Stella Dimoko Young Lady Paraded For Stealing A Child


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Monday, August 09, 2021

Young Lady Paraded For Stealing A Child

A young lady has been been paraded after she allegedly stole a child in Rivers state

A viral video shows members of the community parading the young lady in leg chains as she carried the alleged baby she stole.


  1. Some people are heartless, imagine the pain and trauma the parent of that baby would have passed through, thank God she was caught

  2. God have mercy! Thank God for exposing her,who knows how long she has been doing it.

  3. Hmmmm stealing a child waoooh, someone obviously recruited her for this business. She shld be thoroughly questioned and her cohorts brought to book.

    Am very sure a couple is somewhere waiting to pay for the child if the deal had gone well.

    Small girl like her, if she was not caught, few months from now, she will flaunt a car and house, shouting oluwa did it, house owner at 23 or warever her young age is, oppressing the legit, slow and steady hustlers.

    Ndi fast lane will all be caught.

  4. I hope her customers are rounded up too, because she is definitely not alone in the business.
    Stupid girl, you steal a child for how much?

  5. Wetin do her womb?
    You get luck say people wey de do jungle justice been de watch BigBrothel naija.

    1. BigBrothel. That’s funny!!
      I hope she wasn’t going to use the child for money ritual

  6. A young girl stealing a child,na wa o.thank God she was caught

  7. 'Ungun known woman',Evil specie.
    Who sent her??
    Oh my! the baby must have cried .
    When I said these demons there conscience is dead ,I mean it.

  8. People that steal babies are the worst. Like how can u do this to a fellow woman, losing a child in such circumstances can kill the woman, cause HBP, even destroy her marriage. Why steal a baby for crissake?

  9. See her wicked face. Why so wicked.
    Another woman's child

    God save us.

  10. Wickedness from a young age!

  11. A young girl stole a child.

    A nine year old girl burnt down a Supermarket with N5b worth of goods.

    A 21 year old undergraduate murdered Super-TV CEO.

    Young men and Young women 'culturing' an EPIDEMIC of baby daddy and baby mama virus in their laboratory of immorality.

    A generation venerating nudity, cybercrime, ill-gotten wealth, materialism and flaunting all sorts of depravity on Social Media.

    *Who raised these youngsters?*

    Where did the chain of moral and cultural values cut between generations?

    Undoubtedly,a good number of the last two generations of parents failed in passing on the right values to their children. DEFINITELY A REFLECTION of the state OF COUNTRY ITSELF in the last 45 years - BOTH LEADERSHIP & PARENTING).

    What does the future portend?



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