Stella Dimoko Actress Ronke Oshodi Oke Says She Cannot Cook For A Man If She Is The Bread Winner...


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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Actress Ronke Oshodi Oke Says She Cannot Cook For A Man If She Is The Bread Winner...

Famous thespian, Ronke Ojo-Gbolahan, popularly addressed as Oshodi-Oke in an exclusive interview with BroadwayTV weighed in on the cause of many celebrity marriages going down the hill. 

According to the actress, things can't work out if the responsibilities of a home lies heavily on one person. She stated that if she provides for the needs of the family or takes up the role of the breadwinner then there is no way she's cooking for any man.

Marriage, love, mistakes and are more in this explosive chat up with Ronke.

*What do you guys think?


  1. I agree with her. I can't be the breadwinner and you expect me to also watch as u do nothing and expect me to slave in the house. If we are both working we will both help in the house while if I am the one working I will expect u to do the house chores and vice versa.

  2. hahahahaha what a woman can do, a man should do more better.

    I support you. Lazy men everywhere you go just like MTN

  3. If she's a man, she'd be very sexist. She's the type of mother in law you don't want to meet. I was in Texas early this year and i saw the way my sister and her husband behave. The husband would cook will my sister worked overnight (as a nurse) and she'd cook in the afternoon and even dish and serve and all as if one special visitor is coming. They split bills and they have been doing this like that before even relocating.

    He is not perfect o. He even took me to a strip club but koko is that if you split bills, you can work together. If tomorrow he hits jackpot and decides to treat you as a slave, will you be alright with it because he is bringing all the money?

  4. What she simply means is "I can't go and come and kill myself".

  5. She just said the truth, the truth is; God didn't create the woman to be the breadwinner of the home, she's a help met.

    When roles in a matrimonial home is reversed, the marriage hardly last.

    1. Today y'all agree a woman is a help meat. Tomorrow y'all agitate for gender equality.

  6. This is why God will not promote you to be "bread winner".

    For ladies: "someone wants to marry you"
    20 year old: "What is the man?"
    30 years Old: "Who is the man . . . pre-nup?"
    40 years old: "Where is the man?"
    50 years old: "Please where is he, I can pay him to marry me. I will sponsor the wedding and be his cook and all . . .?"

  7. What if the man was doing fine then things changed during the course of marriage?

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  9. She is right, it is wickedness on the part of a man,if the wife is the breadwinner and the man sits and expect her to come home late from work n still enters d kitchen to start another work!the same thing goes for d woman whose husband is d sole provider of the home and she doesn't lift a finger to make sure the husband gets the best.

  10. Good riddance to that nonsense of romance and breakfast in bed! Wherever the man's the breadwinner, the woman should remain in the kitchen. This is the type of rubbish advice some shallow women will hear & go create a storm in a quiet marriage, trying to pitch tents with this lonely overweight buffoon

  11. I will do same,I cant be all in one.

  12. Whatever rocks the boat of anyone

  13. She has corrected herself.
    My problem with this stuff. In the first place I can't even marry a lazy man or a man unable to cater for a family.
    But my issue is the husband can loose his job. Does it mean while he is looking for another job you won't cook for him.
    A man that is hard-working and gave you all your needs ???
    My question is won't you cook for your family as a whole. Or your children won't eat ? Or you won't serve him from the food you and your kids are eating.
    I personally don't see cooking as a big deal. When ppl say i cant cook for my husband. Question is wont the children eat. Will you give them indomie daily.
    I make all my soups during the weekend. Each person will make either swallow or rice with it.
    This question comes into play when you marry a lazy man. Which I can't even do in the first place.

  14. It's not always easy when the woman is the breadwinner......that's what always cause serious gobe in those type of marriage

  15. So the man staying at home all day should do what? The woman should come back home from work and be cooking? Women are divorcing they don't care again. If men like they should increase their insults and taunts about marriage, women no longer care


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