Stella Dimoko WhatsApp Now Lets You 'Unsend' Embarrassing And Accidental Messages


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Sunday, October 29, 2017

WhatsApp Now Lets You 'Unsend' Embarrassing And Accidental Messages

After months of development WhatsApp have started rolling out the Delete for Everyone feature, which allows you to recall messages after you’ve sent them. 

This applies to text messages, gifs, video, pictures… pretty much anything you can send on WhatsApp, however it must be done within seven minutes of sending the message.

The feature is easy to use. Simply highlight the message you wish you didn’t send, select Delete from the menu and then hit Delete for Eveyone. It’s only available to certain users at the moment and only on the latest version of WhatsApp.

However, the people you are messaging can still see the message before you delete it and even if you manage to recall a message before the other person returns to their phone, they will still be able to see ‘This message was deleted’.

WhatsApp will also let you know if the recall wasn’t successful, just so you know if you need to send a grovelling apology message or not.

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  1. Hahaha @grovelling apology message. This will work well for those of us with toddlers who are always messaging people on our contact list. No more calling to say "sorry it was my child that sent you that message"

    1. Yaah my son always record voice notes to our family group and it's disturbing this is so good.

  2. Good one. That was how I sent a video to my uncle yesterday, a video not meant for him.. C as I dey apologize cos na curse video...

    That is y telegram is bae

  3. Nice one..... No wonder... Few days ago... I saw on whatsapp i received a message but when i opened it... All it said was message was deleted... I was just suprised

  4. Yeaaa...just like it was/is with BlackBerry.
    Message recall.

    Good one👍

  5. I think bbm does this,let me go and update my WhatsApp asap.

    1. I just tried it out,it I cool.

  6. oh great!!! .... I will be the happiest person..

  7. Very nice abeg. My boyfriend left me because I sent him a nasty message I meant to send to another person.

  8. Alright


  9. #The best way to end a war is not to begin it*


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