Stella Dimoko Teen Gives Evidence How Her Step Dad And His Mum Killed Her Brother...


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Friday, March 15, 2019

Teen Gives Evidence How Her Step Dad And His Mum Killed Her Brother...

Lagos High Court in Igbosere on Thursday heard from a teenager Omobowale Sunmola how her stepfather and his mother beat her elder brother to death and dumped his corpse in a canal.

Omobowale said she was 11 at the time, she explained, and about to begin Junior Secondary School (JSS) 1, while her brother, Tunde, was 13.

Omobowale, now 17, testified during the trial of her mother, Margaret Olufunmilayo Odunlade, her stepfather, Folorunsho Emmanuel and his mother, Funke Maxwell, for the alleged offence.

Odunlade, Emmanuel and Maxwell were arraigned by the Lagos State Government in 2014, on a two-count charge of manslaughter and misconduct with regard to a corpse.

Prosecuting counsel, Adebayo Haroun, said the offences were committed at about 6am, on August 2, 2014, at 17, Emmanuel Street, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos.

Omobowale, led in evidence by Haroun, testified as the third prosecution witness.
The witness said at the time, she lived with her mom, stepdad and his mom, while Tunde lived in Ijebu Ode with their grandmother, Mrs. Arinola Sunmola.

She said Tunde was eager to see her and their mum, so their grandmother persuaded his mother to come along to Ijebu with her (Sunmola) and take him to Lagos on August 1.

According to Omobowale, when they got to Lagos, “My mother asked Tunde to start moving ahead of us and when I asked her why, she said she didn’t want people in the area to know that Tunde was her son.

“That night when my mom’s husband came back from work, he asked my mum, ‘who is this boy?’

“My mom said: ‘He is one of my sons.’
“Her husband said: ‘Did you tell me you had another son outside?’
“My mum said it was a mistake.

“So, they argued and he asked why she didn’t tell him about my brother. She could not say anything,

“That night, after we slept, I heard, my mum’s husband and his mother beating my brother. My mum later carried my brother on her back and I woke up and asked her, ‘where are you taking him?’ She said she was taking him back to Ijebu. I told her we were going together but she refused.

“When she returned, I asked her where my brother was. She said she had returned him to Ijebu.”

The witness said the following day, a relation, ‘Aunty Yemi’, told her that her brother was dead.

Omobowale’s testimony corroborated that of her grandmother, Mrs Sunmola, who testified earlier.
Sunmola, the second prosecution witness, narrated how she found out Tunde was dead.

She said her daughter came in company of her older sister and told her that Tunde died in an accident,but they ran away when she demanded for the corpse.The witness said Omobowale later informed her that Tunde was beaten to death by her mother’s new husband and his mother.
Following the conclusion of testimonies, Justice Sedoten Ogunsanya adjourned further proceedings till June 26.

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  1. Una see wetin (21st century) Naija women fit do? Kill ya own son to remain married to a mad dog?
    That woman no be mother o. Na murderer!
    Okay na for life jail you go dey marry that mad dog.

    1. God forbid. The desperation of some women to be married.

  2. Really the world is ending soon. So many bad news.

    1. Its not a nigerian woman thing. Watch crime and investigation channels and you will see it plenty abroad most especially among black american women who will keep quiet knowing their man is abusing children but maybe cos of the hatred they have for the child's absentee father. Its not even many here sef. Oyibo too.

    2. 😲😲😲😲😲😲
      Killing one's child because of a man????
      This is the height. That woman doesn't deserve to ever in this life called a mom. God!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness. What manner of wickedness iscthis?

    Why did the woman not leave her son jejely with her mother instead of bringing him to his death.

  4. What did i just read😯

  5. Level 3 of Nigerian women.
    Marriage and husband important pass the children wey God give them

  6. O my God!
    What has one not heard!

  7. Wicked woman... You and your useless husband will never have peace... RIP Tunde

  8. She chose her husband over her son? The world should end already.

  9. This is a whole new level of wickedness! All for what? They should hang them already. This story has polluted the air. Even the devil is gasping for air! WTF!!

  10. This story is for those who think such evil cannot happen in Nigeria. Step out of your bubble within your environment and stop hearing only TV news of America and see scary hair raising stories around you.

  11. all cos of prick and sex,she killed her child....too bad

  12. Hope she and everyone involved would be sentenced to death. I must remain married, may God help us.

  13. The devil on rampage! Just when you think it couldnt get worst boom!!! Another one. Te end time is definitely near, all these terribleb stories one reads everyday is surely a sign. Lord have mercy, me we not be found wanting on the last day Amen!

  14. They all should be all be jailed for life. Animal of a mother.

  15. Foolish woman that her wicked husband will still abandone for another woman

  16. Why are some single mothers desperate for love at the expense of their kids...Damn,how could they just killed him for nothing..

  17. What some women can do to keep a man. One in the name of I must stay married couldn't get pregnant for hubby turned to her dad and had a boy and girl .they both look like her and the son looks so much like his grandad. Ijebu juju was used on this man who for close to 20yrs have not noticed, despite numerous tongues that have been wagging.

  18. Poor boy. If only he had known that his love for his mother will cost him his young life. Too bad it's not murder charge so they can both swing on the hangman's rope.

  19. God what's wrong with some women becos of a man you kill your 1st son the heart of man is desperately wicked


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