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Monday, May 03, 2021


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Good Morning!

Happy workers day to those of you living and working in the Motherland Nigeria!..

May today be a time of reflection for employers of labour on how to better the lives of those that work for them...

I am totally exhausted from the bad news on the social media and If i was not doing this Job, I would have taken a break from the social media. The news especially from Nigeria is so disheartening and i have been asking myself what will become of Nigeria in a few months.

Please if you have kids that are still under your care and they have access to the Internet, please filter the kind of news they read or come in contact with. The social media all over the world right now is very negatively toxic (if there is a word like negatively toxic).

As you go about your day, please be watchful because in Nigeria when a method of crime or making money is busted and those involved are arrested, it motivates another set of wicked people and becomes a new motivation for them to embark upon.. 

The story of the lady seeking a Job that was killed in Uyo may have given another sick person money making ideas.. Please stay woke and inform all around you and do not go alone to Job interviews if you can... Also if you are meeting new love interests or new friends for the first time, do not meet in closed environment and if possible do not go alone. Those of you who are very secretive and hide your whereabouts, you need to change just in case.....

May your day be bright and Sunny and beautiful...

God Bless you!

Tight hugs to everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. I hope it is not too late to drop this.

      The person that posted about how to go about getting married at Ikoyi registry. You stated your spouse is abroad.

      Please when you go there,don't tell them your spouse is based abroad except he is a foreigner which you can't hide.They will milk you.

      They charge differently for foreigners and abroad residents.

  2. Bonjour Mon fille et Mon garcon..

    Je suis bon a'djourdoi.. Bon nouveau day

    1. Na there your strength reach? El oh el!
      Ola good morng oh.....oya type 'day' in french na!

    2. Ma fille, not mon fille.

    3. What's this?

      Stop discouraging him.

      Ola if your a beginner on some platform or school learning the French language,keep it up.
      By 7th month or thereabout you would have become an intermediary and I bet you that's the fastest way for you to get to Canada.
      With your profile ;academic and physical attributes, many doors will fling for you.

      Except the pictures I saw on in-house news are not yours.

  3. Tell The Glorious News!!
    Mathew 28:5-6.


    "If you truly believe in what Jesus Christ did for you, if you believe that His work of salvation was important, and that you actually received that salvation, you can't keep it to yourself"

    "You have to tell others about Jesus"

    "Don't relent in your efforts; seek out the lost; those hopeless and confused in your world and let them know there's salvation in Christ Jesus"


    Dear Father, your love compels me to intercede and preach the Gospel to the lost, bringing them out of darkness into your marvellous light. I celebrate the glorious works of salvation, and the inextricable oneness and sweet fellowship the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ has brought me into, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  4. A person who is pure of heart sees goodness and purity in everything; but a person whose own heart is evil and untrusting finds evil in everything,for hos dirty mind and rebellious heart colour all he sees and hears. #mondaynugget# (Titus 2 vs 15)


  5. Hello house this is the lady that wrote some weeks ago asking for what to expect when she travels with her bf to cross river state for his sister's wedding.

    I followed him and we came back yesterday,  I got them small things from the North like onions,  sweet potatoes,  arish potatoes,  provisions and a gift for his sister getting married. 

    We got there and I met everyone busy with the cooking,  I have to join them in the cooking process,  we finished cooking prepared to the venue.  Everyone was asking me to give my bf close marking before someone collect him from me but me I refused and gave him enough space to have fresh air at the event,  after the event and even at home.

    After the Wedding we came back but the mum did something that surprised me she packed enough fish, crayfish,  palm oil, plantain,  garri, stock first,  ukazi leave and snail to give me. The load was much and she also packed for my bf.

    When we were about leaving just as the car was to take us to the airport, she came and met me In the room and gave me small token of fried chicken for me alone,  that I should take it with malt since I don't like food. I appreciated her and we set for the airport.  Thou I shared the fried chicken with my bf when we arrived.

    Thank you all for your advice and word of encouragement,  I appreciate everyone of you who dropped a comment on that day I posted it. I felt like dropping an update since I am back and everything went well.  I pray this friendship move to another level but if it doesn't I am still very much okay.

    Have a lovely public holiday.

    1. Everything will be fine... You did good πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

    2. That’s so nice of you and your boyfriend’s mother. I am glad you enjoyed yourself.

    3. Congrats girl. The love the family has for you will never diminished Amen. Just be yourself and keep an open mind.

      Irish...... not arish

    4. The mum seems like such a lovely person. May this remain! Everything will be fine girlie

    5. Everything will be alright

    6. Happy for you, just be yourself

    7. Wow...good to hear,once your mil loves you,you are blessed...

    8. Baby Malu Over3 May 2021 at 13:53

      That's so nice of you and the guy's mother tried so well.May God let the encounter end in praise, wish you well.

    9. Nice one! You seem a very nice girl and wife material. The mother sounds like a gem. I wish you all the best with this and thanks for updating us.


    “For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength…” Isaiah 30:15, NKJV.

    When an eagle knows he will need his energy for the hunt, he rests quietly—preserving his energy. We are at our strongest when we are quiet and confident. The assignment the Lord has for you to accomplish will require all of you—engaged and ready. Don’t exert energy trying to articulate all that He has shown you to those around you. Don’t spend all of your time trying to get the approval of man. Don’t give much thought toward how it will happen for you.
    My sister, you can have quiet assurance and a joyful expectation when you know it’s truly from the Lord. Every promise from His word is true. The One who has called you is faithful. He will do it. As you make preparations to walk in your destiny, and as you prepare for your purpose, rest quietly in the Lord. Tell only what He instructs you to share. Let His hand on your life and His move in your heart speak for itself.
    Messages From God's Heart

  7. Good morning All.
    Please should l be worried. While coming back from a prayer cruise on Monday afternoon. I Passed my gate and boom there is a small snake at my corridor. I shouted and passersby came and killed it. Yesterday evening. The heat was too much. I went outside to take fresh air. I was outside for like an hour. I hardly go outside. As l stood up to enter my room,. I saw another snake. This time a big one. I shouted. Strength came from no where. I carried plank and killed it before people will gather. This compound is very neat. Three blocks of two bedroom flat each. I am grateful to God Almighty for killing them but l am worried. How can two snakes be killed in one week in the same place. I have stayed 5years in this compound. I have never seen life snake in my life before till this encounter.. I am a young lady. God of heaven. I am completing hidden in you

    1. There is a nest somewhere.

    2. You saw a baby snake few days before, that should have uped your antenna that there were still more of them snakes around, especially the snake mother.

      Just try and fumigate the compound and everything will be okay.
      Don't forget snakes usually come out to take fresh air and you said the weather was hot.

      God will protect you from being bitten

    3. There are def more. Try fumigate

    4. Amen. If I were you, I will look for another place. Is there any surrounding bush?

      Move out or you still stay with them as they like coming to greet you. Abi is there something going on. Ask your parents questions ooo

  8. Good morning people of SDKville

    Please, I'm a prospective corp member, by God's grace I'll be in batch B(July-August) and I'm so excited. Please I need suggestions on a good state to serve my fatherland. Please Bvs, which states should I work it to?

    Ps: I'm from Imo state and schooled in Abia. Studied Food Science and Technology. I need to serve in a company that's related to my discipline.

    1. Lagos is your best option.

    2. Port Harcourt, I'm sure you won't regret your stay here

    3. Find your way to Lagos. 75% of companies in the zoo are domiciled there. Good luck kid.

    4. Avoid the core northern state except abuja

    5. Lagos pls, IJ how many food companies do we even have in this our Obodo PH?

    6. Thanks for your inputπŸ™
      I’ll opt for Lagos or Ogun state

  9. Truly that news was so heartbreaking, poor lady.

    No public holiday for our office o, my boss said we're not government workers so make we come office.

    Thank you Lord, at least I have a Job that pays.

    Good morning everyone.

  10. Happy new week guys.

    Please let's stay safe out there. Let at least two or more people know where u are going. I just realised how much I took for granted growing up. This world is a really scary place. No one is safe. May God keep protecting us and grant Hiny eternal rest.

  11. Good morning wonderful people. Happy workers day to those working. Your efforts will not be in vein.
    God please provide job for those of us desperately looking unto you for a job. Thank you Lord.
    May this week only give us reasons to smile.amen.

  12. It's a spanking new week and happy public holiday to y'all too..Why do some married men keep girlfriends or side chicks and they are super proud of it? Abuja married are all shades of distastefully brash..πŸ˜’πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ€” Good morning,BVs

  13. Good morning people. Yesterday was such a gloomy day. Had to leave Twitter cause all the stories were starting to disturb me mentally. I pray God helps us to deal with the numerous problems we have in this country
    Persian sis, hope you and the baby are fine?

  14. Beautiful Monday morning my great family, trust everyone is doing great.

    Will like to inform the house that I am back from Calabar, those people wanted to finish me with too much enjoyment, food all the time. Those people have enough enjoyment oh.

    I didn't follow cross country to abuja anymore since my last experience wasn't nice, I came in with calculux and I didn't regret my trip at all, as at 5pm I was already in abuja.

    Thank you all for your prayers and comment, today is for cleaning up and resting before I resume back to work.

    Have a beautiful worker's day celebration.

    1. Thank God for the safe trip,I hope you brought back goodies for us πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    2. Welcome back home, See enjoyment ☺️☺️
      Thanks to God for to and fro safe movement

    3. Thank God for journey mercies. Welcome back.

    4. In Abuja at 5pm?
      Your driver was a pilot not a driver. Hahaha. He flew the ride.

      Thank God for journey mercies.
      Welcome back o jare.

    5. Thank you all .

      @ your driver was a pilot not a driver 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  15. Good morning y’all. Happy workers day.
    I’ve resolved to not open such posts anymore, not good for my health.
    Choc Noir, how are you? Be strong sis.
    Where is Gates?

  16. Good morning y'all.

    Woke hungry. I need to get something to eat fast.

    And my bro in-law is asking how come my children don't have phone, I just gave him side eyes. With all the rubbish kids go to internet to see and read? Abeg I will give them phone when they can be able to filter the bad from good.

    So much bad news and killings all over the country. Lord' please come to our rescue in this naija πŸ™.

    Have blessed day y'all.

    1. You can get them small ones

    2. Its okay for them not to have phones

      Some families do not allow watching of TV till weekend

      No computer games till holiday

      Patterns of parenting differ

      Ignore your brother in law

    3. Jet Li true.
      They watch only mind tuning channels,no music and film channels till weekend.
      They record some and watch from Friday night till Sunday evening.

      But Justy like old are they?

    4. @jetli, so true o.

      @Xp, they are 14plus, 13 and 4plus.

  17. Good morning lovely people of SDKville

    A lazy day is gonna be for me today. I had so much fun yesterday that what I need now is to sleep, sleep and sleep.

    Blessed day y'all πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  18. Heartbreaking weekend.
    From the minor saga
    To the girl I was rooting for to be found.

    Happy workers day πŸ₯°

  19. It's sad. All these petty petty job adverts n solo interviews, bunk them. Use google and nairaland to search out company names, if nothing mega pops up, bunk it. Someone u dunno says, I have an offer for u, bunk it. The world is bad, very bad, things like these won't stop. See what Desmond Elliott had caused.

    1. Desmond elliot hahahahah, that guy don suffer, he caused it for himself sha

    2. Hmmm, something similar happened some years ago. The person even called me to go for the interview all the way to Abuja. The voice sounded fine but I had no memory of applying for such a job, and I can be a doubting Thomas. The call came in several times and they knew my name. I had a bad feeling. So I blocked the number and that was it. I thank God ooo. If it was genuine no problem. It is better to be safe.

  20. Up and grateful. Work mode activated. See as road free na.

    Good Morning lovelies. πŸ₯°

    No matter the sad news going on everywhere, the Lord will keep us safe and be our Joy always. Cheers.

    Have a blessed week my people.

  21. A reminder that the Baba ijesha video shouldn't be on the internet. If you have it on your phone plz delete it. If you see it online, report the pages sharing it. That's distribution of child porn. Our young ones must be protected. Whether her face was blurred or not.

    A lot of fake jobs are posted online hoping to lure unsuspecting job seekers. So much wickedness. Hinny Umoren took all safety precautions and still ended up dead. Her killers must face the law. She deserves justice. Yesterday was such a sad day. Plz y'all be safe out there....

    1. I can't even watch the video. I could never watch such. Dunno how anyone could save such on their phones.

    2. In 'Civilized' countries that video will never be shared to the public, if shared at all, all culprits, both sharer ooo and the ones who have it saved on their phones will all be jailed...never ever watch sick videos of children being is sick, disgusting and shameful, do not enable these paedophiles by watching their content..please if this is a habit desist from such immediately!

    3. Honestly Eka Nobody should be watching it. Its place is at the court. I have seen people sharing and resharing on twitter. Up to us to be reporting those pages.

  22. Always let ppl know your whereabouts. The Bible lets us know the heart of man is desperately wicked.

    May the blood of our LORD JESUS CHRIST continually keep us safe at all times. Amen!

  23. Good morning everyone. Good morning Stella. Let's have a fulfilled week and month. God keep us from all evil in Jesus name.

  24. Good morning everyone
    That lady's death is so heatwrecking,her only crime is to look for job, Job that the government ought to make available
    Millions of graduates are unemployed,the employed ones are being paid peanuts
    Is it a crime to be a Nigerian
    Like I said before,if you have the means,leave ASAP and if you don't have yet,start saving!
    My kids ll not grow up here
    I don dey plan my way,I don't have the means yet but I believe nothing is impossible for Allahu
    Have a wonderful holiday ..

  25. Good morning Stella, what happened to the covid 19 post no update since yesterday

    Good morning blog fam and stay safe

  26. I'm sad... Nigeria matter tire me. God please protect us.
    Good morning everyone!

  27. Good morning kings and queens,

    Thank goodness for the holiday I needed it so much. Enough resting for me.

  28. Amen StellaπŸ™πŸΎ May God continue to bless for all the wonderful things you do for peopleπŸ™πŸΎ

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ride on pastor Shanny, may God take this ministry to it's permanent site

    2. Amen IJ,thanks.
      Good morning,have a favourable week.

  30. May God Almighty heal our land

  31. Good morning all. Many crazy things are happening now. Lots of missing people are trending on Twitter.
    I feel we parents have alot more to do. May God help us all. Amen

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lol,your comments always cracks me up.

    2. Aww..Raquel,i'm pleased.
      Good morning,have a fruitful week hunnay.

  33. Good morning all.
    And the prophetic feast starts today.
    I declare peace in Nigeria...

  34. When God surprises you.... My mouth is so heavy and hands to type it all. Can't believe what I am seeing. Bvs please praise and thank God for me, this blessing is so massive.

    Who am I to deserve God's Mercy let alone His blessings.

    Good Morning Guys.

    1. teejay enter inbox whisper to me:::ABI NA CLOUT BE THIS?

    2. Thank God for you EZEGE

    3. Everytime your hands and mouth are too heavy to type. Spill or shush abeg

    4. Anon oooh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  35. Hear me and hear me well!
    For anyone to say he loves you,there must be a form of 'sacrifice'. Which means inconveniencing yourself to make your partner happy.
    John 3:16;-for GOD so LOVED the world he GAVE..

    You must give! You can't be inlove and laid back about the needs of your significant other. Like good sauce,without salt it becomes tasteless. If you like follow those saying they see no need why a man should support them,after marriage when shit hits the fan and you complain,they'll be the first to ask if you didn't see the signs.
    N;B-Fun fact! They are collecting codedly but coming her to paint a different picture. El oh el!
    Beloved i say to you this morning,use your sense! Be with a man that supports and spoils you silly.
    Men,God didn't make you head for mouth and ladies,avoid those that will say they are testing you,can't do it for gf only wife. Na dem oh,my dear ruuuuuun! Those are the real leeches,na trap,don't you dare fall for it!

    Good morning,from your one and only,world's best..
    Pastor Shanny!
    May God give us strength,peace and Grace thap surpasses human comprehension. Amen.

    1. Hehe, preach on pastor shanny.

    2. A real man shouldn’t have to wait for his woman to ask for support before he does the needful. Some men are “naturally” selfish. Even when they know their partner is having a hard time, they look the other way.
      A real woman must have something going on for her, no mater how little. I won’t have a man rubbish me cos he feels I can’t do without him.
      I don’t see any wrong in supporting your partner when they are in need. Like you said it’s called “sacrifice”
      Why would I remain with a man who can’t make even the littlest sacrifices for me?
      There’s a difference between “supporting” and being dependent on your partner.
      Some come with the excuse of “am I your father” just say you nor get, that’s understandable. Like I said, a real man knows what to do without even talking too much.

    3. I’ve had cause to buy tires for his car, not cos he couldn’t afford it, I wanted to.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Slutty,the funny thing was how some ppl started changing the topic,using word like being 'dependant' and i'm like hello! Since when did depend and support start having same meaning? Why twist the narrative ?
      What these ppl don't know is some of 'us' have walked that path and want ppl to learn from experiences but then...

      If i tell you what happened in a rel' i was forming miss independent ehn(story for another day) Stereoman's voice,e dey pain ga!


    7. You are right paster shanny my sis in the Lord.

  36. Good morning to you all
    Candy dear I hope your sister is getting better,I wish her quick recovery
    Choc dear please be strong this period, it's well
    God will continue to keep everyone safe ❤️❤️

  37. Good morning everyone

    So many bad news in Nigeria. God keep us safe

  38. A very goodmorning to everyone nd happy new week.. may Almighty God heal our land ijn..pls do any knw about Amber energy drink empowerment? is it legit? do they really empower pple?bcs i will be going to there office 4 a documentation,pls someone should help me out,i dnt wnt me ,i dnt 2 waste my trans nd time there without gaining anything..Aunty Stella pls post.

  39. The lord is our shepherd oo
    The world as a whole is becoming so toxic and dangerous.Just wondering all I took for granted when growing up visiting friends and different shady job interviews in ikeja and falomo.

    Please if you are going for an interview
    Turn on your location,search for them online. Check out that job blog for authenticity.The days are really wicked.

  40. Reading about her death yesterday was so painful,evil people everywhere,no one to trust anymore. I was hoping she will be found.

    Happy workers day and may God protect us.

  41. Cut soap!!!Cut Soap

    The best soap is psalms 91,121,23,55

    Because the days are dangerous...we all need God's protection.

  42. Good morning all. Yesterday was a gloomy day for me all over social media. I couldn't even sleep, i had to pray and ask God to make me fall asleep. Lets all be careful out there, commit your ways to God always. Inni Umoren was someone's daughter, sister, friend, aunty and babe maybe. Its sad!! I felt pain (sigh) cos i actually hoped she was found safe , God knows all. Its a public holiday today and i am hopeful that this week opens doors for us all in jesus name. AMEN. Do have an awesome week ahead guys! Dear Stella, thanks for all you do, God bless you. And i miss Wendy! Not seen or read from her since last week, *sad face* (sigh). Hi Wendy.

    1. Hi, right back!
      Been busy and online have time to read posts/comments. But, I was online for some days last week na and yesterday. Though yesterday, was just the chronicle.
      Pele. Hope, you are good?

      Good morning Bvs. Be safe.

    2. WENDY! Your boo is sad please come out. I'm sad too😌

    3. Hi Bae! I am fine now (smiles).

      @Anon 10:56 Kilode? hahahahaa. you were even sad on my behalf? Lol.

    4. *and only
      Anony, don't be sad, biko. I'm here now.

    5. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  43. God will continue to protect our going out and coming back.Amen.good morning

  44. Good morning to us
    Morning Stellar Stella

    Congratulations Perxian on the arrival of your princess❤️❤️
    God's blessings on the little one.God bless and keep you all.

    The Devil that raped and killed Ini was just 20 years old, barely out of teenage hood.

    What kind of faulty, devilish, dysfunctional parent raised a child that is crafty, cunning, kidnaps, rapes, murders and even kills while still looking innocent like the kid next door?

    RIP Ini.

    Stay safe people

  45. Good morning Bvs. Please, is WINNERS chapel on mixlr? I want to join the program online, from this evening. Thanks.

  46. Anon 21:50 that replied to my comment yesterday, what is the color of your problem, where did you read that i always deny my husband sex, so as a woman, when i'm sick,not in the mood or menstruating and he forces himself on me i should be blamed,

    Like other people suggested,i'm planning my exit with my 2 kids so that i will not die before my time.

  47. People are truly Wicked! Nigerians don't know what is due process; many of them are just too emotional when it comes to getting justice.
    I hope they don't jeopardize everything for this innocent girl!

    Both the people that released that video and those that watched it and helped spreading it around, are heartless! Long time ago, I made it one of my mantra never to watch any videos on social media and I asked God for grace to stick by my decision.

    How many people have asked about that innocent girl's state of mind, is she seeing a therapist yet OR are the adults involved only concerned about themselves and forgot the torture and trauma that little went through and still going through.

    Please, stop being secretive with your whereabouts, some people have made it their aim to destroy other people's lives.

    Peace ☮️ to you all

    1. Some struggling, gutter blog even had the audacity to post the video on YouTube!! YouTube of all places!!! Without watching, I reported the video and the channel for posting Child pornography and I know they’d be banned forever from the platform.

      The US has zero tolerance to child abuse and peddling child pornography is a particularly egregious crime, these idiots think it’s the zoo where everything and anything goes.

    2. Thank you Mrs A! I said it here yesterday never watched it and never will. Police already told us after reviewing the footage so why watch it?!! People are sharing it on twitter, it's on blogs! Some people are saying oh her face is blurred and so?! That changes nothing! A minor! Call it whatever you wish that is child porn. Some people just wanted to see the vidoe and get off on it. Disgusting people. There is only one victim and that is that child. She should be our focus. How to help her, how she can access therapy. Not watching that disgusting vidoe. Plz let's all be guided. Those pages who posted that vidoe must be reported. If you are here and you watched that video, plz do not rewatch it. If you have it on your phone, plz delete it and do not share it. May God protect our young ones

    3. There are animals on two legs everywhere pretending to be human

      Empty low life

      Lacking intelligence and empathy

  48. I was diagnosed with small substerine uterine fibroid. I feel so sad and in pains. Please what can I do to heal. I am all I got. No relationship leading anywhere presently and I’m not up to 30. Please causes and what to do to degenerate it

    1. I pray healing upon you πŸ™πŸΎ πŸ€—πŸ’–

    2. So sorry dear, I pray the lord perfects all that concerns you

    3. Baby Malu Over3 May 2021 at 14:22

      So sorry dear, you use Google to know more about the ailment and also see a good gynaecologist. It's all love from here❤️πŸ€—

    4. The person or people who 'diagnosed ' you should have been the best to answer all your questions Ma.

      Speedy recovery.

    5. Anon 09:26... It might disappear, mine did....
      I was diagnosed last year august, checked again in November, it was still there.....
      Checked last month to know what's up, there's nothing there anymore....
      I started working out in January, I guess that helped shrink it...
      P.s I am 26

  49. Good morning everyone
    Happy workers day for all workers in the house
    And for the business people good market today

  50. Good morning everyone
    Happy workers day to all workers in the house
    And good market to all business people in the house

  51. I wish......
    Nigeria is a better country
    I wish I have a better job
    I wish I have a better life
    I wish and wish and wish
    But in all wishes
    I am so grateful for everything thing God have done for me and what he is still doing and going to do
    Good morning bv

  52. Bonjour everyone 😊.
    I hope we are fine
    Everything good will come to me. Amen

  53. Good morning lovelies.

    Over sleeping dey worry me.
    My alarm went off early mormor, I stretched my hands, grabbed my phone for light and was heading to the wall to press the water heater button when my sister burst out laughing. Hahaha.
    Thought I was in my house and forgot totally it's a work free day. Even LO and BEHOLD were awake and didn't disturb me? Wonderful.
    I had to fall back to bed after prayers. Na my morning be this. Chai.
    Happy holidays people.

    Too many bad news in the world. Look at India. Brazil. God please intervene.

    Chocolate Noir...pray the burial arrangement is on smoothsail. Ndo nu.
    Candy...your sister will be fine.
    Jehovah is Rapha.

    RIP Hinny.
    Such a horrible way to go but God will surely comfort your family.

    Stay safe and protected.
    Corona virus is real.

  54. Good morning to us all, and happy new week.
    I pray this week brings us goodness and protection, no matter how hard and insecure our country is, we shall only see or hear but non shall near us ijn.Amen


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