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Monday, March 05, 2018

Monday In House News

Happy Monday my people of SDK Blog.....
Our forefathers say na Woman wey never see problem na im dey still hold breast run.

Have a miracle filled day...Ich habe euch alle lieb Leute!!


Today is my sister's birthday (Grace) and I want to do something unique for her today, she's my Best friend and I want to go the extra mile for her to be happy .. Can you please make a post for her on your blog... Thank you so much.. I love you..

Happy Birthday Grace Darling!..Your baby sis loves you like crazy!!



Pls my baby Gensis BAdero is in for the above competition.
Pls blog mummies, daddies, uncles and aunties. Kindly click on this link to vote for Genny. It will only take few seconds.
Thanks so so much Stella and all blog family 

How time flies!!!..We have read her labour room drama and how she was birthed and we wished her happy birthday in November 2017..Now she needs our votes....She has just three votes and we need to up it....
Thank you as you click on that link and click on ''vote''



Very urgent recruitment for Maintenance Team Leads:
3-5 Years experience on fiber optics maintenance.
Good knowledge on the use of OTDR.
Good knowledge of splicing machine, maintenance and also handling.
Good inter–personal relationship.
Good knowledge of technical report using power points and excel.
Good knowledge of vehicle handling and maintenance.
A good team player.

Forward CV to

Interview is on Wednesday 7/3/18.


Birthday Wishes To Kenneth B. David

Happy Birthday Dear David..........



Hi Stellz ,

I am one of the ladies that posted a year ago about been favored through the TTC prayers held then.

I haven't been able to come back with a picture of my baby nor a word since then because life has taught me lots in the last one hear , i hope to share my story and picture of bravest accomplishment soon when i am emotionally ready.

in the mean time , i d like to give out my maternity wears ( a size 10) and baby clothings from aged 0-1 to a mother who is in dire needs of it . i can be reached via this medium : ibukunosho@gmail .com or 08051635638 (whatsapp contact only ) . Pick up location is Ejigbo(isolo -axis)of Lagos state .



 I am just starting my bridal business and I would love blog visitors to patronize me. I rent out wedding gowns and I have beautiful robes and bouquets for sale at a very very affordable price. I reside in Port Harcourt and I can be reached on 09031932878.... And on whatsapp - 07063346296. God bless you.



Proof to show Women are directly proportional to Money.

money = mone(Y)......eqn 1
women = (W)omen...... eqn 2

Combining eqn 1 and 2, we have

mone(Y) = (W)omen........eqn 3

Collecting the like terms from eqn 3, we have

Y = W

Therefore, if Y equals W, then W = Y (reversible equation).

Then substituting W for Y in eqn 2, we have

women = (W)omen
women = (Y)omen......eqn 4

Rearranging the letters in eqn 4 gives

women = mone(Y), then
Women = moneY........ (QED) 

So what truly makes a woman happy is Money.

From BV Fneshman



Hello Stella good day, am the anonymous from yesterday's anonymous night post, I see your "saint"  bvs bashing me and calling me names yesterday, some even went to the extent of cursing their selves because I reject such curses, I am not a bad person, things happen, I didn't set out to date my friends husband, the pregnancies were both  not planned, it just happened, it's not my fault my friend is down with cancer, and it's not also my fault that I want her dead because she is living with my man claiming wife while I stay alone with my children.

Am not a bad person, life just has a way of dealing with people, I love my man and am willing to go to any extent to have him to myself and my children, it's not fault that the heavens are with me, I thought the anonymous night post was for people to come out and vent their frustrations, I didn't know it was a medium for unknown to people place curses on bold people like me, I can bet some of them do worse things but they come here to form saint.

Maybe the way you presented your case is bad.My dear you said you could wait for her to go...thats not a nice thing to say.-



I have these neatly used bags for sale at different prices,the 6k bags are branded bags(Victoria's secret,Dooney Bourke,Hsg-hoof)they are 100% leather and will last are attached,you can whatsapp me on 09025277456 for more pictures.



Urgent Vacancy

My company a major dealer of auto parts, accessories and power tools, is in need of a sales executive preferably male but a female with experience in selling of car parts and accessories can also apply.  Qualifications : OND-BSC
Must have at least 3years experience working in the auto part industry, must reside around Ikeja and environs. 
Salary is very attractive. 

Application should be sent within 7 days to



 please I want to start baby materials business or
just diaper business and I need someone that is already in the
business to guide me on what and what to do.
Ranging from where it's appropriate to get the stuffs, the startup
capital, the feasibility study, sales, income etc
And also I need someone that majorly specialized on diaper business to
guide me also about the business and the start up capital too...

My mail is



On her 35th birthday, a very popular lady wrote:

''It's my birthday today! Yay! Happy birthday to me!!! I can't even begin to explain how happy I feel. I am so grateful! I'm 35 years old today and I have so far been able to do a lot of the things I wanted to do with my life...I've made most of (sic) dreams come true. One of the dreams I haven't accomplished yet is being a mum...and a wife of Hopefully, that will happen for me soon.''

No matter how subtle she tried to be, she did not hide the fact that she desperately needs to become a mum and a wife,and desperately hopes that will happen for her ''soon''. And it has to be ''soon'' because, like many women out there,at 35,she feels that she's not getting any younger and just a few years before the dreaded menopause sets in!

She feels that,at 35, and very prosperous, her family members and society are already breathing down her neck to trap a man and force him to marry her, because they feel she has not proved anything yet until they hear the cry of a baby in that her magnificent mansion, or, betterstill,she has not proved anything yet with her popularity until she introduces a man, any man, to them as her would-be husband. But if they eventually marry and he turns her into a punching bag, it is no longer their business.

Afterall, a woman,no matter her status in society, is expected to be submissive to her husband. And being submissive includes being ready to receive beatings and other disciplinary measures from him...because he's her husband! Can you beat that?

There are many career women out there who have achieved more as single ladies than they would have as married women. These ladies are CEOs of many organizations. Some are notable scholars,entrepreneurs,etc, and are doing better than their male counterpart, and can hold their own against anybody at anytime,anywhere.

Yet, these ladies are not considered good enough for society until they attach themselves to a man; responsible or not. In fact, a traditional poem from Swahili, Kenya, says it all when the poet persona.opines:
''Give me the minstrel's seat that I may sit and ask you a question, my friends.
Let me ask, for what reason or rhyme women refuse to marry?
Woman cannot exist except by man, what is there in that to vex some of them so?
A woman is she who has a husband and she cannot but prosper.
Cleave unto your man and his kinsmen will become jealous...''

Since society cannot value a single lady, many ladies are consequently desperate to become mothers and wives...even to the wrong husbands! And this brings me to question why society must be on the neck of a lady to marry as early as possible, without minding if she has found the right partner. A situation whereby a lady brings home a friend to the house and the only question the parents ask her is: ''is he the one?'' is really very disheartening. Does it mean that she should go scouting for a man to marry her?

Unknowingly, the parents are pushing her into the arms of the wrong man with this uncivilized attitude of asking her when she will bring home a man that will marry her. To make matters worse, some parents even go to the extent of asking their daughter to leave their home, go find a man and start up her own family with him!

In fact,in 1982, the famous Kenyan playwright,Ngugi wa Thiong'o, co-authored a play with Ngugi wa Mirii. Entitled I Will Marry When I Want,it is thematically a play on the rape of Kenya nay Africa by the whiteman,and the corruption of Africans who aided the British in exploiting the poor Africans. But there is this passage where the wife and daughter of the protagonist exchanged thus:

GATHONI: Mother,you love complaining. Haven't I just swept the floor?

WANGECI: And what is that bedding doing over there? Can't you put it somewhere in a corner,or else take it outside to the sun so the fleas can fly away?

GATHONI: These tatters! Are these what you call bedding? And this floor, is this what you call a bed?

WANGECI: Why don't you get yourself a husband who'll buy you spring beds?

GATHONI: Mother, why are you insulting me? Is that why you refused to send me to school,so that I may remain your slave,and for ever toil for you? Picking tea and coffee only for you to pocket the wages? And all that so that you can get money to pay fees for your son! Do you want me to remain buried under this ashes? And on top of all that injury you have to abuse me night and day? Do you think I cannot get a husband? I'll be happy the day I leave this home!

WANGECI: (with sarcasm) Take to the road! There's no girl worth the name who is contented with being an old maid in her mother's homestead.

GATHONI: I shall marry when I want. Nobody will force me into it!

WANGECI: What? What did you say?GATHONI: I shall marry when I want.
(pages 15-16).

Imagine! I ask you, is it her fault that no man has considered her worthy enough for marriage? And giving the harsh economic situation in Nigeria and many parts of Africa, where corruption thrives and many people struggle to eke out a living, it is not a surprise that marriage is the last thing on the mind of the average man trying to make ends meet.

If the woman, so far,has not had any luck in getting a man to marry her, it is not entirely her fault and she shouldn't be blamed for that. Instead,what should be done is for the lady to go for counselling in order to ascertain if she has some character traits that keep chasing responsible men away from her. And if it is a spiritual thing, we have some real men of God who specialize in breaking curses and freeing the woman from the manipulation of enemies.

Well, inasmuch as marriage is a very important institution in the society, and necessary for procreation, deperation does not augur well for the lady involved, because it is a life time thing. Instead of marrying the wrong man today, out of desperation, and breaking up with him tomorrow, many ladies prefer to remain single and pray to God for the right partner. Yes, a broken home affects children the most. It is from broken homes that the society produce criminals and other miscreants; because the parents of the child were not responsible enough to bring him up in the way of the Lord.

We can not have a situation whereby a lady is forced to marry the wrong man only to seek for a divorce months later. Marriage is no longer meant for endurance but for enjoyment. So, instead of you, as a parent, to force your daughter into marrying a man she does not love, bear with her, bless and pray for her. A responsible husband will come when God deems it so.

BV Paul



Please I am in urgent need of an accommodation. Preferably a self contain. The location can be in yaba, surulere, and ajah. I need a place with close proximity to the island with running water and if possible a serviced apartment. My budget is 350k inclusive of everything.  I can be reached on 08063651962



''Good day Stella, your blog has been giving my life since 5 years ago. Straight to my problem, sometimes I feel I am just living and not getting what I want in life. I have prayed, fasted, and even gone to the the mountain for prayers, but nothing seem to be working. Growing up I thought things will be easy, but No.I was the best student of my set in secondary school, fast forward to leaving secondary school, I wrote jamb multiple times,but I was never offered admission even with my high scores. 

Eventually I gained admission into school of nursing, and I graduated last year November. I can seem do get a good job even the one I am doing is not too good, because my license is not ready, been having issues with relationship too, my longest relationship being  6 months, even when I try so much to please them,I am the kind of person u can call a "good girl". Right now suicide seem to be the best option...I am not happy...please help me.

*What can we do to help this person?provide work or love?please if you have any of the two contact me
Suicide is not an option!



  1. YAGA! Iya is back!

    How are you all?


    1. Yay.... She's back. Welcome ma'am.

    2. Hahaha the professional tearer of pant and bra is back. Nne welcome back

    3. Yeeeebaaa
      Oshey baddest bra tearer
      Welcome back dearie

    4. Welcome back JHW. Your office don finally buy their monthly data?

      *adjusts bra

    5. Welcome back@joblesshousewife

      I miss you o

    6. Welcome back JHW. How is your baby doing?

    7. 14:32 - You are a yeye somebody.

    8. welcome back. and you resumed your number one position too!! what happened to the pant na? you forgot to tear it?

    9. Look who is here! Welcome o

    10. @ Platters Food- Look up, i don pieces the pant no time.

    11. Welcome back.

      Happy birthday to all the celebrants.

    12. Lol..hanty house wife is a full time job ooo.. no just talk like that. Welcome anyway

    13. So you went to buy more bra and pants. So you can tear them all. Lol

      Welcome back dearie.

  2. If you’re comparing your gifts with someone else’s, before long you’ll start competing, trying to outperform, to out dress, out drive and out build. You'll be competing in a race you’re not even designed to be in. When you compare, you’ll get discouraged because there will always be somebody that’s more gifted, more talented, more beautiful, more successful. Take the talent you have and develop it. Hone that skill. Learn, grow, get better, and God will give you more.

    1. TanksπŸ‘
      This heat...I want to start selling kuno drinks,ice blocks,egg rolls
      I must again this heat..lols

    2. Good Sharon. Start selling them and stop coming here to lament. Have your husband given you money?

  3. Good day all.

    God Bless Everyone

  4. Why is it that every young lady wants a dark, tall, handsome, successful "god fearing" guy as husband.. Where in the world does that exist?


    1. It exists in my life because my hubby has all the attributes and am so grateful to God. In life set standard for what you want and while at it, make yourself a better person.

    2. It does exist baby it does...

  5. The BISI JOKE:

    A Yoruba guy was dating an igbo lady whose name was Njideka asked her to lie to his mum when he takes her home that her name was Bisi. He told her his mum had a phobia for non-Yoruba people and would never accept her once she knows her name was an Igbo girl.
    She did as he instructed on sighting the boyfriend's mum. She asked her what her name was and she said 'Bisi' but not without her characteristic thick igbo accent.

    The boy's tribalistic mum was so happy
    that her son was getting married to a Yoruba girl ignoring the igbo tone and she said: 'what a lovely name,your boyfriend's elder brother too is Adebisi, his Dad is Olabisi and my best friend's name is Omobisi, which of the Bisi is yours?' She was confused and she replied Ndubisi...the woman fainted.

  6. It's a nice day one big and happy family, hot sun in Owerri,God Bless all you givers and nice Job you are doing Stella, so my Governor said its better to seal than to smoke... odima sir

    1. Imagine, abeg gimme that sun i want to combine it with this Lag sun too. Ive missed it . ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. SO madam you are still talking. and you are still calling her your friend. So that her husband is the only man on earth? this one pass me

    1. The woman is pure EVIL. I hardly comment on IHN but I had to. I don't judge but I am saying it as it is. Ha! This is terrible, I even thought it was a lie. Ha! The Bible was not lying:Madam you are desperately wicked. But I am glad you said it, may be these comments will make you repent but repenting does not mean you still will not pay for these acts (Saul also got persecuted though he had repented, he persecuted Christians before he met Christ).

      That man you call your man (your friends husband) is also EVIL. Watch your back.Kai. I am so afraid to keep friends. I and my husband are doing very well but I have no friends, I always get scared they will read my actions wrong thinking I am rubbing my riches in their faces and therfore look for how to destroy and the fastest was is going after my family. I cover my husband+children +self with the blood of the most high! No weapon formed against us shall prosper! Whereever they are gathered against us, may they fail, fall, confess and die! Yepa I have to go and buy mfm prayer book.

    2. @ Anonymous 17:12 Amen oh my sister. I thought the poster was joking yesterday. It is just unbelievable

  8. It just specially annoys me when people say "Don't judge..." blah blah...
    If I tell someone with a black complexion that "You are black".. have I judged?
    Judging would mean concluding you are ireedemable or you can't be saved but calling you an evil-minded person is not judging ma, it is who you are.

    Stella, please don't even condone what she said.
    She didn't plan to be with her friend's husband? So she was walking on the road and she fell on a dick and had children for her friend's husband? As if that's not enough, she saying she can't wait for her to die? You should have kept your sick story to yourself.

    Madam, you are evil and wicked. That is who you are.

    1. Don't mind that yeye woman. She may even be the one that inflicted the wife with sickness. People do things without even thinking that there is a God up there. I just pity your children because they may be the one to suffer for your sins. She's shouting 'my man' 'my man'. Why are you not in his house as his wife. Wicked soul. Your explanation doesn't justify your actions at all. Mtcheww!!!!!

    2. I am so upset with the poster, she's still claiming right, as if she what she did or is doing is good, can you imagine, we shouldn't judge her oya everybody come lets give her a round of applause for wishing someone dead.

    3. I weak for that foolish woman, I don't know when she starts giving life that she's expecting the lawfully wedded wife to die before her.
      Anon.20:53 from anonymous post

      1) you're a bad person
      2) you're not her friend, you're the real enemy/demon
      3) you'll end up losing big time, your heart desire will perish with you
      4) I pity your children
      5) your wicked heart made you only but a single mother, you'll remain a single mother till death
      6) affliction worse than cancer awaits you.
      7) you're using jazz on that man, he'll be free soon
      8) you'll regret everything you've done both the ones you sent here.
      If you don't repent you'll not escape from these and more, wicked soul.
      Ritualists should locate you already.

  9. Please house who won the head of house challenge in bbn?

    1. they have done the first round of the HOH game, the second round will be done later . but the four hms that qualified her leo. toby, bambam and alex

  10. Good afternoon beautiful people. Pls Abuja BVs where is the best spa in town

  11. That anonymous night post lady should just shut up already! What a nerve!? Did you read what you posted at all? You are not just a bad person but you are a devil herself. Rubbish....

    1. Very stupid and evil woman. She too is a mother lol. Just hear her(I am not a bad person, things happen, I didn't set out to date my friends husband, the pregnancies were both  not planned, it just happened, it's not my fault my friend is down with cancer, and it's not also my fault that I want her dead). If you didn't open those your rotten legs for your friend's husband, will you get pregnant? Not once but twice. God punish you there. I pray you die by car accident before that your friend and I pray your friend get cured. I read that your post yesterday and I just didn't know what to say to a witch like you. Instead of you to repent and be remorseful, you are still sending Stella email defending your evil self. Imagine wishing your friend dead after stealing her man. Are you her God? I am sure this one too is christian.

    2. You guys don't get it;
      saying that she "can go to any extent to get her man . . ."
      means that she already did; she gave that woman cancer by remote;
      Of course she went to medium to get her dead and out of the way
      and she thinks she has achieved her aim.
      Another woman will also get her out of the way and it will be "unplanned"
      She has just planted, watered and is waiting to reap her crops!

    3. Stella be going anon to comment in order to increase comment, still sent a rejoinder to in house news too. Friend's husband ko cancer ni

    4. you are just so stupid...I enabled this comment to reply you are here to count whether comments are high or not?wonderful!!! when comments are down you rejoice?And when they are high it is me gone anon?OMG....

      I have nothing to say other than that i pray you find meaning with your life....This foundation is of GOD and if it comes down,it will rise again..go figure.

    5. Anonymous 17:25 God punish you there, leave Stella out of dis,u nasty fool

    6. E pain you kikikik
      Even with the anon mode comments still not up to 150 here this days. Die biatch

    7. Very very silly anon.

  12. When I pray for my friends who don't have partners yet, I add that God should bless those that want it. I have a friend who doesn't want to get married and I don't put her in prayers.

    Yet I have a friend who really wants it, and we have been praying together and now our prayer has been answered.

    Nobody should give in to pressure, shut people trying to pressure you down, don't condone their actions and start ranting elsewhere.

    Every mallam to his Kettle.

  13. Good day all. Breathes deeply after reading IHN. Evryone has a story to tell in this life. BV Paul,i love ur write uo,sincerly,its not easy when one is single&0ver ripe for marriage.imagine all those small children you taught in church or schl now getting married b4 you,going to SM like facebook isnt easy when u see their family pix,infact,e dey do one for body one kain. Those saying they dont mind being single for d rest of their lives without a family in mama Tee series,abeg e no go easy oooo .Even if u have all d money in d world,have children at least cos u dont know d kind if sickness u will have at ur old age. Having ur own children is a very sweet experience and i pray God answers d prayers of single ladies and those going to conceive.Infact that sign out meme is bae...bye

    1. Many single ladies have stellar character, beauty of the spirit which is of far greater value than the physical but most of the men who approach them are lacking in real character, such as, loyalty, honesty, courage and real godliness. Why should one who knows her worth settle? A wise one once said: if you don't stand for something, you're going to fall for anything. Peace of mind and body is paramount in this life with or without a "horseband", pipo. Plus, there's no place for things like spirit husbands and orishorishi either. Face facts and use the evidence to guide your life accordingly. Una do...NMTA

  14. What's up now is that I miss my homies.
    BLOGLORD the real MVBM
    I am king EZE
    Miss Priya
    Lolo IDEATO
    Elastic (you are hot as Elastic. Don't be CUNTfuse... Lol)
    Fan Emmanuel
    Esther Mgbolu
    Rowland Dominic
    Pipi Lee aka Medusa
    Cinnamon Apple
    Atheist ( *sick mind *)
    Sandy Yo Yo Yo
    Chi Chi puff puff
    Same Girl
    Iphie Dearie
    Fake Queen and Boss

    Mostly ndi Igbo ibem no na BLOGua. The way anyi si akpa nkata na comment section with asusu Igbo.
    Queen and Boss aka CHIEF
    Ya bu ife acharo una baa na anya ka onye obula si nalie just like that?
    Maka Chi ya bu ife na ekoligodu m. Ana m ekozi eko na ika...

    Anyway, ka odiba.


    Anonymous night post poster, no matter how you paint yourself good just know that you are demon

    1. Chike Chyko!!! Nna, Ama kwam ebee ndi otu anyi tinyelu isi o.πŸ˜• Kee nke na eme na ya side.. Amam na I noo ofuma.
      Nara nsusu.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜†
      Dont mind that anonymous poster that haff completely sold her soul to d devil. Was even thinking that it could be fabu bhet see her coming back with one irritating defence mechanism.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Na she go first peme.. Idiat sombori.😏

    2. Chike Chykoo...Nna Kedu ije

      Enye si na onwe gi nsogbu. E mesia ya bu nti Anu ahu Nke toro Bishop. Chronicles loading

    3. Chineke nwanna, aka ekele m dα»‹ kwa n'elu. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ ÁmΓ‘ kwa m n'udo na achα»‹ n'ebe nke gα»‹.
      Anọ kwa m ya o, ka ma n'ọbα»₯ ike α»‹ de ihe na agwu m mgbe α»₯fọdα»₯.
      God's blessings upon you always.

      As for the Anonymous night poster, she should keep justifying her actions and claiming 'my man,' when the time comes, she will tell a different story.

    4. Tetrina and cookie make una come back ohh.

  15. Wow! Fine faces of IHN. *side eyes at the epistle*

  16. Lovely bags...

    Please, the lady suicidal thoughts don't give up on yourself cos God has not given up on you.

    Sign out is dope...

  17. That signout ain't really true...

  18. Stella, that mail u got is from an opportunistic blackmailer. An expert at blackmails. She went to school oo. Yet she wants to kill herself. What of me that dropped out and had a baby nko? U don't see me here complaining! U people will just come and be telling lies and sob stories because thats Stella's mumu button. Don't go out and work, be looking for 9-5. I find it very annoying when I see someone who is free and healthy sitting at home claiming depression. Why are u people not insulting her for seeking love when she hasn't gotten a job and some money. Isn't that what they did yo the poor girl who had body issues sometime ago?

    If u like sef, kill itself. No one on this blog will even hear the news. Rubbish

  19. Baby genesis, is there a way to check if the vote was successful cos I just voted

  20. So this shameless home wrecking witch is still running her disgusting story in our faces and defending herself. Selfish people are wicked people, all you care about is yourself but I met you, all you will being upon yourself is doom. So of all the men in the world it had to be your friend's husband. You are not a bad person you are a horrible person with the heart of a demon, gloating over the pain of your friend. After you marry the man, what next, there is no light at the end of this your tunnel, only agony awaits you.
    Some human beings are worse than the devil himself.
    Send us your Chronicle wen devil comes knocking at your door to serve you what you deserve

    1. She is just a wicked bitch!!

    2. So this shameless home wrecking witch is still rubbing her disgusting story in our faces and defending herself. Selfish people are wicked people, all you care about is yourself but I bet you, all you will bring upon yourself is doom. So of all the men in the world it had to be your friend's husband. You are not a bad person you are a horrible person with the heart of a demon, gloating over the pain of your friend. After you marry the man, what next, there is no light at the end of this your tunnel, only agony awaits you.
      Some human beings are worse than the devil himself.
      Send us your Chronicle wen devil comes knocking at your door to serve you what you deserve

    3. Don't mind the wicked witch. She will be the one to die. And it's stage 4 terminal cancer that will kill her. Your friend will live. And you will die. Your children will be motherless. Just bet it πŸ‘†πŸ½

  21. So, I had a very interesting conversation with a Muslim lady yesterday that got me thinking.........

    I have this very close friend in my study centre and he's single, very nice and intelligent guy but he's also shy to talk to a lady, he's Muslim too..... Lately he took interest in a lady in our study centre too but doesn't know how to approach her esp as he's very clowny and never serious too.... Somehow, he got talking to the girl in class and then yesterday, I talked with the girlfriend out she was single and we also live a bit close to each other....... On our way home, the following conversation took place

    Me: Can you Marry a Christian
    Friend: No
    Me:Can you date a Christian
    Friend: why would I, when I know it won't lead anywhere
    Me: but your guy's Marry Christians sometimes
    Friend : well, they have a choice after they have satisfied some conditions
    Me: where does love come in, in all of this?? What if you're in love with the guy??
    Friend : God before any other thing..... We can't even get to the point of Love.......

    I was blown away, I don't know if what she said was correct or not but her resolve was what caught my attention and It got me thinking, many Christians decide to make 'compromises' forgetting what God or the Bible says, Many of us do things that are against God's will and think God will understand, it's not on about marriage but about life generally..... How many of us puts God first?? How many of Us allow God's will to Control our emotions and decisions?? Many ladies will even Marry Muslim Men cos of 'Love' or money..... I know she's one out of Many others and her opinion may not count, she might even be wrong in what she said but I was only interested in the fact that she decides to put God above her emotions and it spoke to me in many ways than one.......

    Ps:Happened to Me yesterday, it's not copied, it's original and it's not to cause or start any kinda debate........ I just thought to share

    Forgive all typos please

    1. Whether it be drinking or eating, do it all to the glory of God.

      That text used "eating and drinking" because it's one of those things a human must do daily. If we should involve God at that stage, why should we trivialize with something as institutional as marriage?

      We have lost our priorities as Christains.

    2. I don't date anybody I know I can not marry...and even if I did,out of any reasons what so ever,I won't love u no matter what...

  22. Of a truth people are suffering consequently on the economic situation of the nation but suicide isn't a good thought or option to ponder on. I have been there and I can tell you conveniently that most suicide victim were pressure into taking their lives as a result of the guilt they felt in their heart over their failures. Most things people go through in life I believe would have been avoided earlier with a good decision. Never get to a point in life you start wallowing in self pity, it's the fastest way go self destruct. Confront yourself over and over again, until you become aware of your traumas and emotional triggers. You won't be able to heal what you cannot or will not acknowledge.

    Self love without self awareness is useless. Awareness is the greatest agent for change, it is a world in which only the strong survive and the wise excel. If you live lonely, you die slowly.

  23. Madam, you claim to love another woman's husband. You even said that it's not your fault that you want her dead. So, whose fault is it? The man is with his sick wife and you're alone with your children. You claim you love your man. Does your man loves you? This world we live in sef. Orisirisi things are happening.
    Yea, I know I didn't go anonymous mode to post this.

  24. IHN is here. God bless everyone reading this blog oh.

    to the anonymous person. i'm not judging you, we've all made mistakes. but how do you reconcile the fact that you want someone dead (your friend oh) and will go to any extent to take her man, how do you say that and then say you are not a bad person. what is your definition of a bad person? that life dealt you some wrong cards doesn't mean you in turn have to deal those cards to another person. put yourself in your friend's shoes, how will you feel? she's not dead yet oh. you say 'its not my fault that i want her dead', so whose fault is it that you want your friend dead? abi how do you reason that statement out? please you need some serious soul searching cos with friends like you, one doesn't need enemies.

    1. We are judging her..she is evil

    2. We are judging her oh. She is a witch. What kind of heart do you have? Because of earthly things which is vanity, you don't even remember there is judgment awaiting every human when the world end. I am so angry with this poster and I know she is the one that afflicted her friend with cancer spiritually. may you poster die before her. Wicked someborri

    3. That is wickedness of the highest order..

      She is very heartless..

  25. Voted@ baby Genny!

    Anonymous poster, you can't wait for a fellow woman, your "friend"to die so that you can finally openly be with her husband? Keep defending need it to remain sane!

    Happy birthday Grace

  26. Happy birthday to you too Kenneth

  27. Anonymuos poster if ur friend cut u off after marriage, ur type would still rant that dey cut u off, ibu ogbanje abeg, with friends like u, we don't need enemies! My man my man kpukwagi dia.

  28. Is marriage now the highest achievement for a woman in Nigeria.

  29. So because you don't have good job and boyfriend you want to commit suicide? Msschheew!!

  30. Depressed poster, chill, u r yet to get ur licence, u graduated November, take it easy with a suicide stunt u hear, I graduated 2014, I never see work, I die? If I see work,i will work, if I don't see, I will still sit down n troll, no shaking, ur main problem is 'relationship', relax, u go get good boyfriend with nepa pole.

    1. Wow....... I like your strength BB, you're so full of life and it's refreshing

  31. Hehehe,anonymous night poster,wrote back and is trying to paint herself good,you are evil and demonic,I guess your friends hubby raped you twice and got you pregnant,wicked soul with a dead conscience,Isaih54:17,Psalm63:9,are for friends like you,I know of a village you can buy jazz that manifests as cancer(maybe that's what you did)and I'm sure your friends hubby is with you on it,even if she dies and you move in,you will never have peace,for there is no peace,said the Lord,to the wicked.

  32. Stella I want to rant about giveaways here.
    Am a struggling person but by the grace of God am in a better place today.
    Pls always ask giveaway posters if the things are in good condition. If it's electronic ask if is working. If they say it need a little fixing, dont agree. I applied for shoes giveaway posted here on two different occasions but at the end after wasting transport fare to go collect them they turn out to be different form pix that was posted. Worn-out shoes that peeling off already. The last one, the sole just removed when I got home. I stopped applying for shoes.
    Then one person did one electronic gadget giveaway, I was picked, I really needed it for my job a I had just started that time. I saw the pix on in house news, the person snapped the angle that will look OK. When I got there I was disappointed it looked like trash but I was told that it needs just a little fixing. I would have left it there and go back home but I didn't want to offend you Stella because I know the person will report to you. I spend more than 5k to take it home. I was ashamed throughout the journey cos it was so dirty and looked tattered. When I got home, I took it to two different repairers they said I should throw it away because almost everything on the body need to be changed and the money is enough to buy new one. I cried because I had just 7k in my account and I removed 5k plus to bring this thing home with the hope that it will help my business grow. Instead it reduced my savings. I later disposed it by selling it as scrab to Mallam for 1k. Ever since I stopped applying for giveaway here.

  33. This anonymous poster you are a crazy fellow do not justify the nonsense you wrote yesterday because you said yesterday was what a woman told someone that knew my uncle because she got pregnant and was waiting for my aunty to die so she can marry him. Yes my aunt died the woman married my uncle oya na come and chop money she is hearing hot in the marriage I don't even pity her atall foolish people everywhere

  34. That anon woman that's wishing her friend dead what made you think you will outlive you friend

  35. Greetings sdk yard people.
    How is everyone of you?

    Wait! You mean there was an anonymous night post yesterday?

    Ayam going there right away.

    Beautiful faces up there, kudos to you all.

    Madam Friend's husband snatcher, I haven't read what you wrote oh but from what you wrote now, it seems you are the one that have your friend the cancer.

    If it's you, then don't forget that what goes around comes around.

    Joblesshousewife, welcome back, was thinking that maybe no more pants and bras to tear that's why you haven't been present.

    Iya oshoronga is missing in action also.

  36. Hahahahaha, Stella do you know I thought your bvs had sense but now I know better,yes bitches am evil,am wicked,am the devil,so what else?? Sharon Aminu I see u going around insulting me too, hahaha incase u guys didn't know am a mother o,I have kids,two for that matter and one of them is a BOY, u better mind yourself,if I follow you,u will run away from dis blog,ur only saving grace will be Stella whom I respect so much,I owe no one an explanation,u guys can go ahead and run ur mouths, God bless you,have a filled on my matter,thank you Stella I appreciate

    1. So because Sharon is not yet a mother she doesn't have right to insult you? You are a witch

    2. Evil woman.Remember the story of the woman that birthed 3 blind kids for mocking her neigbour .A friend lost her life and 2 brothers within 10 months. plsease watch your tongue.Your comment shows how devlish you are.Anyway u will meet your match soonest

  37. Madam husband snatcher you are a monstrous being!!! How dare you say ' you are not a bad person?' You are the true definition of evil.
    You have no conscience and may you reap what you sow ekwensu!!!

  38. Nice piece Paul,kudos.

    Happy Birthday Kenneth and Grace.

  39. With things like this abeg friends gbakwa oku shuo! Woman you even get mouth to be talking rubbish shame on your generation! Good person indeed, it just happened my foot!

  40. Baby Genny i've voted already, as at when i checked it was 84votes, i pray it increases. Anonymous woman wedon ma, im sure you know what karma means. Welcome back Joblesshousewife, i hope you brought back enough pant and bra to tearπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  41. Happy birthday to the celebrants.
    God bless you both.

  42. Anon 15;19, are you serious ? Like seriously? You're mocking Sharon ? Who knows tomorrow sef? Have the fear of God for once. You're too wicked and satanic. Come for Sharon now and watch BVs come for you in hundred folds.


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