Stella Dimoko Nigerian Woman In Dublin Convicted For Innocently Distributing Sensitive Info On Whatsapp...


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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Nigerian Woman In Dublin Convicted For Innocently Distributing Sensitive Info On Whatsapp...

You could get into big trouble for forwarding classified content on whatsapp..... Sending it 'to educate or inform' someone is not an excuse. 

You could go to jail If someone sends it to you you could also get into trouble. Receiving could be as dangerous as sending. If someone privately sends you a classified video or sends it to a Whatsapp Group you belong to, you're as liable as the sender if you do not immediately report it....This story will shock you!!!
BE WARNED and remember this anytime you want to forward or someone sends to you!!!

Read this story which is a few months old....

According to,a mother-of-three forwarded a child p*rn clip which showed a child being r*p*d,and she was arrested and arraigned.

Jadesola Agbalade (51) pleaded guilty to one count of knowingly distributing child p*rn on July 20, 2016.

Agbalade told gardaí she forwarded on the video clip via the messaging platform Whatsapp in a bid to warn a friend about the dangers of leaving her kids alone with her boyfriend, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard.

The court heard Agbalade, formerly of Deerhaven Avenue, Clonee, Dublin, is currently living in temporary homeless accommodation.

Garda Enda Ledwith told Karl Finnegan BL, prosecuting, that he arrested a man in Dublin Airport in July 2017 in relation to credit card fraud. That man's phone was investigated and the child p*rn clip was discovered.

The court heard the clip showed a child between the ages of two and five being raped by a man. Upon further investigation, gardaí discovered it is an international clip that has been in circulation since about 2014.

Gardaí traced the phone number from which the clip was sent back to Agbalade. When they called the number, Agbalade answered and agreed to meet them at Blanchardstown shopping centre.

She handed over her phone to gardaí and admitted to receiving the child p*rn clip and sending it on. As well as the male recipient identified by gardaí, she told gardaí she sent the clip to a female friend who has three young children in a bid to warn her “not to leave her children with her boyfriend”. That lady has never been identified.

Agbalade has no previous convictions.

Gda Ledwith agreed with Michael Bowman SC, defending, that Agbalade “didn't understand the enormity of the situation” when she was interviewed. She told gardaí, “I didn't know it wasn't right. I'm sorry.”

Mr Bowman told the court it was a “remarkably unusual” case. He said there was no suggestion Agbalade profited in any way from distributing the video clip, nor was she involved in the generation of the material.

He said the usual circumstances surrounding child pornography distributors, who are usually found in possession of hundreds or thousands of images, were “completely absent in this case”.

The court heard no further material was found on Agbalade's two phones which she handed over to gardaí.

Mr Bowman said Agbalade has one teenage child still living with her and two adult sons who are in university. He said she is a single mother, originally from Nigeria, who came to Ireland in 2001. There were “no concerns” regarding Agbalade's fitness as a mother, he said.

He submitted the stigma of a conviction would be punishment enough for Agbalade.

“She will now be a s*x offender and as a mother, that is a significant stigma in the community,” he said. Agbalade “comes to the court absolutely aghast at what she has allowed herself to become involved in,” he added.

Judge Karen O'Connor ordered a probation report and remanded Agbalade on continuing bail.

Ms Agbalade was sentenced on November 9,2017.


  1. Eyah..she didn't know why not a warning.
    How can she get a good job with that label"sex offender"
    Which they can adopt such law in Nigeria..

    1. This same thing is common in Nigeria. A lot of rubbish being sent upandan. It should be restricted here too.

  2. That's why I don't bother to check any videos sent to me whatsapp I delete immediately it enters.

    1. You don't get even if it enters you are still liable

    2. You receive, you report immediately. The Sender enters trouble. But if you have a long history with sender, trouble .
      Another solution , disable whatsapp .

    3. No u dont have to disable whatsapp on ur phone for foolish & ignorant naija people madness sending photos & videos upandan, but u can quickly block those useless people sending u things or even like I did now change ur phone number completely.
      Block & Delete anyone that sends u annoying & offensive videos & photos on ur phone or computers.

  3. I hope my mum reads this

    1. 😅😅😅👆🏾

  4. Yes it is an offence in a system that works. The first time I saw child porn on a friend's phone, I was shocked. How can a female watch such a thing and send it on???

  5. No be small thing.

  6. Hmmm!!! If they implement this law in. Naija,them go arrest people tire

  7. Most of our mother's need to read this cause sending broadcast message is their new hobby

    1. I swear...i don talk tire my mum won't listen...most times people she sends them to probably don't read them. Sometimes I wish she's not on WhatsApp.shes the only one that sends those really outdated warnings bla bla

  8. And my mum too😂

  9. If we all just decide that we do not want to see such videos to the person sending, I think it would help. As a rule thumb, I don't send those messages and I tell people I don't want anybody to send to me either, if we all do this then, we are on a right path. And if you insist on sending, I have moved other choice than to block and delete you, shikena!

  10. I don't watch any video sent to me via whatsapp, for mb reasons. Now I have an even more valid I blocked some people on my contacts for sending me rubbish broadcast messages. They don't chat you, just send viral messages.

  11. This is good info I hate when people send me videos unsolicited...most of my friends would info me over a chat that they want to send me a video and they know better than to send me rubbish...anything outside jokes and comedy I don't watch.


  12. This is why I blocked all these former old high school mates whatsapp group & naija church people or family members & very ignorant naija people who send me horrible & disgusting photos & videos to me on whatsapp.

    It's either always offensive prayers, or naked bodies or sexual stories, or criminal material.

    Whatsapp, facebook or any social media is not for displaying ur perverse & wicked thoughts!!!

  13. Mother's were once children too! Enough of the mother bashing...we get the message, ok 😏 But seriously some people do enjoy watching and sending these barbaric videos sad

  14. Nice one, I wish such law is applicable in Nigeria.


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