Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Predicts Danger Ahead As Nigerians Disobey Ease Of COVID 19 Lockdown Guidelines.


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Thursday, May 07, 2020

Nigerian Govt Predicts Danger Ahead As Nigerians Disobey Ease Of COVID 19 Lockdown Guidelines.

The federal government has again expressed its displeasure, over the continued disregard of the eased lockdown guidelines by Nigerians.

Speaking at the daily briefing on Wednesday, the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, said it portends danger for the country.

President Muhammadu Buhari had on April 27, announced the phased and gradual easing of the lockdown would start from Monday, May 4 and imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew nationwide.

However, the government had said that its overall assessment of compliance with the measures, leaves a lot to be desired.

Mustapha said: “The overall assessment of compliance with the measures and outcomes of modelling we have developed, point in the direction of danger ahead. We therefore need personal discipline, increased awareness and enforcement.

“I want to reiterate the fact that our individual and collective safety is in our hands and I re-echo my call and appeal to Nigerians to demonstrate our duty to ourselves and loved ones by minimising the risk of getting infected by the virus.”
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The lockdown should not have been eased until the rate of infections are down...Italy was locked down for three months....THREE MONTHS...


  1. I have also decided to lock down my P, I don't know where my hobby got this cough from. If he doesn't wear a face mask and eyes protector, I won't allow him to make love to me..... To your tenth o Israel.

    1. It can be gotten sexually too. So even if he wears bikers helmet and Ppe clothes, uncle Coro will still find its way ๐Ÿ˜...

    2. No Suplexcity, it can't be gotten sexually

    3. I had a dream, people were dying. I reject it. But y'all pls do better. Nigeria is not ready for this

  2. 3 months kwa madam! When did the virus start again?

  3. God when will all these come to an end ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  4. What do the federal government expect before, telling individuals to remain at home for three months like the Italians without a token will really cause more harm than good. May God help us and keep us safe.

  5. The best thing will be for our government to enforce another lockdown. But this time around palliatives should be provided, send money to people's account no matter how little so people can have money to buy food.

    This time around it should be total lockdown of the whole country and security operatives esp soldiers should be put everywhere to ensure people comply with the lockdown.

    1. If they wanted to send money to her citizens, they would have done that since but their greedy selves won't allow it

    2. The same security operatives that will end up collecting bribe?

  6. So help us God.I am really sad right now

  7. Oo Isreal to your tent say our govt, God help us stay safe everyone.

  8. Mad ... If they did the needful just like their counterparts, will Nigerians have any reason to disobey? People are hungry and have been long before the lockdown.

  9. Locking everyone down for 3months in Nigeria will raise the death toll.

    Hunger is too much in our land right now.

    God have mercy

  10. Honestly, this is the first time I'm seeing a government implement "phased and gradual easing of restrictions" when COVID-19 cases are rising.
    It's like sighting a rampaging enemy armies approaching your city, and then opening your gate to fend them off. And then you expect result. Wow is wawu!!!
    The government was quick to abdicate its obligations "Take Responsibility", because it's an irresponsible government, that's why they yielded without struggle to the pressures mounted by citizens to reopen the economy.
    Buhari administration, give Nigerians cash palliatives, not the 20k audio cash handed to VERY FEW individuals.

  11. Stella, bitte.
    I am sorry for this long rant o.

    This govt eased this because they know the danger of locking down without palliative.
    It wasn’t even 3 weeks into the lockdown and crime rate increased, beggars in all corners.
    In Europe it was all cushioned for residents that have no income, there was relief packages if needed.
    please who knows any family in Nigeria that received package enough to fend for one week talk less of 3 months.
    Most countries are rioting to ease the lockdown.
    And these are countries that have seen more cases than Nigeria, yet they want the lockdown to end, are they stupid to decide they do not want to die by hunger or become bankrupt even when they see the number of deaths from Covid 19 increasing?
    After this Covid19 is something worse, a Great Recession, how many Nigerians can go through that?
    With or without lockdown this is going to spread.
    In Germany, Merkel said it would affect more than 70% of the people, if not everyone.
    Most European countries believe so too.

    Even in Germany and Netherlands ( I know of this) it got to a point where people were advised not to go to hospitals and they should treat flu first like any common flu, until case got severe then they could call for ambulance, that was actually when we started seeing the numbers decrease in Europe,if you live in Europe you know this.
    The first outbreak, people panicked, they were prescribed the wrong medication; most people were only given pain killers for the pains instead of giving them medicine for flu which in most cases treated the flu,fever and pains together. ( I know someone in Germany who was given Paracetamol till he landed in ICU)
    When people noticed this and tips were given by their GP ( Hausarzt) to start self medication instead of coming to the clinics or hospitals, that was when the numbers of cases started reducing in Europe.
    Please anyone living in Europe should correct me if I am wrong.
    Grippostad C, was at a time sold out in most Apotheke.

    Workers in the frontline are/were affected more.
    People with pre existing illness are/ were being hit hard especially diabetes,HBP, Bronchitis patients and illness that affected the heart, lungs and immune system, these people should even be more cautious.

    We as individuals shouldn’t wait for the govt to enforce or teach us , We should practice and teach others around us how to keep 1.5m distance from each other, wear face mask outdoor.
    We should educate ourselves and others on how to build our immune system with food or pills and take food rich in Zinc or pills.
    First treat flu, fever, malaria as you normally would unless you have sore throat and dry persistent cough and other Covid19 symptoms then you should contact NCDC.
    I am even sure most people don’t know the symptoms.
    Teach yourselves how to disinfect before going indoors too.

    Abeg I no fit shout, I imposed lockdown on myself.

    1. Thank you.I have I learnt alot from your write up.

    2. Mehn! This beautiful write up shows we have a longggg way to go. ๐Ÿ˜”

  12. Stella,stop comparing us with Italy..
    Their government was paying them while they sat at home but here,the case is different!!...
    Abeg abeg abeg!

    1. So since they didn’t pay us, we should all just die sooner abi? All die na die abi?

  13. Nonsense talk about comparing Nigerian with Italy.Even if Italy decides to lockdown for months,they have a responsible government that understands their plights and would always strive to help cushion the pains they go through;besides,Italy has a working system in place:water,light and everything to help keep one safe at home.Do we have such measures here?Nonsense !

  14. 3 Gini?
    Bia Aunty Stella no dey talk like that again na,is it until government start carrying out corpses from peoples home who died of hunger that they will ease lockdown? Tell us how many people did you confirm received palliative cash,food or ppe(facemask,soap, tap,sanitizer, etc) from government? See eh, let people go & do their business. Either way who go die go die. Let people try their best to take precautions, let ppe be made available.
    Me if I go market I dey wash everything for the tap wey dey inside compound,with soap before carrying them indoors. I remove my cloth and hang in the sun if it is not the type that can be put inside hypo straight... in my house if you are coming from outside you have no business touching door handle if you haven't washed your hand.


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