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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Saturday Laughs


*If you and your wife combine your O’level results and still u can't get Credit in 5 subjects, pls don't have kids*
Teachers are suffering!


*You are 30 and not yet a CEO? What a shame! I became CEO at age 15 when my teacher said*
*"You and your company, leave my class"* 


*Once you turn 25 and above, there’s no need to set an alarm, your problems will wake you up by force‍♂不不不*


*The pain of having a grandmother who doesn’t have witchcraft...people take you for granted knowing that you don’t have backup.*


*After insulting the conductor and calling him all sorts of names then BOOM, you didn't see money in your pocket to pay him*
Yawa go gas.


The best feeling in the world is when someone you dont like tells a joke and nobody laughs.不


*Trust me the only time I am serious in my life is when am counting the number of zeros in the money I am to transfer to somebody.*


*Once you hear people saying "his wife is controlling him" just know that they are living in peace...*
Bad and jealous people everywhere.


*This one sabi cook. That one sabi greet. The other one sabi Do*
Na so Solomon take marry 700 wives


If you hear a lady saying my child is my everything... Just know that the father ran away!
Wisdom will not kee me



What is Nigeria turning into? A friend just told me that their father takes tithe and offering from them during morning devotion.


  1. That last joke got me laughing! Stella thanks for making me laugh this morning. Laughter is the best medicine

  2. Lol. That fish replies 'eat me first and see what I will do to your intestines'不

  3. Stella you are a darling

  4. So much laughter here thanks SDK

  5. Fish no be me kill you ooo不不不

  6. 不不不不不不 see me rolling on the floor.

  7. Beautiful, cold Saturday morning. Laffed real good

  8. today laughs

    Teacher are suffering joke is a sad reality, some parents do not put effort into their kids, knowing that these kids needs all the help they can get,they leave everything for teachers, God help us.

    1. They expect the teacher to perform miracles

  9. This just made me laugh. Thanks Stella for this...

  10. See me laughing and farting ooooo不不不不

  11. They are all funny. I had a good laugh.

  12. I had a good laugh. Good morning blogfam

  13. 不不不不不 I love that tithe and offering thing after morning devotion.

    You didn't waste my time o

  14. The last joke got me, I just dey laugh.After collecting tithe and offerings will he take it to church or put in his pocket

  15. I no fit laugh very funny jokes

  16. Stella, I don't know if there will ever be any collection that will rival today. My Tommy is painting me. God help me not to remember on the street na to laugh like I am crazy be that.不不

  17. 不不不 thanks for this. You've really made me laugh


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