Stella Dimoko OAP Daddy Freeze Responds To Trending Court Judgement Of Adultery Fine Imposed On Him By Judge.


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Sunday, March 07, 2021

OAP Daddy Freeze Responds To Trending Court Judgement Of Adultery Fine Imposed On Him By Judge.

This is a response to the trending court Judgement against him...

''Hi guys I'm Daddy Freeze, convener of the free sheepie movement, and Leader of free nation in Christ. I greet you and I bring glad tidings.

Yes we are here to address all the allegations and rumours.
Many of you would have been surprised as I was to wake up one morning to see a judgement from one Rivers State high court. Well I was never served so that judgement was obtained in my absence. So what do we do now? We go straight to the appeal court. 

lot of people are unaware that a judgement isn't final until it gets to a supreme Court. So first is the appeal court but I'm very confident in the judicial system and I do believe I will receive a fair judgement so be rest assured.

However it is unfortunate that I cannot comment on any of the issues raised in this judgement as it is before the court of appeal. Be patient as I do not want a prejudicial system.

Not withstanding there are other issues I could comment on like my own divorce case in Lagos that Is creeping especially on Facebook.

This statement is false because my marriage didn't break down as a result of adultery or whatever she's claiming. My marriage to Opeyemi broke down as a result of domestic Violence and I have court papers to prove this.

According to a portion of the judgement that is available for everyone to see

About that Paul whose name was in my court now his name is all over the media, he entered the court during my case against my first wife Opeyemi and the trial was held at Lagos high court Igboshere.

However my competent legal team cross examined him and he was discontinued
If what he said made sense why was he discontinued....but it is what it is like a movie to me season 1 episode 2 let the movies begin and let the entertainment rebust*

I also want to address my haters and adversaries because I scattered food they are supposed to be eating from their congregation.. una no go vex.


  1. This is all so messy and complicated
    Daddy freezer are you saying opeyemi was beating you.🤔🤔🤔

    And it is all Madam Koo associates that has issues from Freeze to femi.
    She is even doing the most only God knows what precious did to her.

    1. Women are also perpetrators of domestic violence. So, what is surprising?

    2. Be asking nonsense questions there like you don't know many women are also violent to, trying to shame him for it.. if he had hit are back and injured her now, you and your kinds would still come here and be shouting- "there's no excuse to hit a woman"..

    3. Domestic violence is not gender peculiar.
      Any gender can be the perpetrator.

    4. @Tiaraoluwanimi
      This is the definition of domestic violence (DV) is violent or aggressive behaviour within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.

      Not necessarily your argument though.

    5. I know Ifedayo and Opeyemi very well and yes there was a massive domestic violence situation between both of them .

  2. Lol!
    Daddy Freezer, thou art mouthed.
    But I still got huge love for you.
    Just like you so rightly said, it is not over, until it is over.

  3. Lmaoo.agbayas.
    People never learn.
    Dead beat dads everywhere.

  4. Awww, Daddy Freez nwoke oma! Don't worry, you will win the case and shame all of them like you've always don. By the way, that window blind of yours is so fine. Man is too intelligent (my opinion and observations)

  5. Longest biggest hisssss.


  6. The men of god will use this your matter to preach today's gospel however Nigerians must be free from criminals separating families parading themselves as preachers of the gospel with devilish lies because of material things.

    By the grace of God one day I'll share a particular event with SDK

    The most Complex B

    1. Kaị, things are really happening.
      Please do send the gist in the gist dear Most Complex B.

  7. Using Puffing is not easy it's making it difficult for me to make corrections

    The most Complex B

  8. Did he say he heard judgement from "one Rivers State Judge"? As in ONE? OK o.

    Wishing you luck at the appeals through to the Supreme Court.
    One issue is binding, you had a child with Benedicta while she was still married to the husband.
    Freeze, that will be a hard but to crack.

    Stay away from people's wives.
    Do not be like the name you are called. Adina ka afa akpólíí.

    1. If separated and divorce case is in court, he committed no crime. People will have to move on after some time. Boris, Uk prime minister and his girlfriend started living together and had a child while the case was still in court. When the wife thought she could use delay to frustrate his life of moving on.

  9. What a strong man to come out of habitual domestic abuse stronger and bolder, I would never have guessed such a man had been a victim of domestic violence. Such a shame in Nigeria such things are overlooked.

    1. Welcome Ifedayo Baby Freeze

  10. Daddy Freeze

    How about your kids from your first wife?

    For some ignorant folks,
    In a case of divorce, the petitioner can allege anything, it doesn't make it true. The respondent can crosspetition too.

    He alleged domestic violence, it could even be him beating the wife but since he filed, he needs grounds for divorce so some will allege adultery, domestic violence e,t,c


  11. I jus remember a part of one traditional song, wey we dey sing for Ahaba that time.

    🎼 "Onu nwunye mmadu ifele emeee, ifele emeeeooo, ifele emee, oyon-yo nwe'llia gaba" 🎼🎼

    Great week everyone.

  12. Stella is a rare journalist. Regardless of friendships and associations, she always reports objectively! Kudos, dear!!

  13. Live pastors alone you won't hear,look freeze or freezer, when the pastors ordain by God kabash for your head dey nor dey telli person

  14. Daddy freeze is so perfect and everyone else is wrong. Continue oo Preacher of the gospel.

    By the way who called you?
    And who ordained you?

  15. This man is just talking round and round without saying anything of substance, just to bamboozle you people.

    1. precious that is doing that what did you people say to her to stop talking about her plans and here you want freeze to come and tell you his like you care. there is no pleasing human beings o just do you.

    2. His sheep will fall for it. Tueh


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