Stella Dimoko Islamic Scholar Sheikh Gumi Says Use Of Kinetic Force Responsible For Insecurity In The North..


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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Islamic Scholar Sheikh Gumi Says Use Of Kinetic Force Responsible For Insecurity In The North..

Controversial Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, on Wednesday suggested ways the Federal Government can resolve the challenge of banditry in the North.

Gumi said the Federal Government should adopt the non-kinetic approach in tackling banditry and insecurity in the Northern part of the country.

In an exclusive interview with Dailypost, the cleric explained that the use of kinetic force was responsible for the current insecurity issue in the North.

He stressed that bandits feel, “everybody is against them,” hence they are vicious and aggressively fighting for survival.

According to Gumi: “Honestly speaking, there has to be a synergy of armed forces acting towards tackling insecurity. They should adopt the non-kinetic approach which should be about 80 percent because these people are ordinary Nigerians.

“Government should meet and dialogue with them because they are ready to listen. If the Government can apply the non-kinetic approach, it would have taken care of about 90 percent of the problem. So the 10 percent is where the kinetic comes into play.

“The use of kinetic force is what led to what we are having now. They think it’s an ethnic cleansing where everybody is against them, and they are fighting for survival, very vicious and aggressive.”

*This man just woke up one day and became a voice of the bandits to the government and nobody sees anything wrong with this? He went into the forest and came back like he visited home...Hmmmmm!!!


  1. This wind you men are sowing, be ready to reap whirlwind when it's time.

  2. Lolzz today's episode of Physics 101: Kinetic and Potential Energy..Thank you Sheik Gumi for this class..So you are now the defacto National Security Adviser abi..Stella please don't worry your pretty head..This is the hallmark of Buhari's government where a certain people will make careless statements igniting the polity and nothing will be done..Miyetti Allah, Association of Foodstuff sellers holding the country to ransome; Now Sheik Gumi and many more will come up...But criticize them for doing wrong...DSS will come at your door..Balala Nonsense

  3. Let them continue. Shebi they are reaping more blood in the north

  4. They should use Potential force maybe, nonsense.
    Just yesterday in Zamfara state, 10 people were killed.
    Blood shed every single day, una no dey tire to drink blood?

  5. How this man is still a free man baffles me. If it was someone from other ethnic groups that has been vomiting about 5% of what this man has been vomiting, we would have called for his/her heard. The presidency just lock up concerning him; no wonder the saying, life no balance!

  6. As long as God's people still exist in Nigeria, every evil against this nation will receive judgment. He who kills by the sword will go same way. Rubbish!

  7. I'm still surprised that with all the security apparatus that we have in this country ,none can pick this man up!
    When Saudi Arabia arrested this man for supporting adbulmutalab the bomber,the Nigerian government is playing with fire with this man.

  8. Whatever any man sow. He will definitely reap. Make una no worry. Internet no dey forget.

  9. This man is still talking when he should be behind bars confessing


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