Stella Dimoko Daughter Confesses She Helped Daddy Kill Mummy...


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Monday, March 12, 2018

Daughter Confesses She Helped Daddy Kill Mummy...

A 20-year-old New York woman alleges she helped murder her mother last year at the behest of her father, in part because he wanted to get out of paying child support......

The accusations by Karrie Neurauter came as part of a plea deal she agreed to on Wednesday, when she admitted to one count of second-degree murder in the Aug. 27 strangulation of mom Michele Neurauter.

New York prosecutors say that, in addition to her guilty plea, Karrie will also testify against her father, Lloyd Neurauter, who she accuses of being the mastermind behind Michele’s murder. (Lloyd has reportedly pleaded not guilty to his charges.)

As part of her plea, Karrie said she was not physically involved in strangling Michele but helped Lloyd allegedly plan and carry out the killing.

Karrie alleges Lloyd approached her in mid-August “with an ultimatum,” according to a Steuben County District Attorney’s Office news release obtained by PEOPLE: “She could either assist him with killing her mother, to free him from the financial burden of child support and alimony and give him custody of his youngest child — or he would kill himself.”

Lloyd and Michele had three children together and their youngest daughter still lived with Michele. Karrie claimed her father wanted to have custody of the girl and not pay child support.

Michele was murdered in her home in Corning, New York, according to Karrie, prosecutors said. She admitted to driving her father to and from the home on the day Michele died and to unplugging electronic devices inside in order to hide any trace of their presence.

While Lloyd allegedly murdered Michele in an upstairs bedroom, Karrie distracted her younger sister in another room, she said.

Karrie also admitted helping her father allegedly stage her mother’s death as a suicide — and then lying to police during questioning, so as to cover up the crime, prosecutors said. Karrie alleged she was told to lie by her dad.

They were both arrested in January, according to the Elmira Star-Gazette. Karrie lived in Syracuse. Lloyd lived in New Jersey.

The youngest daughter was placed into foster care, the Star-Gazette reports.

Karrie faces 15 years to life in prison following her plea. Her attorney, David Hoffmann, could not be reached for comment by PEOPLE on Friday; neither could Lloyd’s attorney, Christopher Tunney.

She and her father remain behind bars in the Steuben County Jail.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that Karrie was studying computer engineering technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology when her mom died.

Lloyd has reportedly been charged with multiple felony counts in Michele’s death, including first-degree murder. His trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 24, prosecutors said.



  1. Evil child.....silly child in Jenifa voice.....smh

  2. Evil daughter!!! Waste of sperm

  3. And african woman are crying to adopt there system of government
    without first trying to build there securities system first,,waaaaaa

    1. Stop vomiting rubbish....what has their system of govt got to do with this story....mumu talk

  4. Oluwa o! What did i just read?! Bvs,theres need that we always pray for our children and Teach them to know,understand God's way...

    1. That will be the case soon if Nigeria women continue using their kids against their men.

  5. Just imagine!!! She doesn't want her dad to kill himself but care less about her mum SMH.

  6. Humm may we not collect children from Satan!!!!

  7. That's what you get when you create a society that constantly frustrates a man.You divorce your wife, pay minimum 50% of your wealth as alimony, you keep working to continuously pay child support to a jobless and lazy woman all in the name of child support. Most divorced mothers and wives no longer work because the child support is enough to make them live comfortably. That's the reason for the highrate of ex-wife murder by exhusbands,a system that makes divorce for wicked and immoral women a lucrative business venture can't but make a beast of the man
    God divine order can't be changed by feminism without consequences. Feminist BVs, my sincere apologies for being honest, but only the truth will ever remain constant

    1. Baba cool go and pay up your child support and alimony m. And for your information feminism has come to stay so deal with it. Ntooooo

  8. Evil daughter! She doesn't want the father to kill himself but willing to help kill her mother


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