Stella Dimoko Actress Chesan Nze Sends A Memo To Movie Producers Who Practice 'Script For Hand Back For Ground'


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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Actress Chesan Nze Sends A Memo To Movie Producers Who Practice 'Script For Hand Back For Ground'

Nollywood Actress Chesan Nze, blasts film producers that request for 'gbenshing' before giving a role ......


  1. All these rants after supplying the pussies. What's the need?

    1. What if she never supplied?

      People like you are always so ready to believe they are the only ones who know what the right thing is and the rest of the world are shuffling around somewhere.

    2. And what if she supplied?

    3. Thank you Kamikaze for that beautiful reply. Women who Shane other women for speaking out their frustration about abuse are mentally derailed themelves

  2. Na wa! That is the reason we have talentless actress every where in Nigeria. God will favour you soon just keep on pushing

  3. Beb God will favour you dearie

  4. Thanks for speaking up.Useless producers everywhere....
    Please expose them Already..
    Shame them

  5. Mediocrity can never win though it looks shiny initially like kpanda jewellery

    To all charlatans out there
    If you don't adopt the correct way you will fade away

  6. Loud it up. There are so many great actresses who barely ever work and I wonder if they are just real choosy about their work, or they are limited because they refuse to sell their bodies. Meanwhile there are the ones who are constantly annoying our screens and they cannot hold a character to save their lives. We know their is a dirty underbelly to ever entertainment industry, but the majority at least try to put out many talented ppl.

  7. Is it only the entertainment industry? Almost every sector/field where there's a Naija fuckboy, the retards make gbenshing a requirement before a job. It's really sad and despicable but it seems a lot more women give in than are willing to share. Nawa.

  8. Lecturers demand sex for marks in university.
    Producers demand sex for roles in nollywood.
    Employer demand sex for job's during recruitment.
    Bank customers demand sex from marketers to open account in banks
    Horseband demand sex from househelp.
    And the gbenshing list continues. .


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