Stella Dimoko Mrs Dee's Corner - Reading Labels Before Buying Items Is Very Important.


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Friday, April 16, 2021

Mrs Dee's Corner - Reading Labels Before Buying Items Is Very Important.

Do you read the leaflets of instructions on products before you buy them?


We live in a World where people hardly ever read anything these days......
It has been proven life saving when one reads the leaflet on a product before buying and this is irrespective of what the product is.....

One thing I never take for granted in purchasing goods is to carefully go through the contents of the product, check for the expiry dates and see if any of the active ingredients contains something I may be allergic to.

I can't recall the number of times it has saved me from what would have been a disaster.

One time, I visited the hospital and complained about the symptoms I had.
After a series of tests, the doctor prescribed some drugs and I went to the dispensary to purchase them.

Before I used the drugs, I quickly googled some of the names that were not quite familiar, and that's how I noticed one was for ulcer patients and not an analgesic as the nurse made me believe. 

I wonder what would have happened if I didn't take my time to read.

It's not a surprise that some traders in the market are quick to give you a substitute if they don't have what you want when making purchases. One time, I asked for sachet tomato paste but what I was given was onion and pepper paste. Thank God I read the label, I would have gotten home before I realized she gave me the wrong product.

Going through products before purchasing them is a lifesaver and it's a habit everyone needs to inculcate.


  1. The only things Nigerian youths read these days must contain;
    lwkmd, lmfao, Lol
    It is painful when some of them that still write emails write you.
    You will imagine how this person graduated from secondary school, not to talk of university.
    How many people still read novels?
    It is all social media 24/7 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  2. I Check the labels when purchasing new products... But you see regular ones, i am still trying my best to check expiry dates. God help me

  3. I first check expiry dates. Then I read instructions.
    Drugs, I must Google for Reactions. I never forget them.

  4. The first thing I check is the expiring date very important before checking other things.

  5. Very true. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  6. Yes o.. It's a habit I'm trying to inculcate these days. Even ordinary Gala that I buy in traffic, I must check for the expiration date o, to avoid stories that touch

  7. thanks for this post. I read labels of everything I purchase ranging from drugs, cosmetics, toiletries, food spices...every damn thing and it's been really helpful. I also research ingredients in don't know. For example, in most processed foods spices, there's an ingredient known as MSG (mono sodium...) a chemical that makes you hungry and crave for more food. pls guys always read the label of anything you purchase

  8. I had bad experience years ago.
    I was feeling feverish,it came with this unusual headache.
    I got to one pharmaceutical shop down the street and I was given one malaria tablets so.

    Haaa ! Self medication gone wrong.
    The only thing I checked was the expiry date.
    I didn't bother became the person that prescribed the drug was a pharmacist.

    Omo! after some minutes I took the drug,I started acting funny.I thought it was the tablets working.
    I was vomiting , stooling and weak.
    Thank God I was rushed to the hospital and got proper treatment.

    I hardly sick,but this experience opened my eyes.

  9. Hnmmmmm, me that I'm usually very careful in reading every single thing. As in ,I'm the type who will be looking for expiry dates, Nafdac number, ingredients, sealed edges etc in the middle of a crowded market...hmmm that was how I went to the pharmacy. My intention was to buy B complex for my poor appetite. The pharmacist recommended another drug, swore to high heavens that it was very good for stimulating appetite...

    The very first time I took the drug, I felt off...I just put it to not liking any type drugs in the places.

    Second time, mildy nauseous.

    I couldn't continue do I dumped it in my drawer, the stress in taking them and the side effects were too much. Appetite sef I no see.

    People of God, see ehn the story long, when common sense finally found me, I Googled the name of the drug. Me that was looking for appetite stimulant ehn, the idiotic demon of a nurse gave me a drug for ACUTE SEVERE MIGRAINE!!!!!!!!

    1. That drug given to also stimulates appetite as well. So the nurse was not wrong.

    2. Sometimes the pharmaceticals send drugs to the pharmacies despite being rejected by the hospitals for some reason. They offload at a cheaper rate to the pharmacy rather than loose out completely and the dishonest pharmacists receive it and starts selling without bothering to do any form of research.

    3. The drug you are talking about acts as an appetite stimulant too, the nurse wasn't wrong.
      All drugs have the potential to give side effects, even the common over the counter Vit c, multivitamins, paracetamol, so it isn't always due to negligence or the health personnel not knowing their job.
      There is also what we call idiosyncratic reactions, they just happen out of nowhere regardless!

    4. Oh is that right?

      So its perfectly fine then?

      To give someone who needs an appetite stimulant a drug for ACUTE SEVERE MIGRAINE??


      So what happens to the purpose of the drug on the body?
      For one who has NO head ache?

      Do I blame people when they go abroad for nose ache??

      Let them not use somebody's child for shed practicals.

    5. Lolll, I'm also gobsmacked dat anyone would defend in people are prescribing drugs based on the side effects, not on its core intentions?

      So if I want to clear rashes it's okay to use some HIV drug if one of the side effects is clear skin?

      Where do y'all learn your 'melecine'?

      You shouldn't even be allowed to treat inanimate objects.

  10. A must for me. Even on clothes too.

    1. When cloth label say "faded glory"

      GOD forbid

    2. Jet life, "faded glory "is very good product, especially for kids. Forget that name!

  11. Always read labels and expiry dates even in supermarkets like shoprite.


  12. Mrs Dee i agree with you in totality... someone once said that, " The best way to keep information away from an African man is to put it in black and white"

    The worse these days is reading Terms and Conditions. Hardly would you see anyone who will painstakingly go through the Terms and Conditions of any service before they click.

    The lawyers of these guys are so smart that they will make it so many and most times tiny to read.

    With the way tings are going, one can sell himself to slavery without even knowing.

  13. What I don't understand is why do pharmacist give me both malaria drugs and antibiotics at the same time when I or any member of my family have fever?

    1. Because Nigerians including most of the healthworkers believe that 'Malaria' and 'Typhoid' are always together, lol. Typhoid is now a rare ailment which is gradually getting eradicated by WHO and CDC documentation

    2. It is wrong practice, kindly ask thorough questions and feel free to reject those drugs if you are not satisfied with answers given, or seek opinion elsewhere.

  14. Thank you for this piece! One needs to be very cautious

  15. People of God, that's how I was given Duphaston while pregnant for 2 weeks. I started having harmful thoughts and didn't feel like myself. I called my mum and went to hers to stay. Told her and then hubby that I was discontinuing the drugs and they advised against it. I researched it and found out the drug was banned in several countries and had depression and other suicidal issues as side effects. I stopped it immediately. Thank God the effects wore off and I'm now a proud mother.


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