Stella Dimoko Pastor Tunde Bakare Says God Will Frustrate Any Evil Cabal In Nigeria + Clarifies Viral Video


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Monday, September 30, 2019

Pastor Tunde Bakare Says God Will Frustrate Any Evil Cabal In Nigeria + Clarifies Viral Video

Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly in Lagos on Sunday, September 29, said God would frustrate every evil cabal suppressing the efforts of Nigerians.

Bakare, who made the assertion during the Church service in Lagos said that God would not allow anything bad to happen to the country.

“Nigeria is our own and it must not crumble.
If there is any cabal of evil anywhere doing anything to suppress the people of this nation, God will frustrate their efforts,” he said.
Let’s thank God that we are still a nation, yes this is not the best that is expected from the government, but they also have challenges and they are overwhelming,” he said.

On his aspiration, he said he would not count his chicken before they were hatched, “when I get to the bridge, he will cross it”.
Bakare, while reacting to the misconceptions surrounding a video on his aspiration to become the 16th President that went viral, he said he needed to clarify for three reasons.

“Firstly, in keeping with my calling as a servant of God, I must ensure that truth soars high above falsehood and that the fellowship of the saints be not ill-spoken of by a keenly observant world.

Secondly, it is my duty as a citizen who is privileged to have the ears of fellow citizens to ensure that well-meaning Nigerians are not misinformed about our activities.

“Thirdly, I do not want the ideas and solutions to our nation’s pressing problems, which by the grace of God, I will be proposing next week, to be drowned in the noise of needless controversies,” he said.
Bakare said the trending video of him saying he would become Nigeria’s next President was merely an expression of his aspiration.

He said that what God showed him was his personal business and that he had a right to aspire to the highest office.

“It is the true expression of my political ambition. Whatever God has shown me is my private ambition,” he said.

The cleric said that the video was about one year and seven months old.
Bakare, who will be holding the state of the nation broadcast on Oct. 6, reiterated that it was necessary to clear the air, adding that an actionable roadmap to the stability, security and success of the country might be found therein.

“Contrary to the misconceptions and misinformation, the trending video about the 16th presidency was an excerpt from a message titled, “Be Grateful for Your Blessings (Part 3),” which I preached in this auditorium on Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018.

“A year and seven months after the statements were made, and erroneously associated with recent developments relating to the Office of the Vice President, suggests that it was done by the uninformed.

“It might have also been a deliberately designed attempt to misinform the public by linking unrelated issues, in order to create divisions where there are none, thereby, heating up the polity unnecessarily,” he said.

The cleric said that it was not in his character to respond to every whim and caprice of any issue in the cyberspace, but it had become necessary to set the record straight on the misconceptions.
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  1. Pastor Tunde Bakare..Beware of the Ides of March..

  2. This man sold his birthright to buhari and he will never get is back like Esau in the bible. There is no hope for him in politics just like Fashola he will be at the back burner. Even the Lagos governor at the moment no one know who he is. The biggest problem with these yoruba "leaders" is they are all cowards they wait for someone to do the hard and dirty work then pop out and claim victory. Worst part is even when they had it all they try destroying each other or get overly greedy.

    1. How's this your comment relevant to how the pastor revealed that the video about him that was released recently was a year and 7 months old?

      Your comment is off point,incoherent and lack in substance. Fashola that held 3 powerful ministries in the last four years and even hold 2 ministries presently, is who you said Tunde Bakare would be like.. If being like Fashola is a relegation to you, please, I want to be in Fashola's shoes

  3. 3 powerful ministries yes and what became of them all. Think will they give him the resources to make an impact we have seen too many increase in fees paid than improvement, leave sentiment. Because buhari has rules the greatest black nation on earth 3 times does that make him the greatest African leader. Value in works not position. Did Dora improve the drug industry yes but when she did it how many ministers did we have before and after her that still could not make an effort that is impact.


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