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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thursday IHN

I salute....................


Stella Bea, hope this mail meets you well.
I will like you to put up this testimony of mine for God to take his glory and for anyone going through difficult time to know that God still answers.
So, here goes my testimony :

Towards the end of 2018 things became somehow for my family that we couldn't afford our rent anymore, so, we opted out for a nearby uncompleted building whose caretaker was looking for who could stay in it and maintain it to avoid further dilapidation.

We cleared the bush in the house, fumigated it, and fix some certain things like wiring and connecting NEPA lights, floored the house, fix the water closet and soak aways. All these we did gradually in the space of six months.

Unannounced, the owner of the house came back from abroad and claimed that it was not his agreement with the caretaker to let us the house. The man never bothered about all our expenses in the house and all of our pleadings, we forcefully threw us out of the house on the 28th of June this year.

It was in the midst of all this that we found our selves sleeping in the church because we had nowhere to go. I tried begging for help but no one could.

My kids were out of school, my husband lost his job and the bedsheets business I was doing could not even feed us. It was as though my world was crashing down on me and yet I couldn't lift a finger to stop it from crashing down.

My husband (HND holder ) goes to Tinker Island to hustle and carry loads from the containers with some mallams yet those mallams will not let him carry the loads in peace, they kept pushing him to join them in robbery operation.

We stayed in the church, eating from hands to mouth for four months plus without any single help from anyone.

On the 11th of November, around 3pm, I went to one corner in the church to pray, I cried my heart to God in prayer because the church wants us to leave due to one big activity that is coming up soon. We have no where to go, even to go to the village, we have no transport fare. In fact, I told God to kill me and my children if he cannot help us.

After praying, I was on my way to where we sleep and one man beckoned on me to come, I did. He told me that he was was led by God to help me. I told him my story, he told me to meet him the next day with my husband. We did, He took us to a three bedroom flat that belongs to him and gave us the keys to the house, He also gave us some money to support our feeding.

The next day, someone called me and told me to supply over 300 pieces of Bedsheets and the payment was made up front.

My situation was so impossible before men, because I and my husband were from families that looked up to us. We had no one to run to. Most would have helped but they lacked the financial capacity. But today, God has proved his word that truly He supplies all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I dont know if i have posted this before.....
If i have oh well forgive and use it as point of contact to remember that God is choosing you as next for a miracle .........



On my way to market on Sunday morning, I saw a speedy ambulance approaching with a heavy siren blowing. Could this be an emergency this morning? I said to myself. I took a look when the ambulance passed me and saw through, a man seated at the back with a lying object covered in a big black nylon closer to him.

Oh no!!! Someone just breathed the very last time. It was a dead being covered in that ambulance I just saw, and is being taken to the mortuary. For some seconds, so many thoughts ran through my heart as I walked down the road. Do you know as you read this right now, someone somewhere just breathed their very last?

The life we live is temporal. Sometimes, dreams don't come through or short lived. Someday, we must leave this earth whether we like it or not. So why the strong hatred, wickedness and envy towards another? Why the bragging with material possessions if we can't take them along with us to the world beyond? Will you be proud of the life you have lived at your dead bed?

Are there regrets and things you would wish you had done better and differently? Or would you struggle to make peace with the very people ordinarily you would never had wanted to while you were sound and healthy? Why the confession of forgiveness at the point of death? Is it the fear of the life thereafter? Will there be opportunities you missed to make life better for others? Will you wish to go back in time to make things right?

Now read this. Death isn't the greatest tragedy to befall anyone in life, rather what dies inside one while still living. You could be alive but with a dark heart and a dead conscience.

Everyday should be a reminder that, we will leave this earth someday. A constant reminder of this fact will shape us into a better being.

Teejay you are beginning to write in Novel format....this is so nice....
I think i might include you in the Santa giveaway....
God bless you!



I;m so pissed, but I;m wondering if I'm taking this personal. My boyfriend is my boss at work (he is the overall boss. We're both unmarried, so this isn't someones husband). 

We keep our relationship very private and formal at the office. He saw the top I wore today and called the overall supervisor to caution me. Supervisor called me and my immediate boss and cautioned me on what oga said.

 Sincerely, I didn't feel the top was bad to be worn to the office. Been feeling somehow since. I feel ''oga'' should have corrected me, considering what we have going and not just put me on the spot for criticism. I dint know if I'm over thinking this, but I don't feel good about it. Anyways... Stella pls post.

First off...........Spouses working together in the same Environment most times never work out.

Please learn to dress properly to the Office and dont make a big deal out of this



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Doppel no come dey do free advert for them book ooooh.....


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Hi, Stella. 

 This is for the BV asking about zobo and ginger combo for infections. Fortunately, I took a screenshot of the original comment.


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  1. Stelllz it’s hard to browse on your blog with WiFi o! Wetin Dey happen???

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. I'm interested in the book Doppelganger pls. Thanks

    2. I want the book too @ Doppel, though I am in P.H

    3. Poster-May your testimony be permanent in Jesus Name.

    4. Doppel I want the book please, I am in Lagos

    5. That testimony is amazing! God is awesome really. I am glad God showed up for you and your family. May your testimony remain permanent. Amen!

  2. Good afternoon everyone, beautiful day ahead.๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️๐Ÿšถ‍♀️

    1. Thank you doppelganger for the gift. .๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

      The testimony is uplifting. Glory to God..

      The traffic is very heavy.. christmas Season Don dey show.

    2. Good afternoon everyone.
      Chia! BV whose testimony was posted, your testimony spring faith in my heart. I pray God will also come through for me and everyone who desires same order or testimony and give us all a testimony that sounds like a lie before the year end. Akuku Da!

      Tee jay: your write up is amazing. Spoke to me. Thank You.

  3. Stella advert ke lol. I’m not affiliated in anyway to the writer of the book. I got it as a gift, loved it and thought it would be nice for others to learn from it.

  4. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'28 November 2019 at 14:05

    First to comment today, I feeeeel good meeehn.

  5. Wanted to use this medium to appreciate everyone who wished me well and said a prayer for me.

    God that gave me my heart desire will also meet u at the point of ur needs.

    It's really been a wonderful year for my family.

    Thanks again guys

    1. Amen. Congratulations again iyawo. Your home is blessed

    2. Congratulations Eka joy. May God bless your new home greatly.

    3. Congratulations Eka Joy,God bless your home with everything good.

    4. Amen!!! Congrats once again dear.

    5. Amen to your prayers๐Ÿ™. To God be all the praises and may your marriage bring you enormous blessings Amen.

    6. Now singing
      In 9 months time, we will come visit you with a boy and girl
      Ha na kpo ejima ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽบ๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽป

    7. Congratulations , Ekajoy, may God uphold your Union .

    8. Congrats and may God bless your home.

    9. Congratulations dear Mrs joy

    10. Congratulations babe girl. May your joy be permanent. Enjoy married life

    11. Congratulations Eka Joy. May God bless your home

    12. Congrats Ekajoy. Happy married life.

    13. Congrats . God bless your union

    14. Congratulations

  6. Good afternoon blog visitors...

    Nice one @ Teejay

    Customers fall on the sellers here...

    God bless all the givers in da house and receivers....

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  8. Goodafternoon bvs
    Poster your testimony has lifted my spirit. Thank God for your family.
    Goodafternoon bvs

  9. I am interested in the book... I hope am the first commenter.

  10. Please Doppelganger, I am very interested, I can't see a book and let it pass me by.

  11. Testimony.....test-the-money! Poster, more is coming your way.

    1. I had tears in my eyes while reading that testimony.
      Indeed,Nothing is impossible to God.

  12. Our God is an awesome wonder! I rejoice with you and your family my sister. Your testimony is one of those testimonies that sounds like a lie.

    God of all impossibility, please give me a testimony that will also sound like a lie. Amen
    Our God is good.

  13. Bvs, how much is the starting salary (in Nigeria) for someone who went to nursing school? Not BSN o, the 3 year nursing school. I understand that after this 3 year program, you will still need to do a 2 year post basic program. That will make it 5 years, am I correct? Will the person still need to go for BSN?
    Well I just want to know the starting salary and any helpful tips you have for someone who wants to have a very high JAMB score. He already has JAMB past questions.
    Thank you in advance.

  14. IHN has landed
    @ Doppel, Please, I need the book

  15. Last IHN of the week..The next IHN will be in December 2nd..Jehovah you are too much...Top girl please you are overthinking it and I thought you said your relationship with him in private so he treated it in a professional manner...You should know your dressing ethics by now so stop overthinking and dress appropraitely...This chin chin seller your chin chin is calling me...

    The testifier lady God is a God of the 11th hour you see the miracle had already begun on the 11th Nov..Is he not wonderful?? Thank God both of you never compromised...

    Teejay so you get writing talent like this...Thumbs up..Jisike...

    1. Hahahaha.... Thanks dear. I have always been a writer.

  16. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— Everywhere Sunny๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

  17. Last in house news of the week.
    Nice one @Doppel. May God bless you greatly.
    Who else saw the video of that bleaching expert cursing people out on Instagram? Babe is a complete razzoid. I can't deal mehhn. She can't even express her self in simple English. I wonder the beauty school she graduated from.
    Sdk mama bambino. I dey hail you. Keep up the good work. No man or devil can bring you down. Dem too Small jare.

  18. welcome IHN,,,,,,

    how una dey my pple,hope all is going on well?

    longlive sdk
    longlive beevees
    God bless Nigeria

  19. I can only see those Chin chin

    1. Poster your testimony shall be permanent dear. Affliction shall not rise again.

      Plenty sells to all the sellers.

  20. Good afternoon everyone, please who has more idea about CPA marketing can u help me with more information? Thank you

  21. I'm next in line for a miracle. Thank you Stella for posting my business advert

  22. Congratulations to you testimony poster. Mire blessings I pray for you and family. May God also visit my situation like this and turn my life around. Amen

  23. Aw!!! Thank you so much Doppelganger. Muchas gracias... I stay in Lagos.

    What a testimony... Impossibility Specialist!!! Jehovah Overdo!!! God of the eleventh hour!!! Thank you so much for visiting your children when they least expected.

    I need a testimony that will sound like a lie, Amen.

  24. Your writeup is beautiful my friend @Teejay ๐Ÿ’ฏ keep it up. May God inspire you to write great stuff.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    2. Amen to your prayers super woman. You are kind.

    3. I like your write up Teejay.Stella thanks for including Teejay for the giveraway.

  25. That sign out post is so true
    Some strangers are more of family that blood relatives

  26. Hello BV's, please where can I get already made wears for traditional marriage, my source disappointed me, I am so worried and sad. Please can someone recommend a place I can buy ready to wear traditional outfit in Lagos please or somewhere I can hire the complete attire for my day pls.....

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.

  29. Thank God for coming through for you and your household

    hmm nice one TeeJay..when you get the lion share remember your brethren in the lord

    office poster work and romance can't go hand in hand even though he's your boyfriend he will still correct you as a boss

  30. Thank God for sending you a helper. Amen.

  31. This testimony carry weight. This is the kind of testimony I've been praying for. Poster I thank God for you and I pray that your joy be permanent. I tap into this Miracle.
    God please let your light shine on me๐Ÿ™

    Doppelganger, thanks for including me in the giveaway, I'm not in Lagos but we'll find a way.

    The poster dating his boss, since you guys made it a secret in the office I see nothing wrong in what he did. Office matters should be treated officially and he did the right thing. You sef dress properly for work and don't abuse the fact that you're dating your boss so you can get away with anything.

    Market people I wish y'all massive sales.
    Good afternoon BVs.

  32. Stella thanks for posting, I say amen to all prayers

  33. A miracle that sounds like a lie....I need it Lord.

    Nice write up Teejay,kudos.
    (Stella I think you shouldn't have mentioned your thoughts here,knowing how BVs react to news of giveaway).

    May cutsomers fall on all sellers.

  34. Ola, don't you think it would be nice to include price tags?

    Counting down already.
    Can't wait for the holiday.

  35. Amazing testimony.I am next in line for a miracle in Jesus name,Amen.
    Awesome God.
    Nice write up Teejay.
    Thanks to Doppelganger for the giveaway books, more blessings on you.

  36. Stella thanks for posting, I say amen to all prayers

  37. Good afternoon wonderful bv's.

  38. So Teejay you know that someday we will leave this world and you were busy glorifying fornication the other day? May God help you. You preach today, tomorrow you do contrary to your preaching. Do you know how many people you must have misled with that your useless story?

    1. Maybe you find it difficult comprehending information. That story I shared happened over eight years ago and beside, was there a place I encourage fornication in it? I guess you didn't get the message in that story. If you truly know me very well, then you will understand that your comment is misguided.

  39. I'm next in line for a miracle that will seem like a lie. Thank you Jesus in advance

  40. Good afternoon people of SDK,how una dey?

    Once more, congrats Eka and may customers fall on all sellers.

    Grateful for the gift of life.

  41. Good afternoon people of SDK,how una dey?

    Once more, congrats Eka and may customers fall on all sellers.

    Grateful for the gift of life.

  42. Poster your testimony will be permanent, amen.

    God bless the givers

  43. Exactly the type of testimony I'm believing God for in my family.the God that can turn things around.

  44. That office "oromance" up there
    Nne first of all, you could not express your feelings to each other,
    you brought it here.
    Mmmmmmmmhhhh, e bi like say, the entire "romance" is happening in your head.
    There possibly is "marriage" there too.
    Just tread carefully to avoid "heart-shattering" chronicles.

  45. Congrats Eka Joy on your union. May buyers locate the sellers.

  46. I rejoice with you my sister,God is never late, he is always on time.
    May your blessings be permanent.

  47. What an amazing testimony. We bless God

    Good afternoon all.

  48. What a beautiful testimony....Thank God for you and the family. God really hears our prayers.

  49. that testimony up there just gave me hope never to give up in life, it may look like nothing is working but God is preparing something wonderful for me. Thank you for sharing.

    Madam top you are having entitlement mentality, because the overall boss is your bf that is why you feel that he should not correct you. Must you dress anyhow to the office because the boss is your boo? Dress like a decent person. just take correction and adjust your mood of dressing that is all. When you are with your boo you can ask him this question you are asking why he did what he did to you. Is possible your boo is hearing some comments at work how he is not talking to you or how your attitude is showing that boss man is sleeping with you. I know what ladies do once the boss is their boo.

    Teejay thank you for the write up. Hope you will not be like those that will say do what i say but don't do what i do.

    1. 11th hour miracle. Poster, your testimony shall be permanent.
      Poster with boo as boss, just talk about it when next you meet.
      Hello everyone.

  50. amazing testimony thank you Lord

  51. Thank you so much Stella... I am encouraged.

  52. Wawu
    A testimony that sounds like a lie.
    I believe.

    Top office romance lady,
    I agree with you that he should have told you personally but since he did not, just let this slide and when you both have the opportunity of been together,ask him why he did not ask you personally.

    It is well

  53. What a mouth mumbling and ear tingling testimony. FATHER!!! i need a testimony that sounds like a lie... MERCY LORD.

    Stella i need santa too.

  54. Good afternoon,

    Testimony poster your testimony shall be permanent.
    Teejay nice write up.

  55. want the book by nkiru o thank you

  56. That testimony, thank God for you that’s the type of miracle I need in my life right now
    Good afternoon all

  57. Good afternoon to everyone. Nice write up tj.

  58. Thanks SDK of life for posting my product.

  59. This God is awesome! Testimony poster, may ur joy be permanent. Congratulations...

  60. Thank you Poster for sharing your testimony. It really blessed me.
    And I decree today that we all shall testify of His goodness and mercy before the year runs out.
    Our God is gracious and kind. There is none like Him.

  61. Good afternoon all. I came late.
    Doppelganger can we get soft copy of the book?

  62. Goodafternoon All.
    Thank You so so so Much @ Doppelganger. I Appreciate your Kind Gesture,May God bless You so much.
    Happy Much,1st Giveaway in SDK!!!!!!

  63. congratulations Eka joy, may your new home be forever blessed.

    That testimony up there will surely be my portion. Madam, don't worry your days of laughter has began.

  64. Doppelganger pls I need the book but I'm in Ibadan, if you have exhausted the hard copy which I can pay waybill for, can I get the soft copy? Thanks

  65. Awwwww! Thanks Doppelganger, loads of love from ABJ

  66. Testimony poster, yours was surely a miracle, may it be permanent in Jesus name. . I tap into this type of miracle. I think I'm not praying the right prayer

  67. Madam your testimony is indeed,the one that will shock your mockers laughing at you and wondering where your God that you pray to is seeing you suffering like that. I PRAISE the Lord for he is Awesome.

  68. Testimony poster,this is exactly God of eleventh hour on the 11th day of 11th month.isnt God so wonderful.i tap from this blessings cos I know mine wiฤบ soon blow and surely it's already looking like a big lie in the eyes of some.chae.May your testimony be permanent in Jesus name,amen.Teejay I so love your writeup, it inspires me.Thanking you.I will be one of those that will smile if that giveaway reach your doorstep I swear.God bless all the givers Amen.

  69. Oh such a great testimony. I and my family are also in our lowest now. We pray to get such uncommon miracles too. We need God's touch on accommodation, business, finance and my health.
    Congratulations to you and your family

  70. The woman with a testimony am happy for you and pls beg God to bless me how he did to you because right now am in a similar situation but your testimony have uplifted me.


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