Stella Dimoko Couple Who Lost Several Babies Finally Birth Daughter Via IVF After 8 Years...


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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Couple Who Lost Several Babies Finally Birth Daughter Via IVF After 8 Years...

No one is ever too broken to be fixed by God..................

This Testimony is a must read!!!

Testimony Given by Former Beauty queen Ibidun Ighodalo on behalf of her foundation...

''This testimony is very special to us at IIF 👏👏😊 Please read to encourage someone that we still serve the same God and if he could do it for this couple he would definitely do it for you or your loved one.

Never met this couple before they applied for the grant in 2017.This couple had waited 8 years for the fruit of the womb They had given up because the only option they had been given was to have their children through IVF which they couldn’t afford.Heard about the conference , came, were chosen at the 1st PIWC in 2017. 

They got pregnant but lost the baby at 3 months 😢😢😢😢.i was sad but held on to my faith and promise of God ,Called my team and doctors and decided to pay for one more cycle for her.🙈🙈🙈 she kept saying she is happy she is not barren atleast she carried her baby for 3 months.

After this cycle we paid for another cycle we prayed we prayed kai then she took in 💃💃💃💃 oh what joy.we pampered and pampered until she was due.went into prolonged labor and gave birth to her baby but the baby had died .... oh I cried or we were all heart broken 😢😢😢😢.Had to be strong for her , we held her hand and helped her through this phase.Her husband was amazing.Very very lovely gentleman.

To surprise them again we paid for another cycle and before we could even say hello she was pregnant and see that beautiful girl here is the gift we were blessed with by our onise Iyanu ....Erujeje...Ekun oko pharaoh.

Mother and daugther are doing extremely well.The word of the lord will stand.His promises are yea and amen.
Thank you so much


  1. Replies
    1. Talking about IVF
      I’m TTC and had a dream that I did IVF procedure in the dream. Both hubby and I.
      Can anybody help interpret?

  2. Thank you Jesus. God bless and keep her. Amen.

  3. OMG..... God of awesome wonders
    Thank you for this testimony

  4. Thank God for this.About d 2nd baby she lost,d medical team mismanaged her.y allow a woman who conceived via ivf to go through labour not to talk of prolonged labour.thats a big minus on d part of her gynaecologist.congrats on d arrival of your bundle of joy.

  5. God is indeed awesome. Congrats to them

  6. Thank You Lord Jesus!!!

    Thank you @Ibidun Foundation. God bless you and keep mother and child.

    As many that believe God for this, may HE answer in good time. 🙏

    1. Iseeeeee!
      Chaaaaaai, the joy that will be in the family now eeeeh, He's a good God indeed!

  7. This God is too much oo. Thank you Jesus, you did it at your time. Welcome baby

  8. Thank God for using this foundation. God bless the mother and child.

  9. Awww
    Praise GOD OOOOO

  10. Wonderful news. God is forever gracious ! Thank you father. I rejoice with this family and I pray this angel opens up for more babies . Amen ! Jehovah my God is gracious

  11. This testimony sounds like mine excluding the IVF part. Carrying my 2 months hold baby now. God is indeed faithful.

  12. The pain of having a failed IVF can't be described. You feel it in the depths of your soul.
    I'm so happy for her and the husband 🙂 God has indeed remembered her.

  13. Congrats to the new mum, God is never late

  14. Thank God in all things, even if you try ivf and it fails and you never carry your own child thank God just the same. If you have to use a surrogate thank God the same. If you end up having to adopt thank God just the same. Do not let stories like these make you feel bad, or have you feeling that God has forgotten you. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in and whatever hard choices you end up having to make thank God just the same. Never stop thanking God because your faithfulness will carry over even into the next life.

  15. Waw! Congratulations... May God guide and protect the baby....


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