Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -Mama Twins Talks About The Lawyer Who Assaulted Her


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Saturday, November 04, 2017

Iya Ibeji Series -Mama Twins Talks About The Lawyer Who Assaulted Her

Oh Dear!!!...I guess everyone is coming out of the closet with the Assault they suffered......

If you have never believed any of my story please believe this it happened to me and if this lawyer is reading I dare you to reply if I lied against you.

So there was this lawyer whose law firm represented my company , he was single I was single and before long we started to Mingle.
First date we saw a movie and dude was all cuddly and smooching.
I was like guy take am easy I don't even like you like that yet.

Next date was at his house and he cooked a serious meal, I mean this guy pounded coconut as thickener, slice different leaves went the whole 9 yards. After eating na, guy started doing touch touch. We made out a little but didn't do the do.

After that last visit I decided to stopped seeing him.
He asked for reasons tire, but my mine reason was that all he wanted was the DO, and that's clouding every other thing.
He said it's only fair I give him a chance to explain and that he loves me, this that and a third.

I kept using work as an excuse and there was this day my company gave us half day of work, he got to know about it and he begged me to visit him.
The way he begged me ehn even if na stone dey my heart e go for melt.
So I foolishly went to his house and he come dey explain many things.
After all the plenty talk guy started necking. How you are? No be wetin I dey talk?

For my mind I said he will never see my shadow in his place again.
From necking to kissing I simply said he should enjoy but when it was getting intense I pulled back
He continued again intensely, this time I had to push him off. Then I saw his eyes.
I know say I don enter, I had never seen that expression on his face before.

I started pleading, guy didn't listen o. From kissing he entered another level. I started telling him words.
"you know you are a lawyer, you should know NO means NO. I will tell your boss, I will tell my boss"
Wetin I no talk but guy no dey this realm again. I threaten to scream I threaten him tire next thing I know say my Bobbi don expose.

I started fighting back, come and see struggle but in all these I couldn't scream for help and BVs till date I can't say why.
This guy weaken my shoulders and it became difficult to fight, so I told myself to let him, after all I wasn't a virgin.

Na so I lie down still and true true guy started work by the time he started removing pants I screamed and started struggling again but I didn't have strength.

Then I remembered God. I started murmuring for God to help me.
He went for my pants again and my brain touch, then I remember the testimony of a brother that was captured by ritualist and how he spoke in tongues and he was released.

While I was thinking if the same will work for me knowing I haven't been faithful in my walk with God. 

Next thing his hand was on my VJ. 

Without thinking I blasted in tongues I prayed with my whole heart and before you can say Jack the spirit of God took over, I started Praying fervently, strength came and I was shaking violently.
He let me go and was watching, I guess he thought I was acting but then I started speaking words.

I started prophesying I can't remember all I said but I remember I said something like "she is mine" "she told you to stop"
Me I was now asking myself what was going on? I continued speaking and them I said something about a girl, I called her name "Amaka" and said she is your wife. 

I was shaking so violently I thought I would pass out then I started pleading with Jesus to help me. After a while I stopped and I started crying. I cried for so long and when I had no strength left to cry anymore I laid on his bed. He came to cover me up that's when I realized my panties were still off. 

He took me to his bath room to clean up after that I did I went back to his room.

I tried to play back what just happened but I couldn't make sense of it.
I looked at dude and he resemble who them don flog koboko.
I asked him who was Amaka na so he open eyes tell me say na his ex, Fear gripped me. We had never talked about his past before.
I could tell he was scared of me too as he stayed very far from me.

When I eventually got some strength I left his house and as soon as I left the gate I told him I will tell the whole world, he started apologizing I did him the waka sign. And that caught the attention of people I wanted to embarrass him on his street so they will know him. But I just wasn't wired like that. All I kept saying was that and you are a Lawyer o. Let me round up this very long story.

I got to the office and didn't say anything. Whenever he came around he could barely look at me. 

We stopped talking to each other

I won't end without saying this, our God answers prayers, no matter how far gone we are in sin.
He says in the Bible call on me in the day of trouble and I will answer you. He did For that brother that was kidnapped by ritualist, he did for me he will do for 

*That's it?
I want women to know that being afraid that you will be tagged after a rape is old fashioned,The Rapist bears all the burden now..Please if any man rapes you,go to the Police station and get a Police report,go to the hospital and get proof of his ugly semen and probably treatment...and then go on all social media you know and call him out.....if he decides to sue you have evidence,if not he will never recover from that call out cos it will come up on google anytime he types his name in...
RAPE IS SO WRONG::::Iya Ibeji pele oh.


  1. It is a special kind of Grace. Once you can connect, all filtiness is overlooked and you are used as a vessel.

    Iyabeji pele.

    1. My dear loud it, it's not easy to talk about sexual harassment why do you think these Hollywood actresses with all the fame and support they would have gotten kept quiet.
      My dear e no easy. A major part of you will be blaming you like you encourage him

    2. Now I believe what Stella said that serious posts don't gather readers. See comments on this serious post of yours compared to last week's own about boyfriend and cooking.

  2. I always look forward to Iya ibeji series. Bt why is it that when you visit most guy they end up almost raping if not raping you. Men na wa for una ooo.

  3. Wow wow wow... As much as rape is bad, let's try to be cautious in our dealings.

    IMO, you ought to have stopped seeing him after the first incidence. You kept on going there like you wanted what he wanted.

    If you don't want sex, going to a guy's house you really don't know is wrong not to talk of making out with him

    1. I share your sentiment Rocky. A man or woman should take a NO for a NO but then why not 'prevent' certain situations rather than trying to 'cure' it?

      As a lawyer, i guess if he had succeeded in his forceful act and the whole thing blew open, he would have defended himself saying:

      1. It was'nt your first time visiting.
      2. You guys were having an affair
      3. You led him on.

  4. Iya ibeji you already had a sense of what he wanted yet you allowed foolish plea to still lead you to his house.

    Ladies if you see as a fcuk boy then his a fcuk boy, No English speaking of his should lead you to been alone with him.

    Abeg I can't wait for NASS to legalize guns in Nigeria,some guys will leave the rest of their lives without their penis, I swear😈😈


    1. Lols,an eye for an eye abi?

    2. my babe don vex. your last paragraph speaks volumes

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Amu Destroyer

  5. Nigeria is becoming really, really tough. In just this year 2017, I lost my first child due to medical neglect, my husband could not secure a single job order, I haven't been able to collect my results in school due to strike, I dealt with about two medical challenges, I battle depression due to the loss of my child and delay in conception, my job is no longer fulfilling as there is no chance for growth nor significant salary increase even as a graduate, I am surrounded by comfortable people who have not considered to help me even when I request, we have considered to relocate out of Nigeria through study but no enough money, we have also considered getting a foreign job to ease our relocation plans yet nothing is forthcoming. I am not writing this to attract pity but to kindly request you put my family in prayers. I still count God faithful in all circumstances and I trust Him to bring my expectations to pass.

    1. Yes dear he is too faithful to fail,he didn't promised us the road will be easy but he assured us we will overcome. God is not through with you but will see you through.don't give up

    2. Sorry dear for whatever you are passing through.
      God will intervene in your case..
      It is well dear

    3. I paused to pray for you. God will comfort you and grant your heart desires. Kisses.

    4. Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness Shirley, Stella maris Baby and Ageless T. May God bless your kind souls.

  6. A guy should try to act like a gentleman for the first date.. Haba! If na be ehn, i go wooze am correct slap. Pele Iya Ibeji.

  7. Why do we girls go to a guy's (sorry, a beast's) house for a date?
    What about all the public places?
    Most guys understand this home visit as consent for sex.
    And when their "tail" is elongated, they don't usually go back.
    Please stop going to a guy's house for date.

    1. Exactly. I know how many 'potential' dates dumped me when I said I no come your house. It's either public place or forget it. There is one idiot I went out with in his car he don dey touch my breast then if I go him house n.a. rape be dat one. That lawyer is a big fool. Kpele iya ibeji

  8. Why a will a guy rape a woman? This is pure hand work of a demon. No sane man will rape a woman. Say fine girls don finish for ndokwa abi runs girls dey for strike? Cheap ashawo dey there also and even some snm bvs are ready to give for free. So tell me with all these options why chose rape?

    1. And you go give for free mba. What's your number?

  9. What works for A might not work for B and C.

    Lolz at speaking in tongues

  10. Wow. I have been in a situation like this. I was in 100 level then n my boyfriend a graduate whom I dated in remedial had a friend still in school,so he like handed me over as per ''take care of her for me'. One val 2008,he asked of I was travelling n so he incited me over wen I said no. I was so innocent I did not even think of anything. He got ice cream n snacks and after a while started touching. I was shocked,na so uncle go lock door. In the midst of struggling I was able to dial my bfs no n told him to speak with his friend,but he refused to collect d fone n my bf was just laffing n happy d friend was taking care of me.BTW dere was nbody in d compound as students had travelled so shouting was a waste. Dts how I cut d line n struggled with everything n got out. I had gotten to d road wen I remembered I did not take my house key n purse. I just got angry n went back,he was shocked to see me cos of the way I barged in. I picked my key n told him to stand up n carry my purse to see me off, he asked of the things he bought n I told him to pack it. He said no nylon,I said go n buy. All this while he was shaking cos my face n attitude was something else like one who is possessed. We got to the gate n I told him to cross the road n get nylon all this while he was still holding my purse o,he was so embarrassed. Wen he came back I packed d snacks n ice cream collected my purse n entered taxi n told him to pay. I was shaking inside the cab like dats how I would have been raped n was even a virgin sef. I got home sat down n devoured my snacks after all I needed payment for my struggles. I broke up with my boyfriend after DAT cos I thought he set me up. He noticed my disgust wen he talks about his friend so had to tell him. That's how their friendship ended,but I did no care o.I still left him. Ever since then I Dont visit anyone I would regret if anything happens plus my money n key is always in my jeans pocket. O cannot shout.bastards everywhere. Pls ignore any typos can't proof read pls.

  11. No one deserves to be raped. No means no regardless of where you were when it happened. Iyabeji God works in mysterious way. I People don’t want to speak up about rape because of the stigma surrounded with it. Society should stop shaming victims of and start supporting them.

  12. I have been rape twice or more,I can't even remember all those experience made stone cold bitter and angry, and I neither fe love nor love back,things like heartbreak don't get to me much. I move on fast,the problem is that I was scared been stigmatized. Now I feel so angry and depressed anytime I remember these incident.

  13. I choose my husband to be bc on the first visit to his house. He was far away, no attempt to touch or kiss me . I was like wow , do such men exist.I then decided to accept him fully. Some men just can't invite you to their crip without sharpening their dick. They will so sharpen it that by the time they offer you a glass of water ,they are already all over you.

  14. #Go slow. Let things settle. We all move too fast*

    1. Slow motionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Ashawo

  15. Its a pity girls are always blamed for rape, going to a guys house is not a license to be raped. A rapist always has one psychological problem or the other. They more often than not suffer from inferior charisma, they strongly believe they are not in same league with the lady in question hence their stance- if I can't use words and feelings, the only option is force. They hardly think about the damage on the person,they often convince themselves that its same as sex hence the lady will never talk cos of the shame. Another sick set are the ones who go about bragging they have been intimate with you, when all there was to it was just hello, hi. Guys need to reevaluate themselves, the girl you rape or mess up today might become the key to your prosperity. We are first human....keyword "human" before any other categorization.

    1. Going to the guy's house doesn't give him license to rape you but it makes you 'available' for anything... Some of these men are animals and in Iya Ibeji's case, she recognized the lawyer's animal's behaviour... It's just like going to the lion's den and expecting it to not bite you... You are not Daniel fam

  16. I can so relate with not being able to shout when you badly needed to.

    I was driving down from Lagos island 2013, around that 7up area, shortly after the pedestrian bridge. I wanted to link alausa. My AC was bad so I wound my side down, just a little, knowing guys rob there. This guy just came close to my car as if he wanted to cross. He just suddenly came closer and reached out for my gold necklace! Everything happened so fast. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing was coming out. I actually wanted to, I tried to, but it looked like he stole my voice with the chain. Whether na jazz I don't know. I was just shaking at the steering. I sha manouvered and parked at 7up 2nd gate, then calmed down. I can still recognize the guy till date.

    Thank God for you dear. I hope someone learns from this story. Thank Jesus!

  17. Stella I can tell you seem disappointed but people are different. The timid me couldn't even shout for help.
    Look at some people above me talking about why I went to his house. This guy was like a colleague who would have thought.

    Now I know it's stupid to go to a guy's house to break up with him.
    At o e point I thought he was going to kill me that's was when I stopped telling him I will report him

    But this was then. Social media was new.

    whether I am in your house or not NO means NO

    1. Lol. I bet you didn't see these coming. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thank God for you

  18. Eeyah. Sorry Iya twins.

    That was why I made it my principle never to visit any guy I don't know so well.

  19. Remembered how i sexually abused by a female senior, i was in jss1 and she was in ss3,she threatened to make my life miserable if i don't comply ,and this went on till she graduated. And it has changed my thinking about women entirely even as an adult now,may God help us all

  20. Had a similar experience in school, left me "shook" till date, he was a corper, I was a student, we became acquainted, he invited me for his bday party, he claimed he cooked everything from scratch, and he was hosting a couple of people, had a church program so i decided to drop by tnere first, got to the house there was food n all, but no other person, where are ur other guests o asked? he smiled, it was all for was a 3 bedroom apartment shared by like 4 or 5 ppl, he had 1 room, no place to sit in the living room, so he asked me to come in for a movie n a treat, i obliged cos it was his bday, i thought others would come, and then the struggle began, it was for 4 whole hours, would never forget, got my clothes torn, bag cut,sandals cut, it was the struggle of my life. I was disgusted. He got violent, turned up the music, I fought, slapped n hit him, he subdued me multiple times, I kicked him off with my last power. He said he had it all planned out, he raped girls b4 who later enjoyed the sex, n became his gf, n so would I... he was a monster, I finally ran out, he locked the main door, I prayed, begged, screamed, saw a neighbour n begged him to pls use his key n let me out, the guy snubbed me and said he didn't want to get involved .... eventually i bargained, if u let me out, I promise i would consider giving u a chance but not today I'm worn out, he reluctantly did, I cursed him and vowed never to visit any guy who i'm not dating, alone. #storyofmylife

  21. I'm a 49 year old, married with adult children for 25 years to my first bf. He took me on a business trip but we booked 2 rooms even in those days. That was because he respected me, not only because he knew I was a virgin but he knew I was an SU and I told God that the ist must be the one. Why girls go and visit a man in his bedroom beats my imagination. I'm not justifying rape but what exactly is a bedroom for? You are giving him the green light. Some girls will come for me after this my first ever comment on this blog but whether you realize it or not, you give out vibes and everyone has an aura around them. Going to a guy a second time after you saw the signs and speaking in tongues was duplicitous. God just had mercy on you though he touched you anyway and that is considered sex. Young girls, don't go and visit a guy in his home or bedroom unless you want it. Guys are very physical while women are emotional. To the guys I say, a gentleman does not and should not force himself on a woman. Think about it. It's supposed to be an act of love and consensual. Why would one party feel hurt by your action. Any guy who does it is an animal. Self control is being able to tame your third leg. Btw I wonder if these men realize that HIV, Syphilis etc are real. I doubt men who force themselves think or have time to wear anything since they lack self control. I live in a place where syphilis patients have to report to the county and be treated by public health facilities as it's considered a public health hazard. Think before you act. Above all let us all ask God to pour the spirit of repentance and supplication on Nigeria. We have many churches but few Christians now. No curses on my comments as I'm redeemed from any curse and it will backfire.

    1. Well said ma. God bless you and your children.

  22. Ms Stella you don't publish my comments. Maybe they don't fit your stereotypes but I'm entitled to my opinions though you own the blog. No sweat, I read all blogs to be in touch with the old country


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