Stella Dimoko Media Personality Rachel Bakam Responds To Buzz That She Granted Interview Denying John Fashanu Because Of Land Scam Brouhaha


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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Media Personality Rachel Bakam Responds To Buzz That She Granted Interview Denying John Fashanu Because Of Land Scam Brouhaha

Since she put out the press release which explained that she was not married to Football Legend John Fashanu,her social media handles,inbox and private life has been bombarded with ''why did you do it'' ..
In this post Rachel explains why she put out a press release denying that she was remarried to John Fashanu..

"It's sad that many are insinuating that i decided to clear the air on our relationship due to the fact that John is going through a crisis. For the records, John is not going through any crisis. The allegations on the land are pure lies so why should i deny him on that basis. John and i speak atleast 5 times everyday till now. We are very close. We still do and have lots of projects brewing. 

We both agreed to clear the air at this point because my family members were worried that i got married without informing anyone. It's all around the internet that i am his wife. Especially now with the trending news, my family who are strict in such matters have been asking. It doesn't mean that in the future, John and i cannot get married if we decide and if it's God's Will but for now, this is how our relationship is. We are happy and the publication is our publication not mine alone to set the records straight. To respond to the Abuja blogger  who spoke without carrying out the required research as a blogger, this was John's publication before mine:

Get your facts right

John and i speak the same voice so if we are saying the same thing, why do people insist it's otherwise?

John and i are happy. I am very comfortable with identifying with him. Our press release was not meant to connote otherwise"

Rachel Bakam aka Rachel the PIPER is a dynamic lady who has held leadership positions like Headgirl from childhood and graduated as the Best Student. She has won over 100 awards from primary school till date. Rachel graduated as the best student in the Faculty of Arts ABU Zaria bagging a number of awards. As a Tv presenter, she continues to win awards back to back both in Nigeria and abroad. She granted this interview after she recieved Ga fili Ga Doki's award as Most Friendly/Supportive personality of the year. As Always, Rachel attributes her successes to God Who has made it all possible to excel and experience the support she has enjoyed over the years. She dedicated the award to her late dad who passed on 24 years ago same day the award held 30th July and her mum who was present at the award for being a wonderful mum and dad same time.


  1. All her I see is her skin colour 😍😍😍😍 sweet chocolate

  2. Who cares?
    Somebody pls give me a cup of water.

  3. Are they writing about the girl success or the problems? What i am seeing is all about Rachel. Na dem sabi

  4. she is fine.... her smile na heaven.....

  5. That interview shouldn't have been granted that period.

  6. This John would prolly end up a lonely old man, at his age no 'stable home'.

  7. Which one be she held the position of head girl in her primary school LMAO like who seriously cares chai

  8. Why is that right hand top finger like that? It does not have the same green nail polish . Or maybe it's deformed. Or it's photoshopping error or omission.

  9. John Fashanu a football legend?
    In which club and country?
    Please and please don't insult football legends abeg of u.
    There's a difference between being a football veteran and a legend.

  10. Iember nyamshar and her homosexual lawyer husband Komife Nsolo

  11. Rachel, I don't think anybody here gives a F if you guys re/were dating or not.
    Like seriously nobody cares.
    So pls hold your peace.

  12. Who is this one stella always publishes about? Nobody even knows her??? Nor cares....
    It must be alex reporter's handwork that is how he spams nairaland with very irrelevant contents!

  13. Women sef can deny.tufiakwa.but he shines ur congo abi.nonsense!


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