Stella Dimoko Court Denies Alleged Husband Killer Maryam Sanda Bail And Sends Her Back To Prison


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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Court Denies Alleged Husband Killer Maryam Sanda Bail And Sends Her Back To Prison

Mrs. Sanda is on trial for allegedly killing her husband, Biliyanu Bello, in November.

She is accused alongside her mother, Maimuna Aliyu; her brother Aliyu Sanda; and her house help, Sadiya Aminu who were alleged to have conspired with her.

Mrs. Sanda’s lawyer, Joseph Daudu, had asked the court to grant his client bail on the grounds that she (Maryam) had submitted a medical certificate showing that she was in need of health care which could not be provided at the detention facility.

Mr. Daudu cited section 161 (2) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, ACJA, which deals with exceptional cases and prayed the court to consider the health condition of the first defendant and her eight month old baby who would require constant motherly care.

In his response to the application, Justice Yusuf Halilu said although the section cited by Mr. Daudu relates to exceptional situation, the case presented in court did not prove to be so exceptional.

The judge further said that although the issue of bail is at the discretion of the court, three factors are most important in deciding the bail of an applicant in court.

“Although Section 36 (5) of the Constitution presumes an accused person innocent. However in circumstances such as this, the judge’s discretion shall be exercised judicially and judiciously.

“The nature of the charge, the evidence before the court and the punishment likely if the suspect is found guilty are the most important ingredients.

“I have gone through the arguments of counsel for the defence and that of the prosecution as well as section 161 (2) of the ACJA relied upon by Daudu with regards to exceptional cases.

“However there must be cogent evidence to show that the sickness the first defendant is suffering from is that which cannot be taken care of within the medical facility. It is not enough to include a medical certificate. Effort must be made to show that the defendant cannot be treated in the medical facility at the detention camp.

“I have seen from where I am which is close to the duck that the first defendant is strong enough. The first defendant who has been inside the duck for over an hour is very strong.

“On the whole I am not favourably disposed to granting the first defendant bail. My discretion in her favour is hereby withheld,” Mr. Halilu said.

The judge however granted the other defendants conditional bail.

“With respect to the other defendants, the offence with which they are charged is a bailable one. The learned counsel submitted that they brought themselves to court this morning. That they would not jump bail.

“The prosecution had submitted that they were granted administrational bail. But when the court prompted further, he said that they should be kept in custody.
“Bail is not meant to punish defendants,” the judge said adding that the three defendants would be granted bail with the following conditions:

“The defendants shall produce two sureties with evidence of residence within the centre of Abuja: they shall deposit their travel documents in court. The two sureties shall deposit documents for their landed properties to the registrar of the court.”

The case was adjourned to February 5, 6 and 7.
Maryam and her baby were later driven off to Suleja prison.

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*Can they not take this baby forcefully from this woman?she has no right to put the baby through this kind of suffering ...

She should not be allowed to use this baby to seek freedom..This is child abuse as I am seeing it!!!


  1. Real child abuse! So deceptive and disgusting of her!!! Whats she trying to do? Appeal to the public with the child? Well the child will hear about her mum killing her dad even if she goes free.

    Also, im happy its two large families or else na voicemail e for enter. My mum told me something similar happened in the 90s. A rich malo boy and regular babe. And till today they closed it. Cos her family no reach to fight and his family knew he was 'unstable' but tricked her into marrying him. Long story short.... the guy is still walking free.

    1. Ugegbe m, you dey mind her?
      She even cover herself with hajib, as good Muslim.

    2. I guess you are talking about the kano one. He went Scot free and married other women.

    3. If it was a civilized country, she will get 3 years plus time served. That is why it is good for women to report all incidents of domestic violence. A good lawyer will use that as proof together with all records of Infidelity. At least, one less cheat on the street.

    4. Anonymous 09:55 you are a wicked soul!
      What do you mean by 'At least, one less cheat on the street'
      So, every man/woman that cheats should be killed by their partner,what happens to breaking up or divorcing them?
      Like I said earlier, you are a wicked soul!!

  2. Anything MUSLIM count me out

  3. Good.
    Look at her with the "hijab"

    1. Fool raise to power 2

  4. Na wa oh, na so this big girl become inmate. Please try not yo react in anger, especially in marriage, if she had calmly sought a divorce, at least its better than ex con and her life will go on.

  5. Replies
    1. The first time I saw a picture of her and the baby in court.. I was moved. But now it feels like she is clutching on to the baby desperately...
      Covering her face and leaving that of the baby’s to be papped everywhere.

      It isn't even healthy for this child, going in and out of a crowded court room.

  6. What medical care? The doctor should see her in the prison please. She shouldn't be allowed a day out of cell. I can't just get over the whole thing. I wonder what transpired and where the heart to kill another came from. God save us from enemies within


  7. This picture is heartbreaking. I pity the innocent child

    1. Fan Emmanuel Nwanne mmadu, Welcome back.

      How is Baby?

  8. Stella with the family she killed their son she can't get any freedom because of the child,, this is not going to be like Yewande's case where the husband have NO one to fight for justice on his behalf. She should cling to the baby very well, o ti se mistake.

    1. Since we are talking about prisoners, please who knows where Aunty Kemi Olunloyo is?

      That woman has been quiet for too long

  9. They can not mbok.. She is breastfeeding the baby.. .she is doing breast milk exclusive.

    Make una no ask me how I know mbok


  10. Exactly what I just saw on channels news... Shey is this same Daudu that killed his wife???

    Lawyers in the house, cant this mad woman be stopped from covering her devilish face?? Why is she covering her face???

    Why isnt she s bold as her mother nd brother???

    Family of crime!

  11. Oh my goodness! Poor baby!

    I dont get it,why will just suddenly have the desire to kill...?!

    Someone told us of how a woman(here in kaduna & member of a very popular church)
    hit her husband on the head with a plank abi what sef,bcause he did not support her against the person she was quarelling with!
    Ah God!

  12. Most heartbreaking pics I have seen this year. I'm so sad. Justice must still be served, but that poor child 😭😭😭

  13. I trust America..Social service would av collected that baby long b4 now.Mtcheew. Emotional manipulator oshi...pity dis baby o

  14. Why are you people not looking underneath this? She is a muslim and knows her husband can marry 100 women if he can take care of them. What about the hospitas he was taken to Alive before he gave up?Should they also not be charged for neglect? She injured him, she is guilty and should be punished but it is high time our health care personnels are be held accountable too in such cases.

    She might only have these few moments at court to spend with her child.Even if she is an alledged killer she is first a mother.

    1. Abi, she didn't know she was a mother before killing her husband?

  15. Consequences of bottled up anger and conspiracy...

  16. I just have mixed emotions about this case...... I feel bad for the life she took, I feel bad for her because I don't feel she did it on purpose.....
    most especially I feel bad for the kind of stigma this case will give this child for life.....

  17. I guess she is no longer with her baby.she was on channels news yesterday without her baby but her mum and brother were present. Her mum was looking good with her sun glasses and big ear rings while the brother was just smiling. Their look I fear,they can't even pretend to be mourning the late husband or sad that their daughter is behind bar

    1. They were all looking like birds of a feather. 'Probably believing they'll get off scot free. Ha ha! Make we see if Naija na zoo true, true.


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