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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




Thank you madam Stella for this platform ,

Please i need advice from BVs , please BVs pardon me for any error.

January 25 2005, my mom gave birth to our last born. we were all based in port Harcourt by then, and my dad was also working there also, by February my dad was transferred to Bayelsa State and the whole family relocated with him. That was around April.

I woke up early on the morning of May 6th of 2005. all my body especially the left side of my body was so heavy, I disclosed it to my mom after morning devotion and she said ok, that after doing my morning chore she will take me to a massaging home.

My dad, mom and brother where outside the compound discussing with other , i brought out the first set of plates to wash , my dad asked me a question, as i was about answering him, saliva started coming out of the mouth, my mouth bent to the left side .My brother started laughing at me and at that very moment I didn't know what was happening until I went inside to bring the second set of plates.

I found out I couldnt wear my slippers very well again , that was the moment my mom noticed something was wrong. she called me by name , i was unable to answer...

As a family we have prayed, fasted from one church program to another but no result . I was also taken to the hospital . The oil company there brings doctors from their country to attend to the occupants of that community, so one of them gave me injection , only five dozen and since then I have never taken any injection .


Since that very day, May 6th 2005, my left hand and left leg are totally paralyzed , i cant open my hand very well or be able to straighten it, even my left leg. I drag it while walking. you know how you drag your leg when one leg of the slippers cut , that is how i drag my left leg while walking.
Both my hands and legs are not paining me. I can do anything, apart from carrying heavy things.

I am so ashamed of my body. I cant even look at myself in the mirror, I don't make friends , because most of them are ashamed to walk with me . Some of them will walk very fast when we are walking together ,and that makes me always walk alone.

There are some things I can do on my own, but am not allowed to do it. Everybody feels pity for me. Even during the ASUU strike I applied for some jobs, I was never called upon. By September I will be done with my Bsc, I don't know if that is how it is going to be.

The way people look at me when i walk pass them , some people will be like , ''wetin do your hand'' or ''why you waka like that your slippers cut?'' . I cant even walk plenty, because I am so scared of their eyes. Sometimes I have to go back and look for another road, or I go back and run pass them .

This sickness which I don't know the name of is killing me slowly,
i don't have confidence in myself again, because i can t even look at myself in the mirror... there is nothing like self love for me, I don't know whether it is physical or spiritual.

I just want to know if there is anything I can do ? or is there any hospital i can go
Its 16 years already. I don't want to continue like this again .

Hmmmm my dear I think you suffered a stroke.. A silent one!
Sometimes young people who suffer this get better after some months and can regain the use of their hands and legs after undergoing some kind of therapy.
16 Years is a long time my dear........

Don't mind the people looking at you or laughing at you or asking questions... Build your self confidence.

Most companies don't want physically challenged people working for them so try to look for Jobs you can do online or look for some kind of business you can do that will earn you some money.
Grow a tough skin OK?


  1. My advise is that you stand up and try to find other paths .. like starting your own thing or going into online business.. and also u need serious prayers because I sense that you're weak spiritually..

    1. Everything no be spirituality.
      Poster you had a stroke FULLSTOP and life goes on after a stroke, thank your stars you have not had a repeat.
      Enrol for physiotherapy if you can afford it, even though it has been 16 years now.
      Get a walking stick if it will help you walk faster.
      Stop the pity party already, if you need help say it with your full chest.
      Some government work have quota for disabled people, you can apply for those or better still find online work.
      Join stroke support groups or paralysed people's group.
      I wont say stop spending your money on "pastors, spiritualist and churches" because it is your money not mine.
      Sometimes take this "strange" illness as your cross and carry it graciously.
      May God be with you.

    2. I think you should see a physiotherapist. That should have been the 1st option. In all i wish you divine healing.

    3. There is nothing God can't do.
      May God's healing hand fall on you, Amen.

    4. Differentials : stroke in the young, * history of sickelcell or lupus?
      Mulitple sclerosis/ NMO

  2. May God perfect his healings upon ur life ijn

    1. My dear you suffered a mini stroke and your parents were so ignorant they dint know taking you to the hospital would have solved alot.

      I think there are drugs you should be taking.

      Please let me educate a few people, the moment someone complains about the left side of their bodies please rush them to the hospital.
      You may not notice this immediately but the first thing you do is;
      Ask them to stick their tongues out
      Ask the to smile
      Ask them to move thier fingers
      And listen to their speech, if they can't do any of this properly take them to the hospital

      Stroke can happen to anyone at any age.

    2. Please join NSPPD prayers every morning by 7am Nigerian time, people have gotten healed of this same thing on that platform

  3. Chaiyaaa, it's a stroke. These days young ppl die from heart related diseases and it's so sad cos just checking ur BP daily would have warned u. I was having some minor constant head ache and my brother used his BP monitor to check mine, gosh it was so high that I could have just dropped dead at anytime, quite scary, the medication helped bring it to normal. Thank God.
    I think massage helps, go to a specialist. I hope it goes well for you.

  4. Poster sorry about what you are going through, ignore those laughing and looking at you and try to build your self confidence just as Stella has said.

    Is not easy but you will over come it someday. You can still visit the hospital to find our of there is anything they can do for you to get better.

    Wishing you all the very best.

  5. Eyah!You obviously suffered a stroke that's total and i pray that you get a solution to your problem soonest cos it ain't easy

  6. When certain things happen to me that I have no control over, I tell myself "it happened for a reason". Then, I look towards the other good things going on for me; I focus my energy, sleeping and waking moments on that specific thing that makes me unique; I develop it and benefit from it.

    In essence, try to make things work for you. With the help of God and loved ones around you, you'll be fine. Keep Hope Alive. You are Loved and you'll be fine.

  7. That's stroke, it doesn't affect the old alone anymore. If you'd received immediately medical attention, you would have gotten better. I survived one at age 26, so I know what I'm talking about.
    I wish we could be friends, I wouldn't be ashamed to walk with you. Just keep a positive mindset... look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you're, think of all the good things about you and focus on them. Also concentrate on what you want in life and speak them into existence... This works! Mirackes still happen and you aren't an exemption. Ill be praying for you πŸ’•

  8. Oh God please heal her. Amen.

    1. Amarachi With C7 April 2021 at 22:59

      Amen! Build yourself academically, and apply for government work. Believe in yourself, start a blog to talk about disabled people in Nigeria. Become a voice for them, and see yourself aligning with that same level you wanted before. Don't see in pity stage cause of this incident. To me, everything that happens under the Sun, is for a reason.Freason.Find a purpose in this condition and make use of it. Go fo your Msc, then PHD, and become a star from the scratch. A man's condition does not determine the state of his mind nor future. I love you, and wish you success in your future endeavors. God loves you the most

  9. I read this with tears coursing down my eyes. But I know that the God we serve will turn your situation around for good. It will be unto you for a testimony. This situation will cause something good to happen to you.

    I am not a medical personnel but have you tried physiotherapy? Try it. Keep trying any medical suggestions given to you. Like Stella said, develop a very thick skin. Even those that don't have health challenges, have one thing or the other people talk about: not being married, not having children, joblessness, body shaming etc. So when they talk just remember this and don't reply them.

  10. Poster try and go for physiotherapy. Though it's been long they might be able to help you.

  11. Is that 5 dozen a mistake or you mean you got injected 60x??

    Hun, you need physical therapy because those stiff muscles need to be loosened. I’m surprised nobody has suggested it to you cos you would have been all better a long time ago. Don’t feel dejected, pray without ceasing and go get you a physical therapist. πŸ’›

  12. You either had any of the following;
    1. Stroke
    2. Cerebral malaria
    3. Brain embolism from an overlooked trauma
    4. Jazz (our personal favorite)
    If you can, go for a CT brain scan or MRI

    1. Thank u anon. Could be one of the above and he needs thorough medical investigation.

    2. You are so right with what you listed up there.
      Posted please go for a CT scan

    3. From her description, it’s most likely stroke.

  13. This is SPIRITUAL my dear......God will perfect your healing.
    Meanwhile you need to join the NSPPD fire prayers, WHAT GOD CANNOT DO,DOES NOT EXIST

    1. I know what God cannot do does not exist but this might not be spiritual. It can be medical too and signs would have been there. He or she just didn't notice on time. Or didn't take it personal.

    2. Please stop already. I keep seeing join NSPPD fire prayers every time. FYI, I believe in God and in miracles but you need to know when to draw the line. Everything isn't spiritual and everything isn't Chruch and online "fire and water" prayers. God created science and doctors for a reason. They're not ceremonial figurines.
      I'm so sorry poster. Almost nothing moves me but I was so close to shedding tears. You're a beautiful. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself you're beautiful. Positive affirmations. You need a physiotherapist darling. I don't know if you reside in Lagos love. My brother is a physiotherapist and he can help you.
      Be bold, ignore naysayers, laugh and be happy. Love and light darling.

    3. It also sounds spiritual to me, probably someone that was jealous of the dad's achievements. Let her keep praying and physiotherapy is physical procedure that can help. You write well, as Stella said, seek jobs that don't require your physical presence, I believe you also speak well, you sound like you have a supportive family. Focus on the good in your life and keep pushing.

    4. Cassie you could state your opinion without talking down on other blog visitors'.

      They suggested what they have tested and proven. Feel free to suggest yours.
      It's left for the Poster to pick what advice best suits her.

      I am a Medical Scientist and also a believer in Christ.
      The same God that gave us knowledge of medical science and technology to cure the sick also steps in with miracles when needed.
      Shalom ✌️


  14. My sister woke up one morning and began to talk nonsense, hear voices
    and see figures.
    Of course doctors made a diagnosis; schizophrenia. She was treated and
    discharged. The days she came back, she tore her clothes and was going to
    make it to the streets. One of us caught her and we got her restrained. This was
    someone who was about to get married o.
    Everybody in the family began to fast. The least anyone did was 6-6pm daily with
    night vigils. We prayed all manner of prayers, calling on Jesus to fight for us.
    After about 6 weeks, she as well and sound. She just got up on a sunny morning and
    was wondering why she was restrained. She has been well for more than ten years.
    Got married and has got her kids.
    Whenever people say, I've fasted, I always ask how long?
    Fast and pray daily until you are well. Anyone who loves you
    should join you. Many times, we give up too quickly. This life is spiritual.

    1. Maybe hers is bipolar.
      Sometimes there are triggers.
      May her remission be permanent.

    2. 15:42 YOU ARE SO RIGHT!πŸ‘Œ

      Pray until the Word of God PREVAILS over your circumstances. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    3. @16:29
      So you know more than the doctors that called it schizophrenia?
      You are just trying to find a reason not to believe in miracles
      that Jesus does, right?

  15. African parents with chores, a child complained of something like that your instinct didn't tell you stroke is by the conner, you still asked the child to finish her chores. If she was taken to the hospital immediately she complained just maybe it wouldn't have gotten this bad. Parents should be very attentive to their children, listen to what they are not saying and above all be their friend so they can open up to you at all times.

    1. My thoughts too. I’m really surprised at how her parents responded to this whole issue. Even illiterates in the village know signs of a stroke and they will take you to traditional massagers.

      Poster you had a stroke, it doesn’t only happen to old people. You didn’t say what the doctor told you was the problem, asides from giving you injections. Injection might have been useful on the day of the stroke, but years after, I don’t know what injections would do for you except perhaps prevent you from having another stroke(???)

      You need intensive Physiotherapy, and prayers that the physiotherapy works and helps you regain some function.

      I’m sorry that this is something you have to go through at such a young age. But please don’t let it keep you down. It doesn’t make you less than. You can still have a job, a family, a good life. I saw this picture of a lady who has one hand on Bella naija weddings and it was such a beautiful inspiration. We see people who have lost limbs doing big things. You can live a good life. Just take care of yourself, keep your spirits high. Find support groups for young people with stroke.

      I hope that your BSc is something that can let you work an office/desk job, not a job that requires moderate to intense labor.
      If your family can afford it, I think you might find an easier life abroad. Employers are more sensitive to people with disabilities and they don’t discriminate. Also people in general are more enlightened about disabilities.

  16. I am so sorry poster for what u are going through. I am so sorry.

  17. That was mild stroke and when it happened to you. Your brother was laughing not knowing the implication of what happened to you. You need to be very prayerful and go for therapy to help you on your healing process.

    Be bold, ignore the nay sayers and keep trusting for your major healing.

  18. But why do some parents have nonchalant attitude. So because it’s not either of them, they didn’t see the need to take it serious. Your Mum sef na wa, telling you to do your chores first, if it were her, would she ignore the heaviness. So sorry for what you have been going through. If the funds are available, try and visit a REAL & HONEST specialist. Hopefully, there would be solution. Sorry 😞.

    1. Ignorance obviously made the parents act that way. They didn't know any better.

  19. Not everything is spiritual. People of all ages and Even new born babies have strokes. I think u need to see some good doctors including psychologists ( u are getting depressed) and also start Physio. Ur parents should be more serious with ur health I beg. Good luck dear

  20. You see they will tell you to ignore those laughing at you. But when you encounter them, they'll do same. That's humans. They have their stereotypes of who deserves good treatment! So worry about what who created even those humans think of you & carve your life around that.

    You have a big destiny. Devil tryna derail you.

    Nigerian parents and manual Labour. You complained of such and instead of attending to you, they asked you to wash plates.

    It is well.

    What and what options have you tried towards healing? Ndi ocha may have something.

    Don't accept it's over. Keep researching.

    And use now they are avoiding you to conquer grounds for yourself

    A LOT can be achieved in isolation. Write a book. Make friends online!

    All will be well

  21. I'm so sorry for what you're going through my dear. Your earlier experiences before the paralysis is called Transient ischemic attack which if was taken seriously would have averted your present situation.

    I would advice you visit a teaching or general hospital and see a Vascular neurologist. Please cheer yourself up and let no one or situation steal your joy and confidence, they are the power you've got. Above all, be fervent in your prayer, I haven't seen any situation God can't heal. Create a relationship with him then leave your troubles for him, you'll be surprised how you'll have a complete turnaround.

  22. That was partial stroke.
    It wasnt treated on time, that's the reason you are going through this.
    So sorry about that.
    Build up your confidence level.
    Go to a CT scan and follow the Doctors advice.
    You will need physiotherapy classes too.
    Above all, start looking for what you can do with your gift, talent or skill. It's a know fact that a large percentage of people will not employ someone that is physically challenged especially one that is not popular.
    Be prepared and do not allow the disappointment you get shock you.

  23. Poster you suffered a stroke. What I don't understand is why there weren't any sign before the unfortunate occurred and how doctors couldn't diagnise during treatment.
    Anyway what has happened has happened, like you said it could be ordinary or spiritual. But whatever it is be determined not to let it win you in this life. Even physically challenged people live successfully, you too can because even if you weren't born that way, it has happened.
    Build your confidence, trust in God, build a business that can earn you something decent, don't depend on jobs cos many people won't offer you any. You just need to be determined to become somebody ,so grow a thick skin, with trust in God, you will win this life battle in Jesus name. AMEN

    1. @ Lifted, Read that chronicles again you will understand this poster.
      This poster went for spiritual treatment than medical treatment.
      Let the poster come and refute this observation.

  24. Remember FAST if you think someone might be having a stroke:

    (F)ace drooping
    (A)rm weakness
    (S)peech difficulty
    (T)ime to call 911/999 and seek medical treatment.

    The best time to "cure" a stroke is within the first 3 hours of experiencing symptoms, as the injection helps to reverse the bleeding of the brain or lack of oxygen supply to the brain.

  25. You can join association of physical challenge graduates, they have slots for physical challenge on civil service both fedral and state government yearly

    That can be sort of hope to you

    Medically I don't have anything to say

  26. Poster so sorry for what you are passing through, do not be ashamed of yourself ok, God loves you, even when humans are Vain, God will never forsake you dear. Stay strong

  27. Hey poster, please find money and go for brain CT scan. Do this asap. The identificatio of the cause of the problem is a huge in the right direction.

    With the symptoms you presented, I wonder why those doctors didn't refer you to a CT scan.

  28. Sorry for what you're going through poster,I pray God heal and restore your health

  29. Can we please stop this spiritual enslavement. If you are sick go to preferably a teaching hospital because general hospitals/ private hospitals will eventually refer you to the teaching hospital. Yes, there are very good private hospitals but they are too expensive for the average person. This poster possibly started from spiritual homes before going to the hospital. Imagine how mild stroke was was allowed to affect his life. I am a Christian but l do not go for any spiritual nonsense when l am sick, l go the hospital. I cannot be fasting and punishing myself over what the acknowledge that God has given to mankind through doctors. Abeg

  30. Dear Poster, I see you write well and you have the gift of clarity.

    Please develop your writing skills online and from books.

    My spirit tells me you have seeds of greatness in you and one way that would manifest and profit you is through your writing skills.

    As you look for full restoration, do not abandon your God given gifts. They will make a way for you far beyond what any man or woman can do for you.

    God help you.
    Good writers are always sought for every where. And the beauty in it is that writing is a thinking and desk job.

  31. All I can say is E hugs to you Poster. Go through the comments thoroughly and seek medical help if you have the funds. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—.

  32. Poster, your parents failed you. They should have rushed you to the hospital immediately. Apart from the doctor that injected you, you should have taken an extensive treatment and follow up. The church going and so much prayers should have been replaced with intense medical attention. I’m sorry, the Nigerian health care system is too expensive. Your situation should have been managed.

  33. Poster, I'm sorry your parents were ignorant at the time you first had this medical condition.

    Please, search for organizations that offer medical treatment, grants, and scholarships to physically challenged.
    These are the things that will help set you life on the path of self-reliance.
    God will order your steps to the right open doors of favour.πŸ™πŸ’ž

    PARENTS PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILDREN. Don't just have children just because your are fertile or to fulfill societal expectations. πŸ™„πŸ€¦‍♀️

  34. I try to understand the pains you are going through because of rejection. Please try and start by loving yourself. When you love yourself people will then see reason s to love you. Always remember that God loves you and care for you. Don't think of working for anyone but work for yourself.Dont't even think about the sickness but think of how God is sustaining you and believe that he will do more for you.

  35. CT scan and PHYSIOTHERAPY is the answer.

    May God heal you completely poster through the help of our mother Mary,πŸ™ Amen.

    Mother of perpetual help,please pray for this poster.


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