Stella Dimoko Sports Minister Dalung Blows HOT Over Nigeria's Ban By IAAF Over Erroneous Transfer Of $130,000


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Monday, May 27, 2019

Sports Minister Dalung Blows HOT Over Nigeria's Ban By IAAF Over Erroneous Transfer Of $130,000

Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung says the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has no reason to ban Nigeria for the refund of funds the world athletics governing body erroneously paid the country.

IAAF stated Nigeria was overpaid by $130,000 in 2017, a sum which the body asked Nigeria to pay back within days or be sanctioned.

However, speaking during the 7th Okpekpe 10km International Road Race held in Edo State on Saturday, Dalung wondered why the athletics body only raised the alarm two months after the said error.

“I think Nigeria has been unfairly treated because the issue has been painted and promoted as if there was any wrongdoing on the side of Nigeria, certainly not. Grants were released to Nigeria on the 17th of May, 2017 and on the 19th of May, IAAF confirmed the transaction. Just for IAAF after two months to turn round and cry foul that there is a mistake. I mean a transaction that was done and confirmed suddenly turned mistake. I smell a rat in the whole thing and I believe that the whole thing is being orchestrated just to blackmail Nigeria.

“When did they realise they made mistake after the transaction was confirmed. I made a mistake in transferring money, I realised in ten minutes and I call my bank to retrieve the money. Why did it take IAAF two months to realise the mistake, an international organisation, highly reputable.

I think it is not about money erroneously accredited to Nigeria, but there is calculated attempt just to demean and destroy Nigerian athletics. Otherwise, I don’t see why they call it a mistake.

We didn’t apply for grants.”

Asked what would the country do to avoid the ban,

Dalung replied, “Ban us for what, ban Nigeria for what? What has Nigeria done? What is the crime?

Did we steal any money from them? Did we ask them to transfer money to us? They transferred money to us, they confirmed the transfer and then after two months, they woke up from slumber. Is IAAF telling us they are much disorganised as that. Where Nigeria is wrong, Nigeria will own up but you cannot just wake up and realise they have something to hold onto.

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  1. Oga lawyer, kindly return the money with apology. Corruption runs in you.

    1. Thief, return the money. If someone pays you in error, it's not your money.

    2. Its taken 2 years of waiting for a refund to ban Nigeria. He should be ashamed of himself. Ndi iberibe.

  2. The fool thinks he is wiser than 10 wise men?
    This man has pocketed the money and is so disappointed that IAAF realized their mistake.
    Oga return that money very quickly, you are spoiling the career of thousands of Nigerian competitors.

  3. Oga minister is just talking rubbish...when someone erroneously sends you money even if it's after 2months if they ask for it,you return it.
    Probably they did an audit in IAAF and discovered their errors only for oga minister and his colleagues hurts to have embezzled the extra $130k they got and now they cannot refund it...He should refund the money and stop talking rubbish.


  4. This one is just a yahoo boy and this is who Buhari gave us as a sports minister!

  5. This is yahoo yahoo... every person in government is a criminal... Buhari should sack and arrest this man

  6. Typical Nigerian. Many of us do this. How many of us will keep money that was transferred into our accounts by an unknown person? Or who amongst us will speak up if we are overpaid. It's easy for us to point fingers at Lalong, call him names and ask that he returns the money because last last, he's an asshole. But how about us?

    My boss once increased the salary of one of the staff without telling him. The guy actually thought he was overpaid and never said a word. Two weeks later my boss called him and asked him how much his salary was and how much he was paid. The guy confirmed that he received the "excess" money but when he was asked why he kept mum about it, he had nothing to say. My boss was irritated at his dishonesty and reverted his pay to what it was previously... Sorry for derailing the post.

  7. dalung yahoo

  8. Hahaha, sports minister please sell some of your properties and pay back the money or tell those you shared it with to return it.
    Oyi dan.

  9. This one still has mouth to speak English? Onye oshi!

  10. Oga goan return the money, even if it took two years to contact you over it, do the right thing.

  11. He should hide in shame instead of making noise,this should also cause him his job.

  12. Baba barawo go and return the money. Efcc and buhari will not see this mumu man.

    That is how you people be giving nija bad name.

    You want to kolobi the money as mistake money that won't be returned

  13. Nigeria... everyday something new comes up.... didnt IAAF inform you on how much grant you should expect? If they did, Oga biko quietly but quickly refund that money... whether it took IAAF two months or two yesrs to discover, it has been discovered so send it back.. you shouldn't have even waited for them to call for the money... immediately that funds came in, you call to send to notify them.. we have a lot of athletes working hard to make a living.. don't come and spoil thier career... Nigeria... òdì ègwù..

  14. Thief! Ole! Shame!!!


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