Stella Dimoko Yam Tubers Now Used To Smuggle Drugs Out Of Nigeria


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Friday, October 06, 2017

Yam Tubers Now Used To Smuggle Drugs Out Of Nigeria

If you are a traveller who always carries stuff for people,please read this story and be warned!

A Nigerian man has shocked the world after he revealed that people are smuggling hard substance out of Nigeria using yam tubers.

In a footage posted on Facebook, the man from Edo state, revealed that the drugs were inserted in the tubers of yam and covered with sand.

He said they were given to him to deliver to someone who needed them badly abroad. But he decided to wash the sand off the tubers not knowing what was inside.
He said:

“When I saw sand on it I said we cannot carry sand to abroad that we must wash out the sand. As we were washing the sand we now detect water was coming out from up, meaning there’s hole inside. As we washed carefully we now see some needle. As we pulled everything, there was drug inside.”

“We thank God for the intelligence God has given to us for us to discover this kind of thing. This is something that could put you in jail. Men are wicked, we have to be careful,” he said, warning people to always check whatever they are given to deliver to someone while traveling abroad.”


  1. Replies
    1. Stella there is a follow up on tatafonaija. The young man was unveiled.

  2. I saw the video on IG, the intended victim even took the perpetrator to Church to get him to accept Jesus. That guy should be in jail for pulling such a stunt.

  3. His chi is not asleep.
    Anything they give u to deliver, always unwrap it,wash it, poke it. I can imagine innocent delivery guys in jail.

  4. We indomitable Nigerians !!!

  5. We indomitable Nigerians !!!

  6. No wonder USA reject our yam exportation to them.

    This is what they have been doing. Na wa.

    Thank God for the man because it was not yet his time to enter prison.

    May they catch the other man that gave him those yams to take to abroad. We need to be careful on trusting people.

  7. How you go dey carry yam go London sef...they sell yams there na

  8. God just save you. You for dey cool head for jail for what you don't know.

  9. Soemone will tell you they owned African shop and built houses in the abroad and you will be here thinking of your life.
    Not knowing that they at including things in there. Smh

  10. Hmm!who carries yam abroad in this day and age?? Secondly, a close look at the yam shows an obvious alteration. Is someone looking for publicity here?! *strolls away*

    1. My thought exactly,more like attention seeking kind of thing,how can someone bring you just 2 tubers of yam with sand on it to take abroad,one of the yams even looks like it's going bad already.common people let's use our common sense now,who is sending yam abroad in this century,yam of all things,when they have African foods store full everywhere in the abroad.i don't believe this story,this yam thing is making it really hard for me to believe,the story is not very convincing.its even cheaper to buy yam abroad than have it brought in all the way from naija like this,yam is heavy,will make luggage even heavier,I'm not even sure it's allowed in luggage cos they will check you at the airport.i don't really get the purpose behind this.

    2. God bless you for this comment.
      This story up there, looks staged.

  11. I'm more stunned at the stunt, people are innovative but don't want to use it wisely

  12. Nigerians will always find a way out. Thank God the man just had divine wisdom to wash off the sand.

  13. I can't even carry yam for anyone abroad. When you can get yam there is African shops.

  14. Anonymous 12:11 please read closely before dishing comments, the writer clearly stated that the yam was covered with sand that looks like the yam just removed from the ground, the yam has been washed to make it look like that.


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