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Monday, March 02, 2020

Monday In House News


Good luck to the buyers and sellers..........

This competition will hold once a month ....
The last winners got 15k and 10k each while the others selected by Isaacbaba got data....
This time all those who do not win the prize money will get data from me as compensation for taking part so no losers.....
The post will come up shortly after this one
Enjoy the in house news!!!



Due to now resolved childhood trauma I have now come to the sad realization that the concept of a traditional family (father, mother and kids) will not be a suitable scenario for me. I dont think I will like to have a wife but the strange thing is that I want kids. I am extremely well paid by Nigerian standards, no physical, mental or spiritual issues. The trauma I experienced as a child left me dead inside emotionally, I have never fallen in love and I dont feel anything like fondness or love for any woman. 

Since I know I wont be able to love a wife, I think it will be heartless of me to get married to someone I would have no feelings for, subjecting her to transferred trauma which is of no fault of her

Since love is out of the picture, I will like to have a kid or two with someone I can call the right "biological stock". Any female who will like to have a kid or two for me will have to be in the age bracket of 22 - 27, of comely mien, physically attractive, at least 5'10", in top physical shape and can be from any part of Nigeria. 

She will be handsomely compensated monetarily as she wont be expected to have a place in the child or my life after the fact. If you meet the description, kindly drop your details and I will contact you.

P.S: I am not gay or a ritualist, in case that thought is percolating at the back of your mind.

Kind regards

Instead of putting someone who might eventually fall in love with you through.....why not get a surrogate the way Ronaldo did?After 9 months,you just take the baby home...No need to look for a woman you cannot love....get the babies and then get a full time or live in Nanny.....

And before you go on this journey of procreating,you really need to find closure on this trauma you talked about because being a father is very challenging and can open old wounds if they are not healed..



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Make your make up last longer this period of excessive heat by ordering yours today....

Price is 2,500 per 1
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Buy gorgeous and durable ankara fabrics for personal use, wedding asoebi, traditional marriage asoebi, church or party asoebi, burial asoebi, resale, etc. We deliver within Lagos and nationwide.
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  1. Goodluck to the buyers and sellers.
    Happy new month everyone

    1. Man in trauma please how do we meet? I'm really interested in this.

    2. Thank you Stella. Kisses.

      Ich bin geht. *sideeyes*

    3. Happy new month to everyone,may good customers patronise all the sellers.

  2. Are there no normal monday to friday jobs again? Everyone wants you to work weekends and close late 😭
    I don tire

    1. Stop applying for them now. When you are ready to work let us know.

    2. Asin eh, it's just annoying...

  3. Welcome first IHN of the week and month.

  4. Don’t allow anything to break you. Things can test you as they often do. But no matter how hard you fall, get back up & start over. That’s the mark of an achiever. Giving up is not an option. No amount of pressure can stop the energy within. You’re resilient. You’re worth it!

  5. Oga, better go and adopt. It's okay if you don't want to marry, but having a woman birth kids for you and not be in their lives that's outrageous. Oh well, what do I know. Some persons would do anything for money. God forbid.


    1. You just took the words out of my mouth.... In as much as money is involve, he should expect over 100 applicants...

    2. @Slutty
      The guy is in the right market. Is there anything Naija ladies do not do for money?
      Those that shoot off their babies, are they in the babies life?
      Okwa ajuju I dey ask you o.
      Tell the dude how to solve his psychological/spiritual issue of childhood trauma
      and leave that weighty matter to occupy space inugo? 😊😊😊😊

  6. Caesar! Is that you?

  7. Fear women and fear man wey no fear women, my friend's wife introduced her casual friend to me, then she started disturbing me after hearing the gist of how great the shagging was. I have refused to shag her and she has also succeeded in destroying a 15years friendship. My padi is insisting I make up with his wife if I still want the friendship, but making up with his wife means shagging his wife. Women are evil

    1. Your padi is insisting u make up with his spouse, does he know the tenets of that make up?
      Just ignore all of them ...padi, wife, gf, just shift away from all of them.

    2. You are not telling the whole truth. A real g will let his friend know what's up. Maybe you fancy the woman and she no gree you do so you are trying to gaslight.

    3. Dude, teach ya padi how to pound the wife na.
      And do look at your back always because that girl you fornicated with who
      told how sweet is a she-devil too. A friend is like her friend.

    4. Real G codes in twenties are different from real G codes in late thirties and forties, so I should tell him so he can send d wife away and the children becomes dysfunctional. That's an advice from a baby!

      Mhiz A, I freed all of them already

    5. I think I know you...the way you write seems really familiar and the 15yrs friendship?? Interesting

    6. Plus the timeline...hmmmm

    7. the person that mentioned a yeye real G code should be slapped into he should break their marriage abi?

  8. Bro get a surrogate, the actual surrogacy is very expensive, if u can afford it, fine, but if u want to impregnate d woman the usual way, get an Indian or someone outside nigeria, just put up a plea n correct oyibo go contact u. they are very rational n would do it if the money is right without feelings, coz naija babe go leave u o, she will cause wahala in future as per she cannot leave her kids for u n go. I have a gay friend with 4 coloured kids, I'm guessing that's what he did.

    1. Guy man, follow BB's advise cos no woman go gree leave the kids. She will come back years later. BTW, the kids will be 50% her blood and Dna too.

  9. IHN right on time. Traumatized man, pls heed to stella's advice. A surrogate is just the best option for you.
    You can still be healed if you opt for healing. Wounds get healed over time. Though its hard to forget but healing is sure. God's mercy speak and work for you Amen

    1. Traumatized man, you said you have no mental issues, but you are obviously still suffering from what happened in your childhood. Have you tried getting professional help? You may not think so, but avoiding commitment in a loving relationship may not be the best for you. Don't the kids you want deserve a stable home? I wish you all the best.

    2. Traumatized man

      Deal with your issues first b4 talking about children

  10. Good Afternoon peeps

    It's a veeeeery hot afternoon here.
    May God bless our hustle

    Grateful for the gift of life

  11. Thank you very much Stella for the free advert... Make una slay Ankara ooo.. I get confirm tailor for Ibadan that ll sew correct style for you.... Have a nice day y'all

  12. Thanks Stellz....
    Abuja come and buy watch...we deliver to your doorstep pay on delivery....

    1. IHN haff landed.
      I'm trying to see if I rekindle my Sdk lamp. Since I delivered I have not been too present, I read posts later at night.

      TJ, I have not been seeing your comments. Nwa nnaa, inokwadi ya?

  13. That dude with "childhood trauma' needs to open up:

    As long as you conceal that trauma, it keeps incubating and hurting you.
    I have narrated here how I escaped rape...
    My cousin was raped as a teenager and had a baby from being raped.
    We both had that temptation not to trust any dude but we both overcame it and went ahead to get married.
    How did we overcome?
    That's a nice ajuju 😊
    1. Open up; I opened up and cried before my auntie and before the Lord Jesus. My cousin opened up to me.
    2. You need to experience the Love of Christ...that is the healing to all wounds. Begin to read the teachings of Christ. I suggest the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5 to 7)as a starting point.
    3. Above all, forgive whoever was responsible; she/they have probably forgotten whatever happened and not forgiving them is purely a disservice to yourself and none other. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I wish you a speedy healing. 😘😘😘

    1. It is good to open up. But make sure you don't just open up to anybody. The person you open up to must be mature and able to handle it, spiritually sound,wise, none judgemental and have your best interest at heart and able to keep a secret. I wish you well.

    2. Why doesn't this guy write Sdk personally or call and talk to her and get this matter off his chest?
      That is always the first step to healing.

  14. Dear bvs living in PH please tell me about bonny island and bonny camp any input will be highly appreciated thank you 👐

    1. Ashawo zones.

    2. Bonny Island
      24hrs light
      Food is a bit more expensive than Port Harcourt.
      Nice place to live in.

    3. Bonny Island
      House rent is similar to Port Harcourt.
      Budget more for food items.

  15. Am available for surrogate, I will drop details when SDK asks, I wish you joy and happiness

  16. Good afternoon bvs, happy new month everyone

  17. I worked in the financial sector for some years and what did I not experience? from your colleagues stealing your till money at the COB so you never "balanced"? to getting promoted as a marketer once every 3 years and operator once every 5 years and the increment in salary will not even be up to 100k (imagine after staying 5 years on when level before getting promoted and inflation has reduced the meager increment in salary to zilch). Having vindictive female bosses, (one was a well known jazz woman whom even the MD was/is afraid of, another who used to tell marketers to kneel down and raise up their hands during marketing meeting), women who if their husbands slap them before coming to work, they will transfer that anger on you?. See brethren, when people tell you the grass isn't greener on the other side, please dont listen to them or else you will end up like someone i used to know who has been a bulk cash counter since 1997 and is still counting other peoples money in 2020, or another who has been a DM since 2010 and his colleagues are now GM's (he doesnt belong to the right clique). Despite all the talk of no jobs out there I said "fuck it" and resigned, and please note I didnt just resign like that oh!!! I have a partner who supported me, parents who can sort me and I also had 'fuck you money' circa $30k in savings, I practically saved every dime, (salary and upfront I was ever paid while there). Today I thank God for my life, the first time the salary in my new job entered my account, I nearly cried, If i should translate what I earn now to the equivalent salary grade of my former place of work, it should be equal to that of a General Manager who if I was to wait for the 5 years before promotion thingy, I would have to add like 40 years to my present age to get there. Please and please if you are in an abusive relationship, or a caustic workplace, please dont manage and convince yourself there are no better options out there. God might have something better for you if you can only take the bold step. Forgive me if my thoughts seem jumbled and ill arranged, its just the feeling of how despondent I was and how God changed my life for the better. May God continue to bless us all.

  18. Contact that guy up there at your own risk.

    You expect a woman to birth kids for you and disappear. All because you will handsomely reward her. What happened to surrogate so that it is strictly a contract btw you 2? You must not have sex in 2020 to have kids, thank God for technology.

    You are traumatized and unable to love but you want to have sex with this person multiple times, ok o.

    Even if you pay 1 billion and I mean it literally, I cannot bring a child to the world and disappear from that child's life.

    May God fix you amen. Seek help.

  19. Hello IHN
    So much wisdom @sign out memo

  20. Those of u mouthing the damaged man, do u know the extent of his damage? Maybe he ended up not having a penis or even become gay, they will have to extract his semen internally and do a IVF on the 'lucky' woman. Mr damaged man, I know u have a lot of damages,so simply use a surrogate,ok? Hope u eventually heal.

  21. Traumatised guy you are not ready to love those children no matter who gives them to you. If something has died inside of you and ypu cannot love a woman what makes you think you will love a baby. Babies are cute but they are hard work, irrational and messy. They will end up being loved by the primary care giver who will probably be the nanny/house help and their emotional growth will be stunted like yours is. Also children may disappoint and may choose a path different to your expectations. What will happen then. You need to heal before bringing in an innocent child into your world.

  22. Maybe that traumatized guy thinks women are livestock. You want traumatize another human being or even more to satisfy your selfish desires, abi?
    Please do as Stella suggested. There are agencies in Nigeria here that specialize in surrogacy. Ask on Google or use hash tag on Instagram. This your plan no be am.

  23. Please the guy that wants children, I'm really interested. And I fall within the age range, please how do I contact you? I'm very serious. Thanks

  24. Let me rant here . For the past 3 years now, I have been failing a particular professional exams. I keep spending all my money on it. I don't have much as savings and so could not afford to buy nice stuffs like that for myself.
    I am honestly tired of these exams. I gave up a lot for it but it seems I am getting comfortable with the failures. I keep paying for exam and I get distracted not by a guy or friends but my thoughts/ mind and I don't prepare well enough for it. I think I am just lazy, I start well but I always succumb to tiredness or laziness. Always using one thing or the other as excuse and just focusing my attention on my office work at the expense of my career and life. At work ,I am hard working but studies no. I need this to progress. I am tired. Please how do I stop being lazy. I don't think I should go for that exam tomorrow. I know I am going to fail it too. I am thinking of giving myself a last chance if by certain time of this year that I write it again and not pass, then I am done with it . I am honestly tired. Tired of hiding this from my family. I don't want to be a failure.Pls don't post if I am not anonymous Stella

    1. You are not a failure my dear

      Go for your exam...try and concentrate and i believe you will make it this time

      You will be fine

    2. Having a study group may help you
      You can search for the group online and join, you won't regret it cos u go see ginger
      Lastly, think of all the money you stand to make with the qualifications, vacations etc
      Enter the hall tomorrow and try ur best, if u still fail, prepare hard for the next one and you'll make it
      All the best

    3. Thank you

  25. The lady selling those clutch purses should fear God. I bought that red one for 3500 in balogun. Why add 3k as profit? Isn't that too much?


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