Stella Dimoko Pastor Tnde Bakare Reportedly Says He Runs Several Bank Accounts Without Visiting The Bank


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Monday, December 30, 2019

Pastor Tnde Bakare Reportedly Says He Runs Several Bank Accounts Without Visiting The Bank

The Senior Pastor of Latter Rain Ministry, Pastor Tunde Bakare has disclosed that the last time he stepped into a banking hall for transaction purposes was in 1985.

Pastor Bakare said the banks had always come to his home for transactions. “I am not showing off as you will call it, I am only provoking you to charge up yourself

"My mother was not a rich woman, but someone once told her that she would have bank accounts abroad and she laughed, but right now, she has a son that has bank accounts abroad.

“These things don’t really have anything to do with education…”

Speaking on the topic: A Healthy, Robust Heavenly Bank Account. The outspoken pastor impressed that he is qualified to speak on the topic because he is a “God’s banker.”

Pastor Bakare said: If I can run bank accounts without visiting the banks, you too can. I don’t have two heads, neither does Dangote. Paying your tithe and offering doesn’t mean you have a heavenly bank account.”

“If you think I am going to rush this sermon, you missed. I am going to go slow, after all, our president is ‘Baba Go Slow’ and I am his very good friend…
“To store up a treasure in heaven requires a different approach. Holding loosely and sharing freely and giving away heartily treasure for God’s kingdom purpose,” Bakare Said

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  1. When I say that rules are not made for everybody, e go be like say I no know wetin I dey talk. When y'all were suffocating in congested banking halls cos they said, "Get BVN or else", there were people that got their own in their houses. Lol.

  2. So if banks begin to come to the homes of all your members for transactions then they have arrived?
    Vanity living
    this has got nothing to do with godliness.
    And you are telling robbers where to go for their own "transactions"

    1. If you don't have grace, keep moving.

      My bishop that is how bankers come looking for him.

      Just know grace has grades

    2. @Yori
      Hahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, are you serious?
      The bankers are not looking for grace, they are looking for the monies your bishop hoodwinked you all to part with. Your bishop can buy the banks and nothing surprising about that. You've been giving your monies to your bishop and not to God. If you want your offering and tithes to go to God, give it to the less privileged.

    3. Yori not in the eyes of God, keep being deceived by 419ers and scammers, Na you go suffer am and cry pepper.

  3. Thank God for you sir.

    Abeg it's a day to the end of the year and i don't want to rant. I have many reasons to sit down dejected but i choose to sit up and Thank God.

    Stella, i want to Thank God for your blog o. I might have been annoymous for years now: since early 2013 but i've been blessed. In 2015, through your blog Cynthia Iyede gifted me a lovely shoe and a really chic sandals. Wednesday makes that day 5 years ago: location was Ojota which was my first time there. THANK YOU MA'AM: God bless your family. I'm always waiting for the day i can render a service to you, God help me.

    The way i met a lovely lady Mrs Annoymous i really can't remember the blog name: Ma, pls i've been worried about you, your number hasn't been replying messages for a long time. I pray you are fine and i've refused to think otherwise though the last time we spoke you said you had been hospitalised. I wish to hear your voice: i love the soft nature because it helped me get through the rough patch i was going through and you were a beacon of hope in my darkness. Thank you Mrs R.

    To a certain Jane who once reached out, i sincerely appreciated that gesture and felt bad we couldn't communicate due to circumstances of that period. God bless you richly.

    To the lovely ma'am who gave out baby wears this August, Thanks once again. I was the one who got boys clothing near that building site: i'm having a girl but we're rocking some like that. God bless you ma.

    Stella, this should make you understand you're doing a great job. You encouraged me to keep my baby and it's been a great choice. That's why I pray i'm able to find my feet even in this economy and bless people through this platform. Let me settle down after having this baby and see what God has planned for my life.

    Grateful Heart.

  4. Even footballers don’t go to banks. The banks come to them.


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