Stella Dimoko Nigerian Coronavirus Patient Bites Nurse’s Face After Failed Attempt To Escape Quarantine


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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Nigerian Coronavirus Patient Bites Nurse’s Face After Failed Attempt To Escape Quarantine

A Nigerian Coronavirus patient, identified as Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick, has been arrested in China for biting a Chinese nurse, as he attempted to escape from isolation.

The 47-year-old man who has been at the hospital since March 23, after he tested positive for coronavirus is said to have beat up the nurse, after she stopped him from leaving his quarantine ward at a hospital in Guangzhou on Wednesday, April 1.

The nurse according to Daily Mail reports is said to have suffered multiple injuries to her face, neck, and waist after the attack by Okonkwonye.

The Guangzhou police said they have been investigating the incident and will “immediately carry out prosecution once the treatment is finished.


  1. This man should consider himself dead

  2. E don happen. Egungun don cross expressway

  3. From quarantine to Jail-antine
    Dude don win jackpot for chingo o

  4. Are we sure this was exactly what happened?

    What if it was in self defence against something we ain't being told?

    China is hell bent on silencing people and won't let anyone come in their way.

    I just pray they didn't try to use the young man as a lab rat.

    I don't tryst China, never did.

    God save yours and keep our people save over there.

    1. You are right. ...Maybe they tried to use something on him and he rejected it..I don't trust the Chinese a bit

    2. How many patients have they killed or have you heard hem mistreat anybody ?
      When una carry una rubbish go another land, thinking it'd the same everywhere.

    3. Na dem, na so dem be everywhere

    4. DON educate yourself. You would make informed comments if you do.

  5. The best thing na for him to just die......cause if not......Dem go still finish am last last

  6. If it's China. I bet that's not the true story.who knows if the poor guy is been used as a lab rat and he was trying to escape.

  7. Nigerians are always showing negative examples everywhere. Six of the positive patients in Osun state escaped between yesterday and this morning. You can imagine such evil, they numbers of innocent people that they would have infected. Please if you can stay at home and don't welcome anyone to your house for now. Even relatives who you don't know their movement. May God help us all.

  8. Lol... Na wa oh...


  9. Arrghhh, why bite pr attack the nurse? Is this even true? First of all the nurse has no right stopping a patient physically that will lead to a physical altercation. You call Hospital security and involve the police as this infection is highly contagious if a patient refuses quarantine and his actions will put other people in the community at risk.

    If this story is true, then uncle is going through a mental meltdown. OR its just that African macho mentality that he will beat the virus, that na just small fever, that the diagnosis is wrong and they lied, that black man no dey get am.
    ***OR he is afraid that he might be used as a Guinea pig (for experiments).

    Please wherever you are in the diaspora, obey the laws of the land! If not they will kuku deport you. Afterall you are the ones who came into their country seeking for greener pastures because your own country issa sh*t hole. Obey the laws of the land period.

  10. God is your strength

  11. There's more to this story. China i don't trust. But if it's the other way around, guy man no try fa

  12. I don't believe this shit until we hear from the man!!


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