Stella Dimoko Eleven Year Old Boy Arraigned And Remanded For Killing A Toddler...


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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Eleven Year Old Boy Arraigned And Remanded For Killing A Toddler...

An Ebute Meta Chief Magistrate’s Court, Lagos, yesterday remanded an 11-year-old boy (name withheld) in a special correction centre for allegedly throwing a toddler into a well in Lagos.

According to the police prosecutor, Chinalu Uwadione, the boy committed the alleged offence on February 13, about 4p.m in Ojo.

He told the court that the boy had thrown a one-year-old baby boy into a well while carrying him around
The prosecutor added that the offence contravened Section 224 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

The Chief Magistrate, Adeola Adedayo, ordered that the boy be kept at the Special Correction Centre for boys at Oregun after being arraigned for murder.

The boy was, however, remanded pending legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)
The matter was thereafter adjourned till March 6 for the DPP’s advice.
New Telegraph

*Lagos has correctional centre?
I dont know if its legal to detain an 11 year old boy...
Hey Lawyers,what is your say in this?
So many questions,is the boy of sound mind?Did he think he was playing when he threw the baby into the well?Is he mentally disabled?
Oh dear!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. This reminds me of the James Bulger killers in the 80s.

    2. Correctional centre for boys is same as remand home I believe.
      Pls he needs to be sent there. Any human that harms a 1 month old isn't normal pls,he is already a deliquent and they need to rehabilitate him. He can't obviously live in society till his mind is right.
      The parents of that baby also deserve some sort of justice.
      I have seen a remand home in Tiannahs show before in Lagos. They actually also educate them or train them in handcraft. I think Toyin trained some in tailoring. And promised to hire some when they come out.
      The place looks okay. Didn't look like a prison.

    3. its not a prison so cant look like a prison. its correctional because children at this age can stil undergo rehabilitation and reformation. a 1 year old is too young to be left in the care of an 11 year old unsupervised. there is more to this story cos i dont understand how he will just purposely throw a baby in the well

  2. Let them send him to remand home, else its just a matter of time he will do worse.

  3. Its sad this happened. Most likely the boy was fooling around. But, where was the Mother of the baby?
    We, as parents need to keep an eye on our kids. There is no reason why an eleven year old child should be left alone with a one year old. The world has changed greatly. We need to keep a watchful eye on our kids. Sadly, this one is done. He will now mingle with kids in juvenile detention, who have committed worse crimes.

  4. Jesus Christ of Nazareth watin be this one now ?
    I can't just imagine how the mother will be feeling now

  5. He may be tempted to try it again if he is left free. Someone died, a Child died. Let him pay for it.

  6. The boy is just a minor... He can't be charged with offence of murder... He has not gotten to the age of committing an offence which is 17 or 18 yrs and ago.

    1. What are you saying? Are you okay at all? So 17/18 is the age of commiting an offense as written in a person's DNA or what? He committed murder or manslaughter and could be charged as an adult if they consider whether he did it knowingly and prepped for it .

    2. A 10 and 11yr old have been convicted of murder/manslaugher in the UK before in the 90s.
      They kidnapped a toddler and layed him on the rail track and a train killed him.
      Can't remember the names but you can Google.
      They were sent to Remand homes for boys and will stay till they are 18.
      So what they did to this 11yr old is within law Abeg.

    3. you are so daft...they were convicted and sent to remand home. is that a prison? he is a minor and cant be charged for murder or convicted as an adult. a child of 11 can only do whatthey have been influenced or taught to do except a spiritual demonic manifestation. he has to be taught better.

  7. I just feel so sad for the baby's mother

  8. Could this be a deliberate act? Was he playing around the open well and mistakenly drop the child or the child slip from his hands?
    Only God knows what happened. May God console and comfort the baby's mother.

  9. Oh!my God.. Was it a Mistake kaii...

  10. Adults left a well open, Now a toddler is dead and this boy is about to pay for their silly mistake.
    Correctional facility that might not even be properly functional or even equipped with familities and psychologists. Sad.

    1. Iphie he may have done it knowingly. Don't let age deceive
      you. I have little experience working with kids;you will be shocked.
      You havnt seen jss1 student at 10/11yrs that has joined gangs in school b4.

  11. Yes Stella, Lagos has correctional centres. There's one behind LUTH too.
    But could this have been a mistake??

  12. Angry boy - check the boy's parents out, they must be angry themselves.

  13. Omg.I just cant imagine the pain the mother of the baby is feeling.jeez

  14. Children go to correctional centre from the age of 10yrs in UK. Could the court also check his background, any mental health problem ? Shocked to assessed a 10yrs old boy yesterday at A&E , you will be surprise about his state of mind. In fact attacked his school mate with scissors resulting to being expelled . Believe me in Africa , na pankere dey commot such behaviour

    1. pankere been doing a lot of reformatting since 19kokoro

  15. my cousin is 11years old...he has a heart of the devil...
    I was cooking in the kitchen, he was with me...I left to answer my phone call...when I got back, ( he didn't expects me to be back early), I caught him pouring salt inside the pot of a whole lot of salt..
    I reported to his dad & the man said it was my fault for leaving him in the kitchen alone.

    this is just the tip of the things he has been doing to get me into trouble with his parent

    1. if you can leave that house. mark my words that boy will bring shame to that household. he has a useless father

  16. Wow,sad!
    Just yesterday I watched a video clip on Facebook about a 10 year old girl being charged as an adult for murder. She (allegedly) killed a 6 month old boy. Her foster parents has a daycare and the girl is said to have mental health issues. They tried getting her help but they said she was too young to be admitted in a psychiatric hospital. Ironically now that she committed murder she's been tried as an adult. And the adults are free as in who leaves a mentally challenged girl with babies?
    It's well!


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