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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday In House News...

  I hail everyone!


Today I joined the fast around 8 am and i am about to break it...small small we will get to 6pm...LOL

This is a honest shout out to people who begin fasting by 6am and end it as 6pm......Una dey try... may God bless you all and answer all your prayers...

Una Doh!!



Hi Stella, I don't know which post this would be appropriate for, but I would like to get some answers. I witnessed something 12 years ago that still bothers me till today.

Before I go any further, it's important to note that I'm chronically Ophidiophobic (even a picture triggers me) and I'd never seen one of them in real life before that day.

It happened on a Monday evening in 2009, I was on my way to the salon to get my hair braided for school (I was 14).

The estate was quiet and the I walked past only 2 people having a conversation (the girl was one of the domestic staff in one of the really big houses) less than 100 meters after I walked past them, I saw a big cobra coiled with itself head spread. It was using it's head to knock to knock on the gate in front of it. To say I was shocked is an understatement, I don't know how long I stood there frozen in that position until I finally screamed.

It turned it head and looked at me and I ran. When I reached where the people having a conversation were, they stopped and asked me what happened and I told them. The man said he would find it and kill it and the girl followed him. They came back some seconds later and the girl said she saw it enter the gutter(she was a little shaken as well) but the man insisted that he didn't see anything. They walked me home because I was afraid to go back on my own.

When I got home, I narrated what happened to my older sister and cousin but they laughed and said I was looking for an excuse not to make my hair. No one in my family believed me. At some point, I almost questioned my sanity.

That weekend, on my way to the market, another domestic staff that works with the girl that saw the snake as well accosted me and said "why couldn't you shut your mouth, you see what you have caused?" I asked her what I caused and she said that their employer has sent the girl back home. She stopped talking to me after that day(we used to greet each other before).

I should add that the two families were very close as they were probably the richest people in the estate. It is also important to note that there's no bush in the estate, just a small patch of carpet grass on the other side of the road.

I have tried to write about it severally, but I couldn't summon the courage but my nightmares have started again because I saw a dead snake recently. It was small, but still...

Can anyone explain why the cobra was knocking on the gate with it's head? And where it came from?





''Dont know if you all remember my story about me giving birth for my bf whilst schooling abroad while my son and husband are in Nigeria. Well, I visited naija without my baby girl and of course DH has no idea I've given birth, I told him I will adopt a baby girl to keep me company, he happily agreed n even added that I take my son along so the baby will get to know him, to say I was shocked is an understatement. 

I am now back to base n my baby is with me, now my boyfriend is behaving badly which suits me just fine, he says he is moving to Netherlands, either I come with him or we break up, I asked, how do we co -parent our baby, he said he will send child support if i won't come with him and arrange for occasional visits, i was dancing azonto in my head.

 Now rumours reaching me is, my husband in Nigeria has a live in mistress, I left naija in Feb. I asked him, he denied, I requested he sends my son along with my mom when she visits next month, plans are already in place, my son is coming, my daughter will have her brother, if the story breaks, I have my PR and glad enough to divorce and remain here with my kids and possibly, a new man in view, life couldn't be better. Highest name they will call me is a whore, but ain't we all whores? Lol ''

WOW...... Congratulations but in the Initial story you posted , you said you have two sons so how come its now one? Or do you mean you travelled with one and asking your mum to come with the other one?

I think your hubby told you to take the child so that he can have time for his lover...LOL.. both of you are so the same kinds of people.... CUNNY MAN DIE CUNNY MAN BURY AM!!!



  1. I cried in the market today, the list I went to market with is tripled what I got last 2 weeks...

    I just entered one shop inside market, bought just a calculator and came home oooo. But will I eat my money ne?πŸ˜­πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

    1. That snake story is scary.

      Madam visitor to her inlaw place.

      My dear just be urself biko. Dnt buy anything special. U can buy bread and other eatables tins. No too buy to pls anyone before dem think say their son don finish e moni for ur yash.

      Just be urself. Observe more and talk less. But be very polite and compose with ur body language. Dey always watch ur countenance. Goodluck.

  2. Good pm to y'all on this space and of course,it's a throwback Thursday..Today is the 112th day in the year 2021 and hope you know just that? Good looking out to Toke Makinwa and Ebuka Obi Uchendu for always keeping it real when it comes to fashion..πŸ‘€ There's this chilling and amazing story i wanna share with y'all but i am sure it's gonna be possible now or today as initially planned..😊😊😊 It rained yesterday and the power was restored almost immediately after it got interrupted due to the thunderstorms..I pray that more rains begin to pour and pour and pour from this moment onwards

  3. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I am a blessing, chosen and sanctified by God for His divine use. I am holy and preserved from all harm because I belong to Jesus. My life is dedicated to Him, and His life and nature are fully expressed in me. I have been set apart from the destruction that wastes the lives of many in the world. I have been separated from the ordinary life and I have been transported into the life of the supernatural, where anything is possible.

    1. Thank you for this. Please don't mind the naysayers. They won't motivate or preach yet they want to controll someone else's narrative.
      This is for you bv ****

  4. Things are so good in Nigeria now that when you buy akara or puff puff dem no dey put jara again.

    This morning I'm telling the woman, 'madam put jara na' she said 'aunty you want abi you no want'?

    Mehnnn violence everywhere.🀦🏾‍♀️

    1. There's no jara again in akara. No matter the quantity you buy....

    2. No be small vayolence

    3. Jara ke...u no even happy say dem get filling inside them and not just air.....

  5. This story of yours is scary. Snake knocking with it’s head?
    Maybe the snake was sent on an errand o. Na wa.

  6. Stella, oyel (oil) dey your head. I remember the married lady saying she had 2kids. You get mind o

  7. It's IHN again,
    On the post about a snake, dear bv, I really have no idea on what to say about your story cos it scared me too😳😳😳
    On lady about to visit le boo's family, just be yourself, keep an open mind,they might welcome you or not, either ways, be yourself, if you guys are meant to be, no human can stop that union.
    On married bv, my dear, just get ready cos I don't think your hubby would want to break up with his mistress easily, probably because of the distance between both of you, so keep an open mind to whatever comes your way, but make sure you have a plan B.
    E-hugs everyone 😘 😘😘

    1. She has already stated her plan B.

  8. Snake knocking with its head,na wa, don't know what to say o

    1. Jus feel like de story never complete........... Like why was the help sacked?

  9. I should've said stepson but I don't like calling him dat, I refer to him as my son too along with my biological son, but I can only afford to bring one over, cant fend for them all for now.

    1. It is VERY wrong of you to have a "boyfriend" whilst married!

    2. Madam stop trying to sugar coat what you did against what you suspect your husband of doing, it's wrong.. stop making it to seem as if your husband is the reason why you want to destroy your marriage, mstchwww.

  10. ... Omo the lady abroad I duff my imaginary hat �� for you... You're doing well

  11. Poster with snake issue,just pray and free your mind because you are now traumatized by that event.

  12. #StopKidnappingOurSchoolChildren Phoenix22 April 2021 at 14:32

    Good afternoon my people how una dey. So i watched Love and Monsters AND The fisherman's diary on Netflix. Two amazing movies abeg you guys should go watch it...

    Jeweluchi how are you doing. Hope you dey kajad. Ciao everybody.

    Riona fans how una dey. Abeg the next AMVCA I am gonna vote for them. great acting, wonderful cast and crew. Its the best TV drama on planet earth

    1. Riona is an Africa Magic production ao it can't be nominated.

  13. Airtel only let's me visit the blog whenever they like now. I wish they at least had a time-table of when their network would allow the blog open.πŸ˜€
    I just try and when it opens, it opens.

    So hey guys.... Been a while. And it may be a few more days after now😩

    1. @Makebi;kindly download "Touch VPN" from your store and switch to another country then browse the blog with Airtel anytime..

      Hope this helps..


  14. Poster travelling to her man's place. Answer the following questions sincerely to yourself.
    - Has he proposed to you?
    - How does he intend to introduce you to his people? As girlfriend, fiance or just friend?
    - Are you ready to marry him if it turns out that way?

    Women, please let's learn to accord ourselves some respect no matter how little. The normal route in a relationship that ends in marriage is courtship (friendship time), proposal, seeing the girl's people, then the man's people. In my opinion,you shouldn't be going to a man's family house if he has not formally proposed to you. And if your parents are not aware of the relationship (even if formalities haven't been done). Except you are going there just the way you would go to a classmate's function, please don't go. It will bring see finish.

    Wait for him to do the needful then you can make a grand entry to his home. That way you'd have your respect in that home. When you've gone there, they'd assess you and start giving feedback to their brother and he'll end up making decisions based on their opinions instead of what both of you share together.

  15. @Bv with biracial baby: No ma'am, we ain't all whores, please. Thank you.

    I hail una.

  16. So you visited your hubby and during love making he didn't notice you were lactating?
    What kindda lie is this one na? You are a good writer,your imaginations are top notch.

    1. Don't mind her with her vibrating lies.
      I follow Stella ask, what about your second son?

  17. Today will end well for me. Amen

  18. Stella nothing much i'm just looking for new friends here in port harcourt boredom wants to finish me

  19. Bv with the snake story, fret not, you are covered with the blood of Christ. Our incoming bride, just be yourself and respect your would be in- laws. Abroad bv, stop insulting our intelligence, do you, not here to condemn you. All this your husband has another woman here is you making yourself feel good. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you, chikena

  20. Sad a married woman is calling other womenfolks ‘whores’, all because of her poor choice. When will people stop projecting their poor choice on others? This is a new low to me, not all women are whores. I expect the woman to own her excuse of a choice and not call other upright women names

    1. But she was only calling her hubby and herself whores by how she put it and never to all women.

      Reason that

  21. No, we aren't all whores.

    Girl, you are the whore and until you repent of your whoredom,
    peace will elude you both here and in eternity.
    You see your double standards? You were confronting your husband
    for having a live in mistress but you not only had a live in master
    but a child for him upon whom you lied that he was adopted. What a shame!
    What a hypocritical liar of the highest order you are!
    Repent, repent, repent and Christ shall give you peace.

  22. Lady, do not go with that man to Akwa Ibom state, as what exactly?

    If you want to retain any shred of dignity as a lady, wait until he
    is ready to marry you and you give your consent. He is the one to come
    to your dad's house with his people.🀷‍♀️🀷‍♀️🀷‍♀️🀷‍♀️🀷‍♀️🀷‍♀️🀷‍♀️

  23. Poster with the biracial baby, your hubby probably knows you're cheating on him. A deceitful lifestyle never ends well. Since you're both not faithful to each other, why not divorce peacefully and move on? And while at it, you need to tell him about the baby. You owe him that. Lastly, we're not all whores.

    That snake was probably one of the domestic staff. I believe you actually saw what you saw. This life is deep. What I don't really understand is why the first domestic staff had to be sent away. Or, maybe her boss was the snake. Who knows?

  24. Bv with the snake story. Just so you know that the snake na him get house. The gate was suppose to be opened on time and since someone saw the snake, they had to fire the girl. You will be shocked to find out what all this rich folks do to acquire such wealth. Hmmmm pray and remove your mind. Girl visiting Bf family: just visit as a friend. No need to take anything if you don’t want to. Or better still, buy kilishi and give to his father. Do not buy gift for anyone else o. If he does not have a father again, forget the gift and just go like that. Also when it’s time to go and sleep, let your guy drop you off in your hotel while he goes back to his family house to sleep. Don’t let him spend the night in the same hotel with you. While you are in the hotel, keep praying bcos you and I know that deep down, u wish something good comes out of it. Keep your respect and don’t pretend. Lastly don’t go and be washing party pot o or serving food o. Seat like the guest that you are. If possible let your man bring your food to you. Last poster wey get 2 colours of children hmmm my dear I leave your case in the hand of God.

  25. Poster with bi-racial baby,na you be whore. Don't assume for all women. You think hubby doesn't know about your lifestyle? Yimu* He is probably relieved to let you go, because some people are not worth keeping at all. Just do whatever suits you abeg, dem no dey tell blind man say rain dey fall. Shey na voluntary baby mama life you want and moving from one man to another? Kwantinu.


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