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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Spontaneous Saturday Post...

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Good Morning to everyone and an extra good Morning and winks to those who are not working today and are allowed to laze in bed for a few hours more whilst some are up already heading to their hustle....#hustlemustpay.

I saw a comment where someone complimented that i was nice for doing free adverts for BV's and another replied that ''She is nice but selects those that she advertises for.....''

Na wah..Please if you sent me your advert and I didnt use it,I always state a reason why,most of you wanna advertise but have bad photos or bring in adverts from big companies that can pay but you want me to do it free because you are a BV and you work there.....There are rules guiding free advert.....It is for those who CANNOT afford it and those who CAN...

Plan your advert before sending it in and dont send me photos and ask me to help you do this and that......Dont send me munches from your social media handles to use as advert for you..dont send me other peoples hard earned photos to use as advert for you..dont send me bitcoins or adverts that contain s3xual content...Kepp it clean and let the advert ''face its front''

If none of this refers to you and i have refused posting your advert,then i probably didnt get it,RESEND IT and indicate you made that comment.

Please send in adverts if your firm or company has any....we really need to empower people.

Any gist for me?LOL..
Make I sleep for 30 minutes more abeg!

Ooops before i go ...This is a memo to BV Droyalty,please check your inbox,I have mailed you three times asking after something but no reply...Maybe my mail went into spam,please revert ASAP.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Just came to mark present here. Going back to bed. Goodnight and Good morning BVs

    1. Me too...πŸ‡πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

    2. Una good morning o
      I just replied your mails SDK. That spam box, na all these scam messages dey full am, that's why I no dey check am. I don see your two mails for there.
      Happy weekend to you and all bvs.

  2. When lying becomes the order of the day in the political realm, animals become the best culprit.

    Truly leading by example, the presidency gave rights and power to the animal kingdom when rats took over the President's office and suspended the President from his OWN office. Therefore, it is probable for snakes to swallow money and how much more primates that are closer to being humans not to need #70 million for extra fur?

    We know compulsive lying is synonymous with politics. But when there is a change in supply of compulsive lies to we being supplied sociopathic lies, it becomes an insult to our intelligence and makes us a national ridicule.

    OK, this rubbish has gone on for too long and should call for drastic actions. We are not asking you to stop spinning stories and tall tales, could you people at least be crafty and creative while at it? Borrow from the money in the belly of those animals and hire yourself a professional Lai to cook up stories.

    Let's hear intelligent lies and give a standing ovation on the ingenuity of the Lai's. Nigerians are not gullible, don't treat us like fools!

    By the way, thanks for giving Nollywood the inspiration of a blockbuster, I expect "Animal Panther" soon. Thanks for also giving village people strategies on how to get their people.

    Good morning lovelies😘😘❤πŸ’ŸπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
    After the whole stress of the week,God send down showers of blessings.#TYJπŸ’ƒ

    1. Hahaha... Well stated Olori, wishing you a joyful weekend.

  3. Morning lovelies,it rained cat and dog last night,still dropping small small self,d way i slept no be here ooo,thank God for cool weather,make i go prepare my moi moi and ogi jeje,do ve a blessed weekend

    1. Yes o, thank God for the rain.

      Are we invited for the moi moi and pap?... Lol!
      Wishing you a joyful weekend.

  4. Happy rainy saturday. Thank God for the rain. Please,try and drink 2cups of warm water this morning. May God guide us today....amen. bye

    1. Why should I drink warm water?😎😎

    2. This water put me for trouble yesterday..πŸ˜πŸ˜€

  5. Sanitation day I am home still thanking God for another new day!

  6. Still cloudy around here... I'll have to take some sleeping tabs and give myself some hours of rest. Body no be firewood. Thank you Stella for yesterday and always..Jah bless thee plenty!!!

    1. Sleeping tabs Indeed,what were you doing throughout the night till this morning 😎😎

    2. Ladybug I was thinking of you all through the night. 😎😎

  7. Listen..

    Don't say you have nothing to give someone in need. The greatest gifts have nothing to do with material things. The love you give, the hope you inspire, the time and helping hand you extend, the smile on your face .. these are worth so much more.

    I'm outtie

  8. Good morning beevees.
    Beautiful weekend to every one.

    Lemon water reduces the production of free radicals in skin which causes aging and skin damage,It will also LIGHTEN your skin.Therefore add lemon juice to your black soap.

  9. Good morning Bv'sss. .

    Na hunger wake me this morning , those worms inside of me dey vex gaaan! #make I quickly find something chop b4 dem chop me die πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ

  10. Good morning lovely people,loving the weather here in Lagos, thank God for the rain,those two anonymous vibrating under my comment yesterday night on in-house news Una weldone,hope you slept well?yes am a teacher call it local school I don't care even they don't pay me well,its my life and there is dignity in labour. You all have a nice weekend,make I attend to my girls jare, one love sdk

  11. What a cool night. Still on bed and I love the weather right now.

    Good morning beautiful people. Saturday is here.
    Let me go and process my special pap.The fasting days are over.

  12. I want to appreciate Sparkles jewelry for the perfume oil give away.I got it last Saturday.

    Please,patronize her.She has beautiful jewelries .Estate bustop by college road ogba Lagos state.

    1. God bless so much sparkles sis
      Still rocking my wristwatch
      Bigger and greater you in Jesus name

  13. Happy weekend my lovely people. Mini me wont let me enjoy early Saturday sleep. I've been up since 4:30, now my head aches badly.
    Its sanitation day, hope you are doing your clean up already.
    Hi ya Yori bebe, any tea this morning? Im going to try green tea and honey like you suggested.
    Today is going to be a very busy day for me, God is my strength

  14. Gudmorn Stella..
    Kisses to ur bfsπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
    Gudmorn bvsπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹❤❤
    Hmmmm...anything u do people will still look for a always to complain..

    Smoothie for hormone balancing..
    2tbsp peanut butter
    2tbsp of ground flaxseed
    1_2tbsp of maca powder
    1andhalf tbsp of ground cinnamon
    1tbsp of vanilla extract
    1and half cup of dairy free milk
    Approx 10ice cubes
    2dates pitted
    Simply add everything to a blender and mix until smooth fast and adjust flavour if necessary, serve and enjoy.. This smoothie help with hormone balancing.. Pls saw this at a TTC page I belong and the testimonies are wonderful.. Pray it work for us too.tanks

  15. #Indecision is the thief of opportunity....Make up your mind & go!*

  16. Good saturday morning house.
    Have a fabulous day y'all
    Meanwhile, I heard a true life story of how some school children where rushed to a general hospital after eating birthday cake shared by a celebrant. And I learnt that 10 died and the ones alive are in a critical condition. Parents pls teach ur children never to accept gifs or food frm anybody... Let me come and be going,

    1. God help us to always provide for our children. When your kids are well fed and catered for, they don't crave for or accept anything from strangers.

    2. You heard? And you called it a true life story?
      Na lie. People are fond of spreading lies.
      The person that told you also heard it from another person that heard it from another person. Some would hear it and come to you and claim they saw it. Na today?

      That was how someone brought that Toke's story about the woman that saw her death certificate in her husband's car to my facebook group. She posted it word for word and now claimed it happened to her friend and that we should advise her on what she should do. Some people blasted her ehn!

    3. I think the children died of minigites and not birthday biscuit as was earlier reported.

  17. @Paul Okah, i don't like the way you talk to people on chronicles. If the people bringing their stories already know what to do then why are they writing the story ? i need your answer asap?

  18. Stella please send this give away to me, make i face front before Ladybug will give me another name. thank you. #compulsorybeggar

  19. Putting people in a position of power in your life makes them a DICTATOR in your life. Sometimes people penetrates into your life to DOMINATE,after full DOMINATION they begin to DICTATE forcing you to NEGOTIATE in your own life. Don't be a spectator in your own life, your life is your right, never allow anyone to play the lead role in the movie of your life for life is too precious to be anything but happy. Happy weekend to you all.

  20. Good morning to all the beautiful souls out there... Today is fun day for me, after covering this cake ayam off to Jabi lake malls.. I cannot Coman kill myself ontop Huzzle oh...

    #Rosie mai chin-chin...

  21. So I decided to come and visit my sister and my nieces because I have been missing these little hyperactive kids,and just one night with them and I already feel like running away. I wonder why they chose to wake up on time today instead of their usual time and of course the 18months own had to wake up shouting Aunty come and carry me. And oh did I forget to add that I'm always separating fights between them, plus both desperately seeking my attention. And of course my sister has decided to leave them as usual with me alone. May God help me πŸ˜€

  22. BV whateverinsdkblog if you love Paul Okah tell him straight and stop being shy. Which kind question and answer asap be that one?
    Is that how you give green light? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Bia nwoke, what happened to your phone? Rev button is now on desktop version na

  23. Want to rant.., submitted my Australian tourist visa since dec 14 and till this moment they have not finalized. I have written to them and they said there is too much work load there in South Africa and my leave will start on 28 feb. Hubby who is already a citizen is traveling first week of March and I want to travel with him, now I don’t know what to do... I still trust God sha

  24. Good morning Stella and lovely BVs. Thank God for the rain last night. We slept well. It's another beautiful day, let's utilize our time. Have a nice day everyone.

  25. Good morning and a beautiful weekend Bvs, may we always abound in the grace of God Almighty.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I had my first club experience last night. Kai!!! Oyinbo people are missing out. First of all, wtf is a techno club abi wetin. Playing just beats almost all through. I miss naija parties abeg.

    Again, oyinbo people can't dance oh, except the professionals or something. The regular people dunno anything about dancing but they actually think they are dancing well. I just couldn't stop laughing watching people dance.

    They have no respect for beats. They have no idea that they have to follow beats. I miss naija parties abeg.

    See ya. Going back to sleep

    1. Lol. I can relate. Indoor party with beats in-between is cool. Especially when you know the lyrics of the jam. But definitely boring if it is only beats all through the party.

    2. I agree with you! I lived in Russia for a while and when I see them dancing, I laugh my assignment out. They're so uncoordinated and they disrespect beats. Lol.
      They have naija clubs in Russia, look for one in the country where you are. I'm sure you'll find. Have fun jare!

  28. *sprawling*
    Goodmorning lovelies. It's a 23'C in my location and I idonbelivit. Thank you Lord for crashing the temp. And then we overslept. Ho-ho-ho. Every gaddamn person, no morning devotion, God help us, he will understand because this week? Hmmmm I think I slept off on the couch on Thursday night in my workclothes, tired was an understatement. It is well.

    Missed reading posts and laughing but I'm catching up, I don't miss any tang,except the Labour drama(I hate horror)and some chronicles. Missed everyone like kilode.
    Sharon Aminu...i see you. The secret to pulling through life's struggles is Overcoming Laughter. You can create it for yourself, no one can. Look around you and within you.

    Belated birthday wishes to bv Miss Ess, bv ED and all that celebrated. God bless y'all abundantly.

    To all posting COPIED and being castigated please don't give up, just do the needful at the end of the article or lines and there'll be no chaos. Thanks for helping some of us with limited time and cannot afford to read many things all at once on social media. Daalu nu! Keep them coming and we'll be keeping tabs through you.

    Stella Kork...hahahaha I hear you loud and clear. I dey like Dele and perusing your hashtags with my designer Secretary glasses, I don wanna miss a thang. Kikiki.
    And please for the umpteenth time the name is XHLRTED P.(short of Exhilarated P) Not 'xirted p' shiooor. You did not attend Atutupuyoyo Grammar School na. I no dey vex o, e just dey pain me say Mama no fit pronounce I'm pikin name after many many years. Odirokwamma o.
    Then I want to report Pastor Krix to you...that his comment on EEI about Pussycat made me laugh like a mad woman last night. Where do your bvs come from? His wife go dey laugh die for house.

    There was Silverbird Man of the Year 2018 Award lastnight and you didn't post? Shey BELOVED dey do her work well so? Abi make we relocate her to Eko?
    Last night was hot hot hot!
    Political juggernauts and classic people everywhere, great speeches and breathing hard into the microphone and dropping it like it's hot. I smell "cross carpeting" already. In 2019, Nigerians will switch on THE LIGHT THAT WAS TURNED OFF.
    Congrats to all the winners.

    If you can't post on opera and chrome, please download Puffin Browser and post your comments at will.

    King XOXO...your comments are scanty over here. Whatagwan? Idikwa óyì?

    Happy weekend y'all.
    Stella Kork...fianlly. That line "You don't like me and I don't even know you" is ringing like a bell in my brain. I don laff taya.
    Spontaneous post of 4th August 2017 came calling. Kikiki.
    Hi 'harers'(haters).

    Ngwanu bye!

    1. Lols....
      I don't laff full ground

  29. God still answers prayers. Even d silent whispers of our hearts.
    So, just hold on. Your miracle is here


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