Stella Dimoko Regina Daniels Confirms She Is Married To Senator Ned Nwoko And In Love With Him...


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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Regina Daniels Confirms She Is Married To Senator Ned Nwoko And In Love With Him...

Nollywood actress Regina Daniel who recently Married a man four decades and a half older than her started a youtube channel where interviews herself to subtly address issues surrounding her....
In this Interview she talks about love,her Twin brother,Her Colleague Somadina,her husband and her fave musician.........

Interview translated to text by SDK Blog....

''Welcome back to my YouTube channel and to those of you just joining us I say welcome......Today I will be doing a question tagged video..well I already have the questions so my first question is........

Who is your crush?

Hmm Burna boy the ganja boy...

Middle name:

Nne-amaka which means mother is beautiful

Shoe size

Hmm 41, 42

Eye color:


Last time you cried:

Ahmmm I really can't remember except tears of joy maybe

Biggest fear

Losing my love ones

Last Song you Listened to

Why by Rema

Last Person you Texted?

Somadina *laughs*

Relationship status

Hmm relationship :...... I think it should be this way number 9 Married (shows off ring)..

Favourite sports team

Manchester United

Favourite color

I don't really have a favorite color because all colors suits me like white, black, pink

Best friend

OK let me describe her. She's short, fair pimpled faced she has four piercing in one eye and three piercing in the other one and nose ring that has closed and most importantly she's short her name is Cassie

Favorite Celebrity

Sammywest oshey

Any scars?

Yeah I do on my knee I think that was when I was skating

Kissed anyone

Obviously *laughs*

Someone you hate

No one actually

Ever done drugs

Oh yeah I mean you know i take paracetamol when am sick they are all part of it


Am 6inches tall

Are you currently happy

Obviously, i am smiling

Do you drink

Oh No

Last thing you bought

Potato chips

Last thing you ate

Plantain chips

Day or night

I Am a night crawler

Favourite lyrics

Bolanle oh bolanle oh where you go oh faraway carry my heart oh runaway girl am begging come back aaaa that's bolanle by Sammywest

Do you give second Chance

I Will

Current mood


Last book you read

*laughs* Things fall apart

Your birthday

10th October

Favorite song

Vampire by Burna boy.. Vampire

Someone I trust

My twin brother, my younger twin brother;I am sure he would surely come for me after this video Sammywest

Do you believe in love

Obviously I do because I am in love

Are you okay?

Yes I am
Last question *laughs*


  1. Replies
    1. Senseless bae.

    2. The girl is not bright at all.

    3. she cares not

    4. 6" tall, size 41/42 shoe-I've seen her shoes, last texted Somadina-her ex... It was a good idea to marry this girl off, she's not of much other use. As they say, "if you no get brain, na your p***y go suffer.

  2. 6 inch tall? Lol....
    She has done hard drugs, which yeye paracetamol.
    You have to be rugged to have Burna as your crush

  3. I'd Ned Obsessed with the Kadesians? The other one made Kim reply her on Instagram and posted on blog for please to see,now she looks every inch like Kim. Regina is slowly looking like Khole

    1. Cant you speak english?

    2. Anon 09:12 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ take it easy na, I’m sure the person didn’t proof read before posting

    3. Hahahahhaab. Bekke bu Agbara! My phone na big idiot but thanks. I can't speak o, I am still learning 🀧
      Is* Ned Obsessed with the Kadesians? The other one made Kim reply her on Instagram and posted on blogs* for please to see,now she looks every inch like Kim.Now* Regina is slowly looking like Khole

  4. So genuine. I like!

    Never knew she was this tall. That shoe size!

    If you make money online, You tube should be your next stop. It is really not easy to gather followers except you have content that is eye catching or a celebrity willing to use scandals to get people to view. But the pay is okay.

    1. She doesnt know her height.
      Shes not up to 6ft.
      Even her husband isnt, and hes taller than her

    2. She obviously doesn't know her height cos she said 6 inches and not 6ft.

    3. 6ft is her projected height since she's still growing. πŸ˜†

  5. She is not 6 feet, she is shorter than Ned and if you look at the pic with angela, she is short.She might be 5ft6 and she does not know what inch is. She can't be 6 inches, she won't exist and will be the size of a fly.

  6. Replies
    1. I swear... off combo.
      I dont even understand her marriage, she acts single mostyms....
      Like say na more of arrangement.

  7. The babe has got a thick skin.

  8. "Who recently married a man Four decades and half older than her" Stella,what a caption!

  9. She looks so beautiful. Truly money can change you oh! She now looks like them Blac Chyna abi Cardi B.

  10. First of all regina you dont know your shoe size n height.

    You are 5ft 8inches, and your shoe size is 39!

    1. Height of a man who wears 9.5 is what? Asking for a frnd

    2. Do you live together? For you to know her shoe size πŸ˜€

  11. Congrats to her. She would have called the name of her husband na lol. She should continue giving interviews, the most I can do for her is view her IG pics. YouTube?!!! Nah!!! Ain't nobody got time for that.

  12. Why is it that when they ask any of these foolish Nigerian celebs the last book they read,it's either "Things fall Apart" or "The Bible" they answer with????
    Bunch of No talent having muthafuckaz!!!

    1. ...and why shd that be ur bother?

  13. Where is the video for some of us with excess data.

  14. “Have you done drugs” and she is saying paracetamol. Na wa.

  15. So she and Somadina are still constantly texting.......nawa for this kind marriage.

    1. Seems like open marriage to me.

    2. Did she tell you they aere dating before? They're friends period!!!!

    3. He is part of the trio. They have it worked out and the husband will have the bobo settled to be part of them. Two young people entertaining an old man who decides to join if he wants.

    4. Are you married? As a newly wed should your focus not be on your husband and banging the shit out of him. Who remember friend.

    5. What if it was work related, so you don't text your male friends because you are married?

    6. I'm here wondering who all this nonsense responses are for.

  16. Crushing on Burna boy, texting Somadina and married to Ned. Oga Ned, na u talk say na pikin u wan marry. Enjoy.

  17. This girl is very smart and properly handling her business to generate more cash and fame for her...I like that

    1. Which business?
      Someone is just answering questions in an interview, u say shes smart, and how does that generate more cash?

  18. She only mentioned she's in love, didn't tell us who with...
    Maybe in love with Soma

  19. 6 inches was probably a 'tongue in cheek' answer

  20. No be only 6fits,, who dash her

  21. Olodo doesn’t even know her height. How can u be beautiful and so dumb. 6inches? Regina please start studying, cos if you were trying to say 6ft you’re still not close to that even with heels on.

  22. haters leave the girl alone she has made her choice no one is in position to judge her just bcos she married a matured man dat won't use fuck and finish her leave her alone pluzz

  23. she's probably spending Ned's money on somadina, this girl is not a small girl in other room, she don tey for sex matters

  24. 6inches, it shows the type of brain she has.

  25. Enter your


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