the Madam” or “Madam D,” led “a lavish and privileged lifestyle,” spending “more than one million dollars on furniture, artwork, and other furnishings purchased within the Southern District of Texas, and shipped, in part, to London and Abuja, Nigeria.”

These were contained in a 91-page “verified complaint” filed by the US Government before the US District Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, where it is seeking an order to forfeit funds and assets worth $144m linked to Diezani.

The US, in the “verified complaint” signed by a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Elizabeth Crispino, said Diezani allegedly acquired the assets with kickbacks from “an international conspiracy to obtain lucrative business opportunities in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.”

The assets, the US stated, were acquired between April 2010 and May 2015 when Diezani was “overseeing Nigeria’s state-owned oil company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.”

Among the properties, which the US now seeks to be forfeited, are a 65-metre motor yacht, named M/Y Galactica Star; two properties known as 807 and 815 Cima Del Mundo Road, Montecito, Calif; as well as funds in a couple of companies.

The US stated that Diezani, with the help of and in conspiracy with two Nigerian businessmen, Kolawole Akanni Aluko and Olajide Omokore, “laundered the proceeds of the illicit business opportunities into and through the United States.”

In the court processes obtained by our correspondent on Tuesday, the US detailed, using tables, the “living and lifestyle expenses for Alison-Madueke.”

One table, tagged, ‘Rental Payments,’ showed how Aluko and his company, Tracon Investments Limited, helped Diezani to make a total of at least £537,922 in rental payments for two central London residences both located at 22 St. Edmunds Terrace, London NW8 7QQ, where Diezani and her mother stayed between August 2011 and January 2014.

Another table, tagged, ‘Transportation Services’, showed how Aluko and his beneficially-owned company, TENKA, helped Diezani to make at least £393,274.32 in payments to a car hire company, the “Chauffeur Company”, while Omokore and his own company, Energy Property Development Ltd., also paid at least £4,424.40 to the “Chauffeur Company” to convey Diezani and her family about the UK between December 2012 through at least July 2014.

The FBI agent, Crispino, stated, “Upon information and belief, the above payments were made corruptly by, on behalf of, or at the direction of Aluko and Omokore for the benefit of Alison-Madueke and/or her family, in return for Alison-Madueke’s having improperly influenced the award of the Forcados SAAs to AEDC and in anticipation of or in return for her improperly influencing the award of the Brass SAA.

“In particular, the director of the Chauffeur Company has stated that in or around June 2014, he was assaulted in the hallway outside of Alison-Madueke’s known residence at Flat 19, 22 St. Edmunds Terrace, London NW8 7QQ, by two men known by the director to be Alison-Madueke’s associates.

“This assault occurred as the director of the Chauffeur Company was attempting to deliver a letter concerning approximately £224,000 in unpaid services provided by his company to Alison-Madueke.

“The director of the Chauffeur Company has further stated that, upon hearing the commotion, Alison-Madueke herself appeared and instructed her associates to settle the unpaid bill.

“As the preceding table indicates, roughly one month after the hallway assault, TENKA paid a total of £135,361.48 to the Chauffeur Company.”

Crispino said Diezani’s assets were liable to being forfeited “under 18 U.S.C. § § 981(a)(1)(A) and 981(a)(1)(C),” as they were “derived from, or traceable to the proceeds of ‘specified unlawful activity,’ as that term is defined in 18 U.S.C. § 1956(c)(7), or a conspiracy to commit ‘specified unlawful activity,’ and as property involved in money laundering violations of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956 and 1957.”

Crispino stated that “Section 1956(a)(2) prohibits transferring funds known to be the proceeds of unlawful activity from a place outside the United States to a place in the United States, with knowledge that the transfer is designed in whole or in part to conceal the nature, location, source, ownership, or control of the proceeds of a specified unlawful activity, including the proceeds of an offense against a foreign nation involving ‘bribery of a public official, or the misappropriation, theft, or embezzlement of public funds by or for the benefit of a public official.”
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Chai her Village people have remembered her


  1. This woman is very wicked


    Abasi mi mbok

    That money can do alot of given to @IDP camps

    Lord JESUS!!! !


    @Anonymous Orubebe

    1. Each time,with each News I read about her,i expect to see her in prison robes. Not decked in jewelry.

    2. This wasted money is enough to set a company that will create jobs in Nigeria

    3. Why are you all Shallow minded?.The money wasn't spent by her but by Kola The I too Know Aka Aluko..That One was Diezanis Mistake and If you read all carefully, you would have known.that The Buildings were all bought and paid for by Kola but now he claims he was doing it for Lady Dee which is a big lie from the Pit of Hell.

  2. Replies
    1. Money she could have used to built at least 6 upscale local clinics for her people(I am even saying for Nigeria-even just her own village / state people). She and her future generations will carry a curse on their head and by Allah's grace they will never enjoy advancement and will all die horrible and sudden deaths. Greedy fucking bastard. I pray her fake cancer becomes real and it spreads into her ojukokoro eyes and every disease people have died from because she denied use of these funds, will be inherited by her blood line until the end of time. This goes for aluko and implore and Saraki and Dino and the whole lot.


  3. Stella, what's ur source?

    1. A report like this is dangerous not to cite where you got it from. Except you wrote it yourself

    2. Your ancestors ,mumu na your middle name , go get informed by reading dailynews.

  4. Replies
    1. Evans na kindergarten student next to this phd holder

  5. Jeez!
    Very greedy somebody. Why can't she jailed already.

  6. Sorry to be insensitive..but why wont she be sick when she has ''murdered'' people,people don swear for am, let her suffer for her sins..Monies that would have been used to build worldclass hospitals, schools and infrastructure e.t.c..Niger Delta people will not see this one..Na to apportion blames on people not responsible for their problems..

  7. This is beyond greed, pure witch craft.. Rogues every where

  8. our money........ crying.............................

  9. What a man can do, women does it......

  10. What a man can do, women does it......

  11. May God help Nigeria.. so many people are suffering thanks to them.

  12. Why aren't we born equal, why do some of us have to suffer? Lord I just feel this is unfair. I'm going hungry daily cause of no money.
    We were told, go to school, get good grades and finding a job won't be difficult, We have gone to school, some of us had good grades, but the job aren't coming.
    Submitted lots of CV's, attend lots of interview but nothing yet
    Oh yea some will say start something, please where's the capital?
    We were told to ask friends and family, excuse me is it the same family who are looking up to you to bring them out of penury.

    And here is someone spending millions of dollars on furniture and artworks

    Baba God scatter this world make we start afresh again.

    1. This Woman stole our resources mercilessly, so she should face the law without MERCY.

    2. You will continue to go hungry for the rest of your life until you start looking for how to make a life than live on different blogs and social media,are cursed?

  13. Ok so she didn't steal money from naija. She collected bribes from outside.

  14. Oh Stella, it is not her village people, she offended spirit and must suffer the consequences of her actions. Go back to your post on this woman and read the comments. You will then understand why this will not end till the end.
    The actions of these criminals affected me, there is no way they will walk away freely. They thought President Buhari was their problem, it has not even started, you will still read more.
    They will surely know that man is a spirit.

  15. But our politicians are presently squandering this and so much more right now . Every time this government wants to distract us they throw Diezani at us. The foreign currency found in Ikoyi, why hasn't the owner(s) been named? Buhari is on medical holiday in UK spending billions of pounds. Taxpayers money that would have gone a long way to helping our economy. Not to mention, the cost of all these governors with their battalion of entourages that are going to London to pay him a visit. Diezani is in America facing justice while we are here munuishly watching while our government is squandering much more and with such impunity.


  17. Dieziani remember to carry this with u when u die.

  18. Nigerians are very gullible and easy to fool. Your president declared his assets and yet he is able to afford university abroad for his kids and his medical bills abi? The money found in the ikoyi flat has died a natural death abi? As for the billions IBB stole you guys have forgotten because you have found an easy target - a woman recovering from cancer treatment, who cannot really defend herself as she has to concentrate on her recovery. They were probably hoping the shock of all these stories will kill her but she will pull through and deal with these idiots one by one as she is an educated intelligent woman. Right now it is easy for these fools to just hang all sorts of allegations around her neck.

  19. Meh she recover even now now come answer query, abeg.


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