Stella Dimoko Nigeria Records 17 New Cases Of COVID 19 Infections


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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Nigeria Records 17 New Cases Of COVID 19 Infections

 It is not even the number of cases that is my problem, it is the fact there is no adequate provision put in place to vaccinate at least half of the population.......


  1. Does this mean that it increasing? Then they should do another lock down nah. So many idiots on this blog were shouting covid is real nonsense but these days they're still the ones going from one market to another in search of affordable food stuff not Minding the crowd out there. Fools how market na abi una don finally dey immuned. There is no covid in Nigeria, show me just two of your neighbors that have died of the virus. Foolish people allowing the government to play politics on them. Covid is real but you're fucking multiple partners without contracting it. I'm not saying it's sexually transmitted. I'm talking about the touching body and exchange of fluids. Rubbish. Are you tired of working from home abi money don finish for account already? Lol! Make una wait, they're planning I mean they want to fake another pandemic before your buhari will finally retire and this one.... Hmmm let me keep quiet before his children will decode me cos they're also silent/anon bvs. It was even from one of them that I heard about this blog. Aunty Stella post o. Cos I've got more juicy gists for ya. Kisses

  2. "The producers of approved vaccines, Pfizer/ BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca, aim to produce enough doses to vaccinate only 1.5% of the global population in 2021. However,rich countries have bought multiple doses of these vaccines. While Astra Zeneca has sold the majority of its doses to developing countries, Pfizer/ BioNTech and Moderna have sold almost all of their doses to rich nations, while failing to share their successful technology openly, despite huge public subsidies. Their vaccines are prohibitively expensive". It was the WHO that had to intervene before very insignificant allocation of vaccines were given to Africa and rationalized based on each country's population. So we just have to wait. Even amongst the rich nations, not every one has been vaccinated.
    Was it not just this week that elite footballers of one country were given the jabs?

  3. Stella, the question is that do Nigerians want the vaccine? The answer is NO. I have been vaccinated and it was so easy. Originally, they started with a schedule to start with frontline workers then the elderly and at risk and so on but there was very little uptake so they opened it up to everyone. I doubt that 20k people have been vaccinated in Nigeria as of today


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