Stella Dimoko Monday Spontaneous Post....


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Monday, May 10, 2021

Monday Spontaneous Post....

 #newday #newweek #monday #namaste #itiswhatitis #ekaro #ndewo #positiveovernegative #courageoverfear #happinessoversadness  #thenameofGodisastrongtower

Guten Morgen Leute...

Don’t let yourself down by the memories of yesterday. Wake up fresh and full of positivity as the beautiful Monday morning knocks on your door right now.

The Weekend was awesome and Sunday's Mother's day was lit. I got the most beautiful flowers from the Bambinos and their papa... (Before now if you gift me flowers eh, the frown on my face would shrink the flowers but my Bambinos have taught me so much love by just being themselves...

May today bless you and your hustle....




  1. Good morning all!
    A blessed new week ahead in Jesus name! Amen.

    1. Thanks to the Kardashian /Jenner clan especially for promoting flowers 🌸 as gift, πŸ˜‰ I also love the balloons they use for their children’s party.
      I wish I can get one ❤️❤️
      Anyway I was craving for Domino ice-cream yesterday but I was scared of the crowd I will meet, I hate stress. I kept sleeping 😁😁, I am so sure walking in there freely today, πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚

      Morning you all
      Make use of your time πŸ₯‚

    2. Amen, fine morning Miss Ess

    3. A chameleon never lack clothing because it collects clothes from whatever is available around it.
      By the grace of God, all that you need to sustain you today and beyond you will never lack and God will beautify you with HIS special garments in Jesus name Amen. Therefore, REJOICE BECAUSE YOUR TIME OF CELEBRATIONS HAS COME in Jesus Mighty name.
      Prosperous and blessed Monday and New Week to you.

  2. Let Your Divinity Soar!!
    Psalm 82:6.


    "When someone says we're only humans, it suddenly shows how ignorant they are of their divine life"

    "No matter the adversities you face, be bold, courageous, and audacious in faith"

    "Humans cry when they go through test and trials, but we rejoice, because we know that in all these things we're more than conquerors"


    I have and walk in the consciousness of my divine life. I walk in dominion over sickness, disease, death, discouragements and frustrations that affect the human nature. I have the divine life and nature of God in me that makes me victorious always, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  3. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.


    ‘Conquer evil by doing good.’
    Romans 12:21 TLB

    It’s easy to forget why God saved you, what He’s called you to do, and how you’re supposed to live. So here’s a memo from heaven: ‘Don’t just pretend that you love others: really love them. Hate what is wrong. Stand on the side of good. Love each other with brotherly affection and take delight in honouring each other. Never be lazy in your work but serve the Lord enthusiastically. Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble and prayerful always. When God’s children are in need, you be the one to help them out...If someone mistreats you…pray that God will bless him. When others are happy, be happy with them. If they are sad, share their sorrow. Work happily together. Don’t try to act big. Don’t try to get into the good graces of important people, but enjoy the company of ordinary folks. And don’t think you know it all! Never pay back evil for evil. Do things in such a way that everyone will see you are honest clear through. Don’t quarrel with anyone. Be at peace with everyone, just as much as possible…never avenge yourselves. Leave that to God, for He has said that He will repay those who deserve it...Instead, feed your enemy if he is hungry. If he is thirsty give him something to drink and you will be heaping coals of fire on his head. In other words, he will feel ashamed of himself for what he has done to you. Don’t let evil get the upper hand but conquer evil by doing good’ (v. 9-21 TLB).
    Word For Today

  5. Wife - Baby I feel like cutting my hair, I want a new look, what do you think?
    Hubby - you wanna cut your hair? Are sure it’ll be fine? Anyways, whatever makes you happy, sha do it well.
    Wife - surprise surprise, see my new hairstyle!! You like?
    Hubby - wowwwwwww! You look good, haaa and you didn’t tell me, what a surprise, it’s so beautiful
    Wife - papa justice I want to cut my hair o, I’m tired of keeping it
    Hubby - meaning what? Are you a widow? Stop that rough play
    Wife - My Oga no vex sir
    Husband - wetin be this? You cut your hair? When that one start? Who you tell? You wan turn ashewo for my house abi? “Brings out belt” punch

    1. What point are you trying to make?
      E no reach to turn violent but if you want to cut your hair, it's important a wife put her husband on notice same way a husband is supposed to tell his wife if he decides he wants to start making his hair.. if you still go ahead after even if he disagree is a different thing. That you told him before hand is enough respect, it doesn't mean you're asking for his permission, it just shows you don't disregard him.. and vice versa..

      It's just like a husband traveling out of state and only calling to tell you after cos he didn't want you to disapprove the trip.. Won't you get mad?

      Abeg make una dey use common sense do things and stop spreading nonsense that doesn't make sense up and down, we have many gullible and shallow women that can't think for themselves, don't let them think this nonsense is how things should be done..


    2. You are missing it Dante, the writer is obviously talking about the tone of voice and choice of words a wife can use on her husband and what it can result to.

    3. Blessing,you contradict yourself in both comments. You obviously don't understand what you copied and pasted.

    4. Then expatiate on it Shantelle, let me understand cos that's exactly the message I saw in it.If there is any other meaning to it,then say it.

  6. Beautiful morning's another Monday. I am so happy we get only 3working days this week. Let's all have a productive week

  7. Still in the euphoric mood of double celebration this past weekend, may joy never depart from our household.
    May we always be celebrated.

    Glory be to God in the highest

    Its gonna be a rainy week but with not so bad temperature

    Y'all have a great and productive week πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

    1. Congratulations MommaπŸ₯³πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ’•❤️

    2. Amin, Amin, Halleluyah, yeeey, Hosanna

    3. Thanks lovelies πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸŒ»

    4. Happy belated birthday ma'am. Keep enjoying yourself. How's the family?

    5. Happy belated birthday to you Ma

    6. Thanks Jechix, we're going great πŸ€—πŸ’›πŸŒΉ

      Thanks Darajah πŸ€—πŸ’›πŸŒΉ

    7. Belated happy birthday Mrs A, what else did I miss? Did you deliver a baby? Congrats on any other thing you are celebrating ma'am

  8. Religion is nothing but another word for zealotry and extremism. Most challenges faced by mankind were precipitated by religion. Kill religion and watch any society flourish. Religion makes you a zombie. It deprives you of critical thinking. Most religion subscribers are in dire need of cognitive behavioral therapy.
    A man carried out a philanthropic gesture of sponsoring some students. He came into the zoo from Dubai to celebrate their graduation. Oga went to Celestial Church for this celebration and held a lit candle. A self-professed prophet unleashed an alcohol based liquid on him in the name of "spiritual perfume". Even the most illiterate person on the street knows you don't bring such products close to fire. That was how Mr Philanthropist got engulfed in flames and subsequently died of burns after some days!
    Now, let me tell you my worry. Nothing will happen to the crazy " prophet "! That is what religion does. Priests are exculpated from any wrongdoing! They do no wrong. They aren't held responsible for their blatant indiscretions that lead to loss of human lives. Na so this guy go just kpeme for nothing! No one will be brought to book. That was how 116 people were killed when their hostel collapsed on them at TB Joshua's abattoir. Till date, he hasn't been brought to book. He even had the presence of mind to state that the collapse was as a result of a certain plane that intentionally targeted the building! And you'd be surprised some professors actually believe him! Chai! Religion!
    People shield their carelessness, callousness and criminality under religion. Sunday Igboho blasted Adeboye and most of you came for him. Religion. Adeboye has been fraternising with the very people we suspect to be behind banditry but mba, since it is Daddy GO, he is covered. Make we no talk. I can imagine what would have happened if it was another random prominent person that did all Adeboye has been doing since 2015. Yes, Sunday will surely apologize very soon when other Yoruba leaders reach out to him, but e done talk am.
    Fuck religion. Give me a bottle of beer instead.

    1. That guy was enlightened enough to know that perfume is flammable, even if the prophet was probably uneducated. And again what Sunday did was uncalled for, God has a reason for everything, and him mocking pst. Adeboye was the lowest of the low

    2. Your think pieces on certain issues especially those with socio-political themes are usually aptly written and well expressed.

      Watch people who lack understanding come for you, the same zombies you described who would screech and yell if you dare come for their sacred religion.

      Religion is a horrible bondage I wish people would break free from. They need to understand the need to reject religion and embrace spirituality, that a personal relationship with God is much more important than the religious indoctrination’s and practices people get embroiled in.

    3. No mind them.
      I like what Sunday did.. though he shouldn't have 'mocked' the death of Adeboye son.. he should have said all he said without adding that part.. but I understand how he feels, it's very annoying when these people that are part of the cause of the problem decide to keep quiet seeing the evil their support of their son to be vice president brought to their region
      . Same as that idiot Tinubu.. imagine an outsider coming terrorize, kidnap, rape and intimidate you on your land. Which kind see finish be that..

      Make I just stop here before I lose my temper this morning

      That one that went to flame himself in church.. I have no words for him.. make he keep the flame burning as fireman weh him be.. mtcheew

    4. Enjoy your beer in peace and allow people do what they want to do.

    5. Mawumi, he didn't mock Adeboye.

    6. I read the veld pastor is his business partner, I believe its murder, cos I heard the man told his brother before he died at the hospital that its murder, that his spirit will fight back

    7. Okay, you can fuck religion, but I know that as a Humanitarian, there's ALWAYS A PLACE FOR EMPATHY, a young of 42years just went to bed and that was it, and mr sunday in All his wisdom decided to inflict more pain to the grieving parents,by making such a horrible comment and you Ceaser didn't see anything wrong with it?

      Let's not cut off the nose in a bid to spite the face.

    8. He was unlucky the perfumes caught fire. Kayode is like every one else.
      Mrs A E
      Shakiti baby
      These are bvs who attend celestial churches and shout Ayo Ni O,they won't say nothing about this death.

    9. Thank you 9:15. Where is the place for humanity? It's better you didn't say anything at all than using someone's death to play politics. O wrong naw. Look for another time to say this, not now. I'm not a religious person and you're right about these big pastor's but in all we do, humanity comes first.

  9. Good morning Stella and bvs. Happy and blessed new day and week.

    I went for a wedding on Saturday. Good food, beautiful decor, good music, etc. Downside: several of the aso-ebi girls were practically naked. Skirts slitted to groin level; blouses off shoulder with chest fully opened that only nipples were hidden. It was a show of shame for those particular girls.

    Then one man got so infuriated that he confronted one of them and asked her if she can appear before the president that way. The way he said it was embarrassing because she was serving food and people in that part of the hall turned and started eyeing her from head to toe. Some shrugged, others laughed and the girl became embarrassed.
    Another scantily clad one happened to be passing by and asked her what was going on. She told her. That one faced the man and insulted life out of him. The man replied, "I don't talk with prostitutes". Gboa! Her fist landed on his face. Gboa! Again.

    The man got up to revenge and people held him, dragged him out of the hall to avoid disorganising the party. The consensus was now in two factions. Some people said the man should have minded his business. Others said the girls needed to be told the truth, shouldn't have hit the man and should have only responded by word of mouth not fighting.

    Abeg bvs who una think say get fault?

    1. She had no right to slap him. She no get mouth to abuse am back?
      From indecent dressing to slapping som1,sorry for who wan marry this one. Her mom in law go hear am. Thats she doesn't meet sm1 crazier....awon iranu abasha,shior!

    2. Them wan spoil person big day abi?

    3. Thats the trend for most asoebi ladies now,the love for nudity is on a different level.

    4. This new trend aso ebi girls sewing almost naked styles of cloth is not good at all.Again, I think it depends on the bride, my friends know i am conservative in my dressing and they cannot sew any yeye style if they want to be in my aso ebi crew.
      That man too have kept his mouth shut, it wasn't in his place to talk to the bridesmaid like that, i for say him deserve the slap for calling her a prostitute but the girl should have exercised self-control and not slap him

    5. Why slap the man?
      People always watch with excitement when some women hit men and then start holding the man when they want to retaliate.

      Please, women stop hitting men or anyone at all.

      I don't understand the new craze about going to a wedding ceremony naked.
      Nigerian women can't copy good things

    6. That girl needs God's deliverance from anger. She should not carry that attitude into marriage. Make she no continue to slap another woman pikin or she meet someone that will teach her serious lesson. She had no right to slap that man. The man was cool to receive 2 slaps. She better go thank God she no slap were person

    7. You don't correct or tell people the truth in such manner to destroy their Eagle. The man should have called the lady aside and talk to her in a more calm and mature way with that the lady will listen but saying it that way was wrong.

      The second lady has no right to slap a man not even a man anyone. That means she beat people when they talk to her on something she should have take corrects and move forward.

      Sometimes we mind our business to avoid slap, public embarrassment cos some people don't like the truth.

    8. You see those people that held the man from responding in equal measures, na them I go face.. why didn't you hold the lady from getting physical, na me you come dey hold.. by the time I'm true with them, they'll never separate fight in their life..

      What sort of minding business is that, if you can go naked and flaunt to my face and expect me to mind my business since it's your body, then also mind your business when I say whatever I say, it's my mouth.. if a man go naked in front of women and children it would hit social media and he would be called a pervert and might even be arrested, why do women think their own case should be different..

      Them know who dem dey do all those rubbish with sha.. they know

    9. The way girls dress these days to weddings is so appalling. I definitely won't be comfortable at that wedding.

      The girl is at fault. He should have responded with mouth and not her fist.

    10. The truth needed to be said. Too much of everything is bad. As young girls, some want to explore and so stuff their age mates are doing. But I think there’s a method to the madness.
      Slapping that man was very bad of her. It says a lot about her upbringing.
      The man didn’t come with his wife/girlfriend?
      If na my man dem do that kind thing to, na to drag the babe outside and tear that dress down. Let’s all be crazy.

    11. Haha
      She slapped the man?
      That's SO wrong.

    12. It depends on the bride.
      If you are loose and dress same,your friends wouldn't see the big deal in dressing same way to your event. I trust the kind father wey I get. He'll just stand up and declare the event closed.
      The man himself shouldn't have called her a prostitute. That's verbal abuse and the I'll mannered girl physically abused him too. Both are wrong

  10. Assurance without insurance na endurance. Secure your own bag so that you are not somebody else's handbag.

  11. Woke up so excited and energized. Monday is my best day of the week**side eyes to Stella**

    May this week brings forth good tidings to us all Amen.

    Good Morning Guys.

  12. Good morning everyone.

    Have a blessed week ahead. πŸ’•

  13. This week and beyond , The Angel of Covenant God in Human form and The Spirit of the Most High God will go with you and work with you all through. He will teach, train and nurture you all the way. You will rise from natural to supernatural and from minimum to maximum (Isa.60:22). You will continually fall on God's Merciful and compassionate arms if you must fall at all.

    Your life will be transformed and you shall be called to the highest and the best by the power of The all-sufficient grace of God in Jesus name... Amen.

    Have a God led and Spirit-filled week ahead. Amen.

    Good morning. Have a Blessed week

    Let Jesus takeover....

  14. Toya Eze, Toya.
    Toya Eze, Toya.
    He made the lame man walk, made the blind to see.
    If you did it before, you can do it today.
    Agu ne chemba one, ebube dike, ekweme.
    So I lift my hands to give you all my praise πŸ™πŸΏ
    Idi ro bi mma
    Idi ro bi mma, I cannot help but give you praise πŸ’ƒπŸΏ πŸ’ƒπŸΏ πŸ’ƒπŸΏ πŸ’ƒπŸΏ

    Thankful for life and his blessings.
    Y’all have yourselves a great week πŸ₯°

    1. Hallelujah πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ€ΈπŸ€ΈπŸ€Έ

    2. Happy birthday slut

    3. Slutty is today your birthday? If yes..
      Happy birthday dear,live et prosper.

  15. So... Bad phone made me miss new mom perx's baby news. I was so looking forward to itπŸ˜“
    I hope you forgive me godmom
    So how's she? Does she have many hair?πŸ₯°
    I'm particular about hair cos this my papa here... His skull is as neat as when you just come from the salon... Very baldπŸ˜‚
    I hope you're healing just fine ma'am. Love you loads

    Castle big sis, how's 31?

    Have a nice day everyone?πŸ’™

    1. No be only many hair, many teeth too.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Fine darling lil sis. Hope you and yours are doing great. Love ya😘

    3. This is the third or 4TT time you'll be writing this, blog mum abeg tell her u don hear. Blog mum wey u no get her contact😏😏

    4. Anon 09:04 Pls respect yourself, okay? You people don’t want me to have friends here or what? Mschew!

      My darling Fidel, don’t even sweat are forgiven. ♥️♥️ I missed you and glad you are back online.
      Mini perx is gorgeous and yes, absolutely hairy. Lol even her tiny ears are hairy. πŸ₯°❤️ Her hairs are straight and plastered like dem Chinese not curly at all. I’m hoping the curls will come in eventually.

    5. Ehen 09:04 it appeared before? I didn't see but thanks. Life too hard to fight abeg😴

      Perx... Me looking at Andre's head and wanting to cryπŸ˜‚

      Yeah we good castle. Love ya right back

      Anon 8:56 lol

  16. Good morning, is another blessed morning and new hustling week
    Yesterday night was awesome with cool weather
    All the best best on today's hustling

  17. Good morning people and happy new week to us all..

  18. Awwww Stella.
    I slept and rested well this weekend.Thank you Jesus for another week.May it bring us goodnews.

  19. It's a fresh start to a new week and hey,go get all of them Benjamins.Am I the only one who got fed up and stopped wishing peeps happy birthdays on their Facebook timelines?

  20. Good morning everyone. Happy new week y'all. I am on my way to work and I feel so good.😎
    In this life eh, don't ever be at the mercy of a person especially a woman. Omo this woman use me play ball on Saturday.. Being a good lady sucks sometimes. I was begging on my cousin's behalf, I even offered to pay for the damage but for where this woman say she must insult her village people. Chai!! At some point I wanted to change it for her, I just had to suck it up because this particular cousin of mine is always in trouble. The issue was finally resolved. I Sha told the big head to delete my number. My younger ones don't stress me the way he does.🀦🀦

    1. Thank God you were able to control yourself. Self-control is a big deal that many people lack.

  21. Good morning lovely people of SDKville

    Yesterday's weather here was brutal for we singles πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Lovely day y'all πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  22. Same way I don't like flowers
    I dunno why.
    I don't even know who took my wedding bouquet home after my weddingπŸ€”πŸ€”
    Some persons cherish flowers sha.

    Rip to the two young ladies that were cut in their prime yesterday.
    Nigeria health system should be looked into pls.
    Imagine removing oxygen from someone and asking the friend to raise her nose into the air as they they referred to another hospital.
    What a pity.

    My neighbour lost her mum too.
    Slept and did not wake up.

    God help us.

    Good morning

    1. May their souls rest In peace, God help this country

    2. May their souls continue to find rest in God's bosom.

      I love flowers, especially fresh ones that smells heavenly... This is the best season for all types of flowers... The Netherlands is the headquarters of variable beautiful flowers in Europe

    3. Nigerian hospitals are like abattoir. Pray that nothing more than headache takes you there.

    4. May their souls rest in peace πŸ™

  23. Dear Jesus, if you're have a list of people you're going to bless this week, pls start with us. Amen
    It's the month of May, children's month. Pls plan ahead, tell your kids how beautiful and special they are. Take them out. A complete pack of food here is a thousand naira in some restaurants. If you have more, get the kids around you little gifts, an exercise book and a #50 pen will go a long way for some of them.
    And you that's going to conceive, why not support your prayers with little gifts for these kids, put a smile on their faces and watch our kids surround your table.
    God bless everyone, God bless your Bambinos Stella, God bless our young ones❤️

    1. You are very correct IJ PHPH f the reminder.
      Amen to your prayers, God bikoo don't pass me by,wipe away my tears and comfort me, Amen.

    2. Beautiful Me🧑10 May 2021 at 09:27

      I luv u so much dear. U love 4 kids eeeh. I will surely do as u said.

    3. Anon, God will answer you, He'll wipe away your tears and you won't remember them anymore. He never sleeps, He never slumbers. He knows the best and the right time to make it happen. Don't worry, I'll sure spread the good news when your babies come, soon
      Beautiful me, i love you too, very plenty. Yes i love kids a lot more than I love myself. They're the cutest creature I've seen, beautiful and innocent❤
      Kaima baby😘

  24. A very good morning everyone ,nd welcome u all to new week.IJMN

  25. Good morning. It's well with me. I'm happy we have only 2working days this week. Ramadan break and mid term break

  26. So sweet of your babies with the beautiful flowers they gave you on mother's day. All the mothers all over you guys are the best and special people. May God continue to strengthen you all with your hard work.

    My eyes are heavy because I couldn't sleep at night. My leg has been paining me, I was told is cold that is dealing with me. I have been to the hospital but nothing seems to work, hoping on native medicine to cure this pain.

    1. Look for hot menthol and rub the area gently.
      You might be needing some physiotherapy

      I pray healing upon your legπŸ€—πŸ’–πŸŒΉ

    2. Get some herbs sharperly

    3. Beautiful Me🧑10 May 2021 at 09:25

      Sorry dear.
      Get few guava leaves,little cloves, cinnamon and mint leaves. Boil it and drink at least 3 times a day, use normal tumbler
      u can add honey
      Thank me later

    4. Sorry dear please take good care of yourself ❤️

    5. Sorry Excited
      Pls go native on that leg of yours. You have been complaining about it for some time now, pls go to your mum or any elder to take you where you will be treated the native way. It may be an arrow, Yoruba call it ofa. That is how it starts, it killed a young lady here recently.
      The leg pains defied all treatments, it later got worse that she couldn't walk anymore, then she couldn't talk, was bedridden and died. Handiwork of evil people, they dropped the jazz on the group for her and she stepped on it.

    6. @Courage
      It's only an unbeliever they can do that to. A true believer knows their life is hidden in Christ and so such arrows can't even penetrate.

  27. Good morning Everyone


  28. Good morning beautiful people
    Wishing you all blessed week ❤️❤️

  29. Wonderful money all. It is a money week. Enjoy the blessings of God Almighty Amen

  30. Good morning y'all.

    Have a great day y'all.

  31. Ppls where can I download Moana,I have searched virtually all sites

    1. Moana, very interesting cartoon.❤️
      Go to YouTube

    2. Fz moivies. Net

  32. Good morning my people

    Please I need someone to explain what's happening o, anytime its raining and no light o, if thunder strikes it always spoil my electrical appliances,like bulb n fans, even when there's no light and they are switched off too. I don tire o

    1. Then its either the earthening is bad or no earthening was done. Or the house lacks lightening arrestor. Please go look for a better electrician.

    2. The apartment needs thunder arrestor.

      If there is no light, unplug your electronics from the wall socket.

  33. Good morning everyone, it's a beautiful sunny Monday. Have a great day.

  34. I'm angry this morning because a whole Kayode Badru in all his bigmanism had to go lie within a candle circle and have them pour perfumes on him inside a Celestial church.
    God forbid bad thing.

    Yorubas stop this dubious way of worship.
    Friday in mosque.
    Saturday in celestial church.
    Sunday in Redeemed Christian Church.

    1. It is painful. But don't mind people that have gods everywhere. Some have 3 gods. They visit mosque, they visit babalawos and they visit church, funniest thing about the church they go to.

      A painful death. Comfort to all

    2. Very painful way to leave this world.
      May his soul Rest In Peace.

      I read the pastor/prophet went into hiding when it happened. Na wa.

    3. Ori e buru. Why call yoruba? Don't other tribes do that too? Omo ale oshi,

  35. Good morning, happy new week.

  36. Up and grateful
    Good morning everyone.

  37. Beautiful Me🧑10 May 2021 at 09:20

    Good morning wonderful people.
    Stella that's so lovely . kisses 2 ur Bambinos and their papa for putting a smile on ur face.
    From my side here ,still very hot no rain at all.

  38. Up and grateful to Almighty God, the sustainer of my life.

    Morning all, have a blessed week ahead.

  39. Stella that is a thoughtful heartfelt gift from your hubby and bambinos. Awesome. Have a fantastic day everyone

  40. Good morning FAM
    Quite an emotional weekend
    My Elder sister had her introduction; It was lovely and went well
    Seeing her man and his family doting on her; the love and those who came from far to grace the occasion
    You see this life..Just Live Right; Because Tomorrow is Pregnant

    We also had an in-house treat for my Mum; This was after guests left for mother's day
    My Papa was MC and gisted how much farm work he did just to gain access to the family and woo her

    To the God who answers prayers, May this Week yield more Congratulations
    Have a beautiful 10th May 2021

    1. Wow this is so lovely..Congratulations to your Elder sister...You just threw me back to my sister's introduction πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    2. Congratulations to your elder sister

    3. Wow, congratulations to your family

  41. St Elsewhere Phoenix10 May 2021 at 10:14

    So yesterday was Rogation Sunday. This day is set aside for prayer and fasting. And general atonement and appeasement of God's anger in the various ways that we have sinned against. It is usually observed on the 6th Sunday after Easter. Traditionally, celebrated on 25th April but we observed ours yesterday.

    Also it is done because we believe this is beginning of the planting season. Beseeching God to bless both the seedtime and harvest time and for potection against any calamities.

  42. Beautiful morning blogfam

  43. Monday started well, hoping the rest of the week would be bliss.
    Hi Teejay, so i forgot to comment on my love language yesterday, let me sha drop it here for you to know 😁 its "quality time and words of affirmation" for meπŸ€—


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