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Monday, June 28, 2021

MONDAY In House News...



Dear Judginas, f##k you all.

 If you know you are without sin please be the first to cast the stone. I am the poster of FRIDAY IN HOUSE NEWS SUGAR DADDY STORY 

 I don't regret one kobo dating Lucky. He was the best thing to ever happen to me. He loved, respected and cared for me. I didn't even noticed he was older than me. It is because Nigeria is a useless country if not he would have survive. I still mourn him and wish he was alive I would have gladly married him. 

Didn't you see me mention I had plans to join him oversea which your sense was suppose to tell you that he was very single. Even if he was married nko, did I ask him out? You lots will come out and be yearning rubbish as if your life is better off. Yes I am married, happy and very independent, I let my hubby be without stressing myself. I can't come and die on top man matter. 

I am not ashamed and never was used by Lucky. At that age I commanded respect whenever I was around him. Please young girls if any married man ask you out please chop and clean mouth including my own. 

We keep blaming the young ones what about the older ones that has refused to respect their age and vows. F##k you all again.

*Thank you for using the F word on us.. I hope that you feel good? Enjoy!!



Growing up was fun with no worries. We played games like Suwe, ten ten, tinko, police and thieves, who is in the garden, etc. 

The highlight of childhood for me was Christmas season. 

The excitement and pure joy of getting my Christmas clothes and shoes. I would wear my shoe to bed, remove it reluctantly in the morning, put it back in its box and tuck it away safely in my parents wardrobe. The knowledge and excitement would put extra spring in my steps.

Sundays were usually hair day. My siblings, friends, and I shared the same hairdresser. Most of us were fond of Mama because her hairstyles weren’t so painful. She would put our head on her laps and make our hair. We made styles like shuku, police cap etc. We were kids without any care in the world. We played, we fought, we played. We exchanged story books.

Times have changed, children are no longer allowed to be kids, they are being robbed of their childhood. Parents are in a hurry for them to grow up fast. Little girls don’t look like the little princesses they should be, but now look like queens.

The hair extensions, make up and sometimes inappropriate outfits are appalling. I have seen little girls walk around with the “I am a fine girl syndrome” look and the glint in their eyes when they see their reflections is disturbing. That childhood carefree attitude is gone.

The boys aren’t left out too. A lot of parents have good intentions, but they are most times misplaced.

Another thing is the subliminal competition. Every parent wants their child to be better than the others, the kids are bombarded with so much information and knowledge, so early it’s crazy.

Parents brag, “oh my 2-year old can read 1 – 50, how come yours can only read to 20.” The other parent starts to feel inadequate, transfer the aggression to the child and starts to expect more. Forgetting that children are different.

When the standard set for the child is not achieved, the child is made to feel like a failure thereby eroding the child’s self-confidence and esteem. A lot of parents are also trying to overcompensate the kids for the childhood they did not have.

 We should learn to genuinely know our child. Balance our expectations, nurture our child and most importantly let kids be kids.

Wonderful writeup... I agree with you cos i have seen live the scenario you described and it was so wrong.....



Hi Stella and fellow BVs, wanted to share my ivf encounter and I believe can be helpful. 

My first ivf sadly failed and i even developed OHSS (18 eggs extracted). Be careful with hospitals that would offer mouth watering promos. There are so many hidden charges that they would be bringing up later and you would be left with no option but to pay. So ask questions. No matter how irrelevant, ask questions because its your hard earned money.

So I decided to do another procedure after reading and so many reviews but this time in a different hospital. Firstly they said the previous hospital was not supposed to do a fresh transfer, they would have froze my eggs and done the transfer when my hormones were calm, as my hormones were already too high due to OHSS and would have done a progesterone test first to determine whether to transfer or not.

After all tests everything came out fine but the Dr said I had a polystic ovary (too many follicles). So he went on and on that I would need egg donor bla bla and I would take a high dosage of meds. Ah! Immediately I started interrogating him o. Told him am just 31. He said he was so so sorry. They put am a 49years old lady on my records. The fault came from the receptionist. So you can imagine what would have become of me if i wasnt asking questions and paying attention to details.

Also my scan came out perfect. No uterine fibroids. Whereas the previous Dr said I had a fibroid that was growing. He even circled a place on the scan (knowing fully well that i may not understand). I heard this is a ploy some Drs use so you can do a hysteroscopy test which is expensive. When he saw I was asking too many questions he said eh its ok i dont need to do it.

It is well with us. Some hospitals use this as an opportunity to rip people off their money. Some hospitals even do IUI for couples and claim it is IVF. Please try to always get a second opinion and join platforms so you can get firsthand experiences from others. I pray myself and everyone that is TTC will be fruitful asap by the grace of God.

AMEN to your prayers!
Some Doctors and wayo!!!

According to Wikipedia 

''Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a medical condition that can occur in some women who take fertility medication to stimulate egg growth, and in other women in very rare cases. Most cases are mild, but rarely the condition is severe and can lead to serious illness or death''.



Was i wrong or was it pride? 

We all have shops in a business mall in Abuja. I have someone that works for me but you won't know i own the place cos i look so young. A new young girl just like me but a bit fuller rented one of the shops and is fixing it. I also do POS services in my own shop with my main business. 

The girl came to do cash back and collected 50k and said she'll give me the charge in cash, i shouldn't add it to terminal withdraw. She said i should follow her to the car and take the charge. Someone drove her down. I acted like i didn't hear her. 

I expected her to go bring the charge and come back. She got to the car, and signaled me to come get the money, I ignored her and called my staff to go get it. I felt she should have gotten the cash and returned. Was that pride? or the customer is always right as usual. 

If its pride let me kill it before it grows wings.

I think you are too proud oh...... you can even say Yes MA to her and nothing will be removed from you...No be your business you dey do? Please cut the wings...



  1. Good afternoon blog fam and have a positive week

    1. Lmaooo. F word poster, I didnt bother advising you the other day, cos you are dense. Case of 1 eyed man being king among beggars. Dont bother telling us to chop clean mouth, your likes will do that for you. We no send.

    2. Some of these doctors eh, it's only God that would judge them. Why take undue advantage of women trying to conceive? That's just wickedness

    3. Abuja u said? If it was Lagos, that will zoom off and u lose ur money

    4. Aunty shop owner u are too proud biko.. no matter how small u think ur customer is . learn to be polite nd friendly. U would have just replied yes ma. Nd send your girl to go with her to collect it. Me na who respect i dey come back to her store.

    5. Abuja young shop owner. Cut your wings before it brings you down. If I were you, I would have replied "yes ma, thank you ma, my staff will follow you ma, Have a nice day ma"..
      Learn to treat your customers with utmost respect no matter how young or poor they look, it pays in business

  2. Good pm to y'all on here and how's the Monday afternoon treating you wherever you are at? Beware of fake people and most especially friends that are ever flocking around with bad intentions..πŸ˜πŸ˜’ #

  3. My body functions for God. Every organ, tissue, and cell in my body complies with the will of the Father, which is divine health and ever increasing strength. My body is not sustained by blood, but by the vitalizing power of the Holy Spirit in me. It is impossible for me to be brought down by sickness. I dwell continually in health through the working of His mighty power in me. Hallelujah!

    1. Hallelujah... This shall be my daily confession henceforth. Thank you

  4. The next 7 days of your life will be filled with jaw dropping blessings!!_RealTalkKim.

  5. Good afternoon beautiful people on here. Been a while. πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ˜

  6. So long as you are patronizing my business;you are always right

    And if anyone thinks you are wrong for any action;they are also right;

    In summary;you both are right


    1. Righto


    2. So long you receive your money and keep the business going, the customer is always right.

      Na money you Dey make for business not right or wrong customers✌🏾

  7. Ya feeling jealous of the new shop owner already?

    Madam, sorry Lucky died, but you dont need to transfer aggression of your present cheating husband on us naa, why d F word? For all I know, you might be doing your stuff too, retirement no dey fornthat thing.

    1. Where is the like button?πŸ‘

      Madam sorry truly for your loss but please be calming down okay 😊, the fact you shared your story on a public blog means you should be ready to receive both positive & negative reactions, no need cursing or using the F word on people for their honest opinions.

    2. Hahahahahahahaha @retirement no dey for that thing. Her husband is obviously not treating her well. I knew this after reading that first post of hers where sh said the best years she ever had were with Uncle Lucky. My own best years were/are with my sweet hubby.

  8. The poster came back to blast those that judged her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ must have hit you terribly.

    POS poster, it’s not pride at all. What stopped her from bringing the money to you?
    Abeg carry yourself as the madam that you are, it’s not easy to be one πŸ€“

  9. The Golden rule at the meme.... Sunny Afternoon here. Feel so tired already. I need something chilled and refreshing.

    Lady telling everyone fuck you, is it how pained you are? You can still express your points without the F word you know.

    Good Afternoon guys...

  10. Good afternoon everyone..Hope you had a nice weekend..Today has been crazy and busy...Really so former side chick you had to use the swear word on everyone...You lack remorse and this your attitude is not a good one and will not help in the long run..

    Madam you own business so you should not always feel intimidated. You own the complex good but you can still be humble and that does not mean you should tolerate any disrespect but just be cool ok..

  11. It's all about the money the customer is bringing to you and the referrals you are likely going to get. Ignore and be respectful to your clients. It will keep them coming back. Na your money you dey find.

    @ Sugar daddy, you go dey alright.

  12. Remember The Devil calls you by your sin even though he knows your name but God knows your name even though you are a sinner..Choose today whom you will serve..

  13. At Pos poster my own opinion,that's not pride since your sales girl is around,sending her is not a bad one..

  14. Oh my Ovaries - Even back then, some parents were doing too much with their kids and the silent competition has been on going. The emergence of social media just made it more conspicuous.

    Every thing you mentioned didn’t just start, they ve been there but now it’s even more intentional.

    Good post πŸ‘πŸ».

  15. So the side chicken expected sdk commenters to clap for her for spreading legs for another woman's husband
    and lying on top of his grave that he died by just "fainting?"
    Wow! Some of you girls are living on borrowed warped identity in a fantasy island!
    Okay, let's clap for you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    And please share these crowns (of shame) with all your sisters that spread legs like mats
    for other women's husband 🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺

  16. I think the reason you are operating your business is because of your customer. For me,I don't see the big deal in walking down to get the money so long it's not like she talked down at you are anything like that

  17. Last poster, in my business, the customer is always right. As far as you pay me my money, no probs. I will follow you to the car.

  18. Beautiful afternoon to everyone.

    I don't see that as pride, she should have come with the charges, but you know the saying customer is always right.

    Hahaha, the bashing must have hit the right cord for you to have replied.

    Sign out meme is on point.

  19. POS lady, please incapacitate the wings biko. It's not good for business

  20. Hehehehe,Sugar daddy side chick,the 'yabbis' entered well,and it pained you,see how razz and uncouth you sound,shows the kind of person you're,dog has kissed your face,your F word back at you in plenty measure.

  21. Poster- I don’t know why you expected the comments to be positive when it’s a Controversial Sugar Daddy post. If your man was single like you said, why then do you bother about judginas or is it his age?

    It’s clear you are still very fond of the Lucky and don’t want his memory tainted so I advice you stop talking about him here.

    1. @Perxian
      Does the man being single remove the facts that;
      1. This is fornication from a girl that was just 21 and should be in school
      2. lied that the man did not die on top of her
      3. Never disclosed how the man died till date and her parents do not know her escapades
      4. The fact that she does not love the man seeing that she lied on top of his grave
      5. She is using f-word on everybody on this blog and that shows her true immoral character
      6. she has on her conscience the guilt of her un-repented adulteries and the immoral advice
      to girls to "chop (other women's husbands) and clean mouth" and move?
      7. That anyone supporting this evil will join her to share these baskets of shame
      8. 🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺

    2. Dear Basket,

      1) Yes, it is fornication which I was also guilty of when I was 21. I’m not the one to judge.
      2) How did you know she lied?
      3) So you don’t have a secret that you are carrying to the grave? 🀨
      4) Again, how did you know she lied?
      5) She is immoral alright.
      6)Right, again but it’s up to God to judge her.
      7) I don’t see any support.

    3. @Perxian
      She told us in the original script that she lied to both the man's brothers and kept mum with regard to
      her parents.
      I did not imply that you are supporting her
      I don't have any secret I am carrying to the grave, okay? Please confess any wrong doing to avoid "had I known in eternity"
      Mark 4:22, NASB: "For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light."
      My name is not basket and I don't have any basket for you

  22. Every child is different, comparing one child to another makes the lose his or her self worth.If your child is lacking in one area or another, there are ways to go about it with love rather than insult.

  23. Sugar daddy whatever.....El oh el,pained mofo.

  24. It's not pride in any way. To have told your worker to collect the money is what majority shop owners will do. And what's stopping her from bringing back the money? Era of customer is %100 right is gone. Some customers without intention to buy or patronise only waste your time and you're giving your best trying to please them and miss out on genuine customers or clients. Calm down. Did your worker collect the money? Yes. That's the most important thing.

    1. I do not Fault her for sending her staff to get the money. Thats a proper thing to do but she said when the customer signaled to her, she ignored her. She did not have to do that. She could have waved to the woman or signaled back to say a staff will be coming to get it, not ignore. Nah thats not a good look for a business owner. She was not Polite there.

  25. A powerful man of God is not that man that makes people fall down and roll on the floor, neither is he the one that sees the phone numbers of people and the trees in their compound. A powerful man of God is one who makes proper use of the power of God (using the gospel to bring men unto salvation) the greatest demonstration of God's power is in salvation. The gospel is the power. Romans 1:16.

  26. Madam F word. The man wasn't single, aunty stop lying

    1. I knew it was a watered down version of the story she was sharing. Madam chop and clean mouth, she is just a hypocrite and will get served in due time.

  27. It is well with us ooo... see side chick and moral oooo... Remember what you do to others returns to you in ten to hundred folds. You still have mouth to be cursing abi... Continue!!

  28. Madam side hen pele,ndo,nagode,the truth hits u wella.
    I will live home with my children in the morning to work.
    Left at home are my step children,sister in-law will come downstairs to be asking them to give her foodstuff,when I know that hubby gives her 10k per wk for food allowance with one child o.
    Please bvs put me in prayer for baba God to provide/touch hubby’s mind to leave family house.

    1. Haaaaa madam 10k every wk hmmmm, and she is still not satisfied. It's well why not look for key and lock up the food items, or better still instruct ur step kids to tell her to wait till when u return, bcoz prices of foodstuff have gone up, u don't need unnecessary spending and greedy person around you now, it's well with ur soul, God will provide for u and hubby. Some inlaws are not considerate. She should have been coming to u directly not the children she can manipulate into adding more for her. She is cunny but pls don't go gbas gbos on her, use cunny way follow her too.

  29. Business lady,hear this, new customers will always come back if you are extremely nice to them,same with old customers. If you like act it,but it works. At the end of the day, you just want them to spend their money in your shop. I had a shop years back and though I wasn't so young(was about 29,30),I was on the slim side. You'd think I was a lil girl. I got such treatments from young girls in fact small girls(when you consider the age differences)but what did it matter to me? Nothing.At the end of the day, I made them my consistent customers by my courtesy,niceness.So put off that madam stuff and be humble and nice and secure the money.

  30. Hahahaha Stella you too dey for the fuck you all. If you know you cannot take criticism don't bring your chronicles or stories. Some blog visitors no get joy at all. As it dey do them for body na so dem go use am comment as if pepper dey their bodies.

    Those that have hearts and take criticism well and know what to do God bless you, those wey no get akpobi and cannot sleep well, swallow spits and keep your stories to your hearts.

    Nigeria is too hot and the thing dey hot everyone for body.

    Wonderful afternoon all. Let me go.back and read others

  31. We ladies like to behave as if we are in competition. What is wrong in going to meet her in her car and take your money? Are you jealous she came with car? Na wa for you ooo. Repent please.
    Don't allow pride kill you, you might need help from her one day.

    Madam thanks on this ivf story. May God Almighty makes you fruitful in Jesus Christ name Amen. To all others according to tge Book of Psalms God said I will settle the barren woman and make her fruitful. Please that is your portion Amen. Key to the Words of God Almighty.

    Blessed day all

  32. Madam sidechick, mere reading your post is enough to give one headache:
    * would have SURVIVED
    * YARNING not yearning
    * older ones that HAVE

    You said "Even if he was married nko, did I ask him out?"

    Well, you clearly have no morals. Next time, keep your immoral tales to yourself as no one asked you in the first place.

  33. Good afternoon lovelies, all have a great week ahead.

  34. Madam sidechic doh
    May your children not become sidechics.

    POS ownee, pls it's not pride.
    I just love the fact that you are conscious of this subtle derailing and depriving attitude called pride.

    Jeweluchi Stella thanks for this blog o, it's been 10years!
    How did you get me glued laidis!
    No be juju be that😍

  35. Oh my ovaries poster, how i look forward to your write up.
    to the TTC lady your boundle of joy is on the way

  36. BVs good afternoon. I need reviews on skin rich gold lotion, is it a bleaching cream and tender white lotion too. Been googling but can't find my answers.

  37. I think u shouldn't be angry this is sdk everyone will have an opinion, u are sounding so pained yet u want us to believe u don't give a fuck, u said young girls should chop sugar daddies including ur hubby.what if they perform chidimma on u hmmmm. It's well, poster just relax ur mind accept u were lucky and move on, life ain't so hard like that.

  38. Why must you be the one to collect the money? Sending someone is good enough. I wonder why she cant pick money from her car and come back to the shop to pay. For me, she is the proud one.

    1. She's suppose to come down and pay. Can she do that in shoprite, bank or some other places? That lady should calm down biko. I will send my employee to go and collect my moneeee.

    2. True, send your employee but don't give her an attitude because she won't come back next time. As she said let her come with her to the car, she should have said "Okay, Bose follow her and collect the money", then wave cheerfully after she gives Bose the money. This will make an impression that you are the Madam but you really appreciate her patronage.

  39. Iyawo lucky sorry side hen better rest no body get your time here.
    Amen to the TTC prayer.

  40. I don't see my comments. Jewelu namaste

  41. the pained sidechick pele oh.. so you thought you'd post a chronicle like yours and all the comments would be congratulating you for your exploits? please don't make me laugh... in essence i have nothing to say on your case.. keep catching your cruise...


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