Stella Dimoko Repentant Boko Haram Members Swear Oath Of Allegiance To Nigeria


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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Repentant Boko Haram Members Swear Oath Of Allegiance To Nigeria

602 repentant Boko Haram members, on Monday, denounced their membership of the terrorist group and swore an oath of allegiance to Nigeria.

The ex-insurgents swore the oath of allegiance at the Mallam Sidi Camp in Kwami Local Government Area of Gombe State, after completing a de-radicalization, rehabilitation, and reintegration program.


  1. I swear our Govt is mad, they will now release these people into our country and they will now be killing us again.😳😳😳

  2. While some innocent souls like Chima had been long killed by the Nigerian police for a crime he didn't commit? ?
    While some innocent souls are languishing in prison for crimes they know nothing about??
    How many Nigerian women are now widowed because their husband's were killed by these same people?? How many families lost their son, brother, father because they were serving their country fighting terroris??
    What about some parts of the Northerners that has been on the receiving end of these people and their terror??
    Anyway, this is Nigeria and everything goes. I hope the likes of Magu, Hush, Ivan's and Co will swear an oath too for their freedom. Naijaggo better tomorrow.

    1. Oh dear, this country of mine keeps disappointing us!


      Biko eeeh, when will we ever get it right?????

    2. My sister aren't you seeing it, the signs are boldly there for us to see. We are never getting it right!!

  3. Kai. See the fine place they put them.

    Buhari is finally settling them for a job well done.

  4. Imagine!! So they are going back into the society???
    People that kill and destroy lives and properties.

  5. This is how they keep integrating these terrorists into the society thereby endangering people's lives. I have never seen or heard of a very unserious country like Nigeria. God bless protect your children.

  6. What the Hell?
    Which way Nigeria.. Which way to go..
    They didn't even serve jail term for being terrorists..

  7. These ones will be the next recruited sars and police officers and yet we wonder why our police force and sars kill and extort innocent citizens without remorse😫

    If terrorist are made to repent and swear oath of allegiance then all past sins are forgiven, what then stops others from joining terrorist sect or old terrorist from stopping their killings when they know in the end, the same sweet faith awaits them and all will be forgiven?

    God save this country of ours🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. After they have wasted so many lives. I thought we have law against murderers abi is there own killing different?.

    God na your hand we dey.

  9. Next step, draft them into the NPF and military

  10. So heartbreaking...I hope our soldiers are seeing this,pls and pls dnt go and die fighting Boko Haram, u can find a way to avoid or escape going there to die.

  11. mctewwwwwwww
    Thats why Chad Presido gave him a hard knock the other time
    How dare you integrate murderers of your countrymen
    If una like make una vote APC again

    oap ada

  12. What about the atrocities they ve committed???

  13. So which country did they have allegiance to before?
    Pure deceit. 😏😏😏😏😏

  14. we are so funny on thos we country

  15. mallam sidi NYSC camp. I camped here in 2013. I have come a very long way from then . I m 6000 miles away now.

  16. These guys committed treason and may have deserved the pardon but how about others who never committed a crime and languishing in prison? You can pardon them but dont reintegrate them into the society as they still pose a danger.

  17. Buhari pls do the same to murderers, rapist, kidnappers, money launderers, and all criminals, since mass murderers aka bH terrorists can get this.

  18. Senate wants life imprisonment for kidnappers, but buhari gives 'repentant' boko haram members a free chance!

  19. See Their Evil Self They Dnt Look Healhty... Let me not worry Myself Because death is Already Locking at the door steps..

  20. Senseless General Buhari, what a pity.

  21. Where is it stated in any law book, that when a person commits a crime, they can apologise and be set free. This ones didn't just commit murder, it was like a genocide. Okay so they are sorry, but what does the law say concerning their act? Even if a person commits murder and the victims family forgives you, you're still going to face the law. So if Evans publicly apologises too, he will be freed? This is totally making a mockery of our military efforts and a slap on the faces of victims and their families...people who butchered children and pregnant women in broad daylight. What a joke!


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