Stella Dimoko Hate Speech Bill Sponsor Says Senate Will Amend Clause Proposing Death


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Monday, November 25, 2019

Hate Speech Bill Sponsor Says Senate Will Amend Clause Proposing Death

Sponsor of ‘hate speech bill and Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, on Sunday said the Senate may amend the proposed death penalty clause in the bill.

Abdullahi made this known in a statement he signed on Sunday in Abuja.

The lawmaker assured that the death penalty proposed in the bill would be amended by the Senate “when it is subjected to legislative input at the National Assembly.”

Abdullahi, who represents Niger North Senatorial District, said that the bill would undergo some fine-tuning to ensure that the clauses contained in its provisions to be passed into law reflected Nigerians’ views.

He added that the Senate welcomed contributions and inputs by critics and supporters of the bill, as these would go a long way towards giving Nigerians the much-needed law to address the disturbing trend of hate speech.

According to him, hate speech has led to the death of many and is a major factor behind depression and suicide in Nigeria.

“We have followed closely arguments for and against the hate speech bill, and seen the reason why some kicked against it.

“Given the high respect which we have for Nigerians, we will make amendment to the death penalty aspect that most Nigerians objected to so that a bill that meets their expectations is passed into law.

“Clearly from the conversations, Nigerians agree that we have a problem in the society today as a result of hate speech, which has fuelled so many killings and violence, and is responsible for cases of depression and suicides,” NAN quoted him as saying.

Citing a World Health Organisation (WHO)’s report, Abdullahi disclosed that Nigeria, which was the seventh-largest country in the world, “has Africa’s highest rate of depression and ranks fifth in the world’s frequency of suicide rate.”

The lawmaker explained that the Independent National Commission for the Prohibition of Hate Speech to be established would guard against every act of discrimination against Nigerians by way of victimisation.

The commission, according to Abdullahi, will have an executive chairperson, a secretary and twelve commissioners appointed through rigorous process involving the National Council of State, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the National Assembly.
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  2. Bunch of jokers... They won't cage us into silence from speaking the truth at all times. Only in this part of Africa that truth is being conceived as hate speech.

    Every means to silence the media from criticizing the criminal politicians we have won't stand.

    1. They want to do as they like in government but they don’t want to be held accountable by the people. Animals in power.

  3. I am not against the hate speech bill. No, they can go on with the bill.
    My own is why are they not sponsoring anti corruption bill.
    Why can't all corrupt public office holder be sentenced to death?
    Abi they no see that one copy ni?
    After all, our President promised to fight kwaruphion, he didn't say he wanted to fight freedom of speech in guise.
    Bunch of misguided selfish and overtly greedy lawmakers.
    (I know my last sentence might count as hate speech but I 'dun' care.

  4. Honestly this Aboki be like say no well oh !

  5. In his head, he is making valid point(s). He seem to have so much funds at his disposal to sponsor such. Why is the FG wasting tax payers money on IDP camps when people like this are looking for where to channel their !!!

    Madam onochie chihuahua,you seem to have an opinion in everything. Please get in here.

  6. The man's face looks hate speech itself

    1. hahahahahahaha, chaiiiiii, unu di wicked on this blog.

  7. Uncle senator throw that bill away, you even had to copy from Singapore.

  8. They can also copy China who has passed a law that corrupt politicians should be killed... They are only after their interests. Selfish bunch of nitwits.


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