Stella Dimoko Actor IK Ogbonna's EX Wife Sonia Advices Women To Have Their Own Money So They Can Be Free From Restrictions In A Relationship..


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Monday, December 21, 2020

Actor IK Ogbonna's EX Wife Sonia Advices Women To Have Their Own Money So They Can Be Free From Restrictions In A Relationship..

Hmmmmmm.......IK Ogbonnas ex wife Sonia always make subtle references to him in all her WTF!!

This is an instagram Interview with her followers....

Q- can you forgive daddy Ace because of our Prince charming

I really dont know how you people reason this things, but I feel the most important thing for a child is to grow into a mentally stable adult and to have a peaceful home and environment and to grow.

The most important thing is peace and harmony with love, if you can achieve it with your partner, children will grow with such kind of energy and it's perfect. When things are not healthy and kids are getting traumatized everyday because there's so much tension in the air as they have to see and hear several things. Trust me it's better for people to go their separate ways.

I think another thing that is very important for every child in the world is to see their parents happy so if you are with someone and you ain't happy, children will feel it.

Secondly that's how I know so many people staying in a very toxic relationships and abusive marriages because they were told it's the best for their children. I'm like "how" you are traumatizing children and you said it's the best.

The best thing you can do for your child is to be happy, do everything in your power to preserve your peace of mind and happiness. Because they observe it from you so you have to keep it.

Q - What a guy has to do for you to give him a chance?.

Actions, efforts, thoughtfulness and generosity. I don't like to talk too much. I don't have time. I don't chitchat with guys I don't go out on dates. For me to get entrusted you have to sweep me off my feet. You have to blow my mind.
Some many people wants to have my time, talk to me but I don't have that time.

Q- What's your best money advice for single ladies?

Single or married it doesn't matter a woman must have her own money because your money gives you freedom. Money gives you option, it puts you out of forceful control and restrictions.





  1. Replies
    1. This one should move on. You got the fame thru him and left becos no money. When ever they wanna preach they will start with Instagram questionnaires.

    2. I wonder how her village be sex... Let alone her country? Had it been this chic is from US/UK....heeeeeeeee nti g'echi onye obula.

  2. I agree with her. Work for your own money, so as not to depend on anyone.

    1. And that is why an insecure man on a mission to financially cripple you will insist you resign and have no other recourse financially except to him

      He will "borrow" you down to penury and empty you of your financial power & strength

  3. I don't know any character of this lady that will make me take her advice. Can someone tell me one good character because I don't imitate people I don't know their characters.

    1. Must you imitate her character? Stop misyarning.

    2. You're disgustingly narrow-minded. Tueh

  4. What she said is pure truth nau..and please where is the shade??

  5. Stella I follow you do hmmmm...

    That means all was not well between them despite all their lovey dovey, PDA.

  6. She's right though.

    Ik is busy clapping and dancing to #culturalpraise by Kc_Limpopo, e no send.

    1. E no send at allll
      And that makes me believe he’s in a better place.

    2. A friend sent me the link to culturalpraise on YouTube.
      I totally loved it.

  7. She is so right. Your own will make you skip a lot of bullshit.

  8. She is very very very very right. And it doesnt look like shade to anyone asides doormats that think man and what he has to offer is the ultimate goal in life. Deadbeat women are everywhere and marriage is their retirement plan. At least they get free rent and child and societal support and respect while they die sad and unhappy.

    1. Eya. Na your bitterness go kill you. If you end up with a guy taking all your money on top say you want form ms. independent, it's you that will die sad and unhappy o. Have your own money but don't see it as something to mock women who have husbands that take care of them. Because I'm sure deep down you wish you had a man that can tell you "don't worry hon stay home and do business while I work that tedious 9 to 5" Deep down you wish you had a man that works so you don't have 2 cents

  9. I didn't see any shade against her ex. Abi is it just me? She only said the truth naw

  10. She's still in Nigeria?!
    How is she surviving? What job does she do?

  11. She effed up her face.

    Being free to do your thing is a blessing. But it should never be used to lord over anyone.

  12. Her face looks.... not good, the eye lashes a just too much, everything screams fake.
    Her chin is like a spear,like it could stab her if she drops it lower than that.


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