Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 202


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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Labour Room Drama 202

This story comes with a giveaway attached...

Good day Stella, a

As a regular customer that I is na, I sent in my Labour room drama earlier this year, while was on my second missionary journey.. Lol. Stella God has done it for me. Gave birth 8weeks ago and I am so happy and grateful to God. So I decided to share my Labour room drama/Testimony.

My pregnancy was a stress free one, but at 37 weeks I was already tired of the portable belle. So I started trying all the labour inducing ways, sex, long distance walks, Zobo, running up and Down the stairs, and then pineapple which I guess finally worked for me, because I ate a whole pineapple a day before and I went into labour without even knowing. 

 At 38weeks and 3days my friend came on a visit that faithful day and I told her I was having mild cramps, and she told me to head to the hospital right away, didn't take her serious, I called my husband, and he told me to meet him so we can head to the hospital immediately. 

When I got to the hospital, I was so afraid especially cos of the way they usually check how many CM S gone, the doctor checked anyway, and I screamed and shouted...

He said I was 3cm gone, they gave Me an injection and placed me on admission, this happened around 5-6pm on that faithful day, waited and waited for real labour to start o, nothing, slept and woke up the following morning , and then another Doctor came to check me and said I was 4cm gone, OK na, no pains yet, then I was moved back to the labour ward, then they inserted oxytoxin drip, I still didn't feel any much pain, meanwhile my water hadn't broken all the while and the doctor said she would have to break it Manually, chimoooo, when I saw the instrument she wanted to use to break the bag, I almost passed out, when she dipped her hands I lost balance and the doctor vex and said she wasn't going to do it again that we should wait it out o, after about 40minutes of thinking about my life and if it was a good idea to allow her break it, had to start begging the doctor o, she broke it and Jesus that pain was indescribable.

 Immediately my water was broken, I began to see stars, I sang, rapped, held my bed, hot sweat began to trickle down my face, and my whole body, I just wanted the baby out and I was looking at the wall clock in front of me about 40mins later, I felt the urge to poo o, and I shouted that I wanted to poo poo and with two pushes came out my beautiful baby girl.. 

Find attached her picture for your eyes only ..Lolz.
N. B I have a used car seat from 0-1year to give out to a mum who needs it, please I don't want another baby o, I have two now and I am fulfilled cos I remember doing a car seat giveaway last year when I just suffered a miscarriage and I got pregnant the following month.. I just need prayer for a financial turnaround .

Whoever is interested can add me up on 5c2d648a.pickup area is Aguda Surulere .

Congrats babe!!!


  1. Congrats dear, kiss your lil Angel for me, the lord protect her.

    The only thing that upset me about your story is the reaction of the doctor, what is getting her angry? Mschew, only in Nigeria. In the abroad they will be petting you like a baby.

  2. Poster, you're my neighbour o!
    Invite me to come and eat jollof rice and rub baby powder na. Only that I'm no longer on Bbm.
    Hearty congratulations to you.
    May God bless your baby and your family.

  3. Replies
    1. Awwww!!! Me likey likey

    2. All those ttc pls stay off pineapples and pawpaw

  4. Congrats. God please simplify my Labour.

  5. Wow, congrats to yu madame, God'll always be there for yu, trust him .

  6. That oxytocin drip is somtin else u are lucky your labor progressed rapidly after that, congrats

  7. Thanx Fam I really appreciate..
    Baby face assassin -lol oya na, you are cordially invited only that I am Yoruba and we don do naming since.

  8. Congratulations madam! Baby dust to all ttc even me

  9. Congrats dear. God will bless and keep her


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