Stella Dimoko Media Personality Derenle Edun Recounts How He Was Flogged On His 20th Birthday As He Begins Countdown To His 40th...


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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Media Personality Derenle Edun Recounts How He Was Flogged On His 20th Birthday As He Begins Countdown To His 40th...

Today is throwback Thursday and Derenle took a walk down memory lane to his 20th Birthday and how his cousins flogged him with Koboko and insulted his mum......

He posted

''20 YEARS AGO! My 20th Birthday.
Less than 20 Days to my 40th Birthday, come June 13th.
Gemini SZN taking over!

This wonderful 20th Birthday of mine fell on an Environmental Sanitation day and as usual, we had to wake up at 5a.m to start cleaning out the entire Surroundings.

Since our Family House was located at the corner piece of Faneye Junction in Ebute Metta, it meant cleaning out the entire Stretch of “Gutter” that spiraled from the back of the house through to the next building.

And that job fell on the shoulders of the only Male in the house: ME!

In the process of cleaning out the Gutters, I heard raised voices emanating from the house.

“Witch! Bastard! Go back to your country, you poor foreigner with your children. Wretched Oyinbo!”.

I already knew my female Cousins were at war with my Mother but trusting my MFM Prayer Warrior of a Mum, she was one to never back down!

“Not on my Birthday. Please GOD! Can I even survive this day in peace and tranquility?”. I thought to myself.

Next thing, my cousins waltzed out of the house still screaming expletives at my Mum, one slapped my lil sister on the face cos she was in her way and then they came up to me.

5 girls in total.

They started taunting me especially insulting my Dad’s 1986 Honda Accord parked in the compound.

“Kalo Kalo Car! Poor dirty Indian! Wretched idiot! Oyiboyi (that was the name they used to call my Mum)!”

“You guys stop! Please! Abeg!”

As if on cue, they pulled up to me face to face in a semi circle. Head on, they started screaming outside the house,

“Stop what?”
Next thing, the five of them started flogging me. And I mean, with proper masquerade whips.... the ones with branches jutting out!

I was Angry. Frustrated. Pained.

And I felt like a Coward at that point because I couldn’t fight back. I just stood there willingly as two of them began to push me around.
When they had their fill, they all moved to the house saying they would extend the same treatment to my Mother and Sisters as we weren’t welcome in the Family House.

That moment I made up my mind;

NOBODY was ever gonna kill my HAPPINESS again!

I’m Still A Story waiting to be told!


  1. Happy birthday to him in advance.

    1. Hmmm dis is why many women refuse to marry into family house;all types of see'finish.
      Denrele has really come a long way,im so happy for all his success. He comes from a really humble background. His mother was a very good maths teacher,took my friend in lessons. If ur familiar with yaba u may have passed dat house before by alagomeji. I think d woman has relocated back to India,d woman try for naija sha.

  2. So sad he had to face such shit from his cousins. I hope those cousins are doing better than him today.

    Its like an average Nigerian extended family have this sense of entitlement mentality. Always trying impose themselves on others especially those married to their siblings.

  3. Wow! So sad his mom had to go through this. I remember watching Denrele n vision 101 (kids programme shown on NTA in the early 1990's).

    He looks good for his age.

  4. What kind of nonsense was that? I feel so sorry for you denrele.. I understand how you feel.. it's do painful

  5. Wawu............painful memories.😪😪😪😪😪😪..

  6. Happy birthday in advance Denrele. I hope they can see how far you've come? Satan using people to fight people since 19gbrogodo.

  7. Denrele in person kookiness aside is a warm, kind and empathic person

    I am glad these experiences didn't make him bitter but a kinder human being

  8. Happy birthday Denrele. May happiness always find you. 💜

  9. So similar to my story. My step mother never allowed my dad to bring me home. I watched my siblings attend very expensive schools and foreign universities. My dad tho rich, was always in the habit of paying my school fees in bits to make my mum believe that he doesn't have money but social media said otherwise. My dad was so ashamed of me that none of his family members knew about my existence. Anyway, i struggled and prayed hard to make sure i became successful. My step siblings stayed back overseas after uni. My step mother relocated overseas and my dad was left alone and took ill (i never knew his house address). My neighbour, a doctor mentioned my dad's name and asked if i was related to him. I dashed to the hospital, he didnt recognise me.....this man never bothered visiting or caring to know where we stayed. I immediately applied for annual leave to help cater for my dad at the hospital, my mum also helped with washing his clothes...he couldnt hold urine and faeces.. he eventually passed on (his wife n kids never visited o). Heard the will was read, couldnt contest his estate cos he regarded me and mum as specks of insignificance. He didnt leave anything for me despite his assets here and abroad. I quietly attended his funeral, got quite a few stares from ppl cos i held a striking resemblance to him.i walked up to step mum and siblings who snubbed me silly, i introduced myself to an uncle who was shocked that his cousin had a love child. He is kind and has been wonderful to me and mum. This has spurred me to be a better man. I will do right by my family and all children given to me by God. I hold no grudge against you dad....

    1. Your story touched me deeply. May God reward you for your kindness. 🙏

    2. Oh dear! What is it with wicked stepmothers and fathers that are Lily livered? The bottom line is that thus children always turn out better. The abroadians never come back home. They leave their dads in old people's homes while their mums will be doing omugwo up and down. The part of your towel that wipes your buttocks today, will wipe your face tomorrow.

    3. A classmate in uni barely went home for holidays.he stayed back in the hostel and did odd jobs. His also had stepmother issue. He works in silicon valley today. Heard his siblings are just there upon all the ajebutter lifestyle

    4. May God continue to bless IJN for going out to take care of your dad despite all his done to you and your mum. A friend showed me his father's massive mansion in lekki phase 1. He's never stepped there cos of stepmother. As usual all the children are abroad and his dad is very ill and stuck with nurses. Men love all tour children equally. Haba!

    5. Hmmm na wa o! This is my greatest fear as a mum. My daughters father has never introduced her to his family too.

    6. If he had a family and impregnated your mum, you know he won't treat you same as his family right? Should he break his marriage because of your mum?

      It's easy to blame him because you don't stand on his family's point of view.

      Did your mum knowingly birth you even when she knew he had a home? If yes, blame her as much as you blame him.

      Many women do this & it doesn't always end well. The innocent kids are the ones who suffer.

      Sorry for all you went through. God's got you!

    7. Lesson, don't have a love child when you are married no matter how you play away match.
      Don't get pregnant for a married man no matter what. You and that child will suffer it if the man decides to back out.
      Exception if you already had the child before you got married.
      Truth is, I don't pity any woman who willingly get pregnant for a married man. Your mother brought this upon herself and you.

    8. @19:10, that's uncalled for, the poster is telling her story not her mum's or dad's. Get over yourself!

    9. Sad story.....
      I do not hold brief for your dad, but he may have been trying to keep his home intact. His affair with your mom obviously was not a thing of pride.

      This is a wake-up call for intending baby-mamas, especially when the man is already married. It usually doesn't end well for the kids.

    10. But @19:10 is right. So many women are manipulative and think having a child makes them own the man. When the man's wife now puts her foot down, they say she is wicked. Abeg let's balance these stories. The more you get into life, the more you will see things from other perspectives.

    11. manipulative in what sense? The man never knew he had to wear a condom? He forgot ge had a family? He slipped and fell and his dick got stuck in her? Do you even know how manipulative these men are especially when they need more of something they arent getting from their wives? Do you know what the future holds for your children? Placing your footdown kor placing your foot up your royal ass ni. You high witch.

    12. EVIL BEING

    13. Wow, your story is so touching and your very positive attitude says a lot about how you turned out. I rejoice with you brother, the Lord will give you all it takes to be the man He created you to be.


  11. I wish he tagged those cousins let's know where they are in life today. What wickedness?!

  12. Happy birthday in advance to him. Thank God for where you are right now.

  13. Wicked cousins. Happy birthday denrele,never knew you're up to 40, you sure look good for your age

  14. Life! I remember Denrele and his mum and siblings, living in the family house with their grandmother around Alagomeji.
    Happy birthday Denrele. May the Lord bless you this day and forevermore. Please forgive them.

    I went to secondary school with one of his cousins called Titi. She was my senior in secondary school and, at that time, my mum was away in London, after my dad died. Those days were really dark says for me, as I was living with an elderly family friend of ours, in that vicinity.

    Hmmm, this just took me back memory lane, I can't help shedding tears... I went through hell and back living with that family.
    I promised myself that I will make it in life and I did.
    I fought for my life and destiny and made sure I got away from those toxic people. I give God all the glory.
    The stone that the builders rejected, became the chief cornerstone.

  15. I would be wealthy in this lifetime and still live a godly life and make heaven. That is assured.


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