Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Covid-19 Cases Soars To 10,162


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Monday, June 01, 2020

Nigeria's Covid-19 Cases Soars To 10,162

The update is regular and we are grateful but the figures are not moving in some states..........why?..

So Abia has ten cases since almost ta month and none has recovered or passed......?


  1. Covid-19is real, but I am so not understanding what is going on in this country with the figures we are given daily. It is well

  2. Stella, I am glad you have started asking questions this last week.
    Watch out for the attack dogs comments, they will attack anonymously, they will come for you.
    Most bloggers/ Journalists/ Publishers are afraid to ask these questions on everybody’s lips.

    Coronavirus is real, the fatality rate isn’t as grave as projected in Nigeria, so why did the govt destroy what is left of our crumbling economy?
    Employees are being sacked in thousands.
    All because of their selfish interest.
    I don’t know anyone infected with Covid19 but I know people who have lost their jobs recently because of Covid19. The virus didn’t affect them or anyone they know but it destroyed their means of livelihood.

    Please, the question I need to ask is if all deaths (from illnesses) recorded in Nigeria are now only Covid19 deaths?

    1. So you made this assumption from your bench abi..You seem like someone that likes hiding at the back to talk and condemn people. People lost jobs, unless you want them to die also?

  3. This is bad ooo
    God help Nigerians

  4. Abia governor is not ready to give NDCD one penny that is why some States cases are not increasing.

    We should just learn to manage this shit and forget about the lockdown. You can imagine a supermarket around my area had over 100 persons at a blow all of them inside the supermarket at the same time but was selling fackmask to make money.

    How will this country get better when everything is business. Mtchewwww

    1. Let me just laugh and pass @that your first comment. Penny Ni penny Nko. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😪

      Corona virus is real in Abia state oh.

    2. Not surprised, Abia state produces the worst governors on earth, tueh😤😱😫


  5. I don't know what to believe anymore
    Lord have mercy on us

  6. May God have mercy on us!!!

  7. I will rather focus on the numbers stating active cases. As at this morning active cases were 6,886. It's less scary that way. May God help us.

  8. The numbers are a total of cases witnessed in the states. Abia has ten in total. Out of the ten, some have been discharged. It's like the total in Nigeria. Out of the 10k plus, 3k have recovered. But number remains 10k cases


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