Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star Princess Insinuates That She Is Under Pressure To Marry...


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Monday, October 18, 2021

Big Brother Star Princess Insinuates That She Is Under Pressure To Marry...

 Big Brother Naija season 6 star Princess has said her mind but some may disagree with her....


  1. Nowadays most people settle for who is ready and not who they love, for me I love love

  2. Princess alot of people think marriage is an achievement especially from the part of world we came from. Once you are not married and up to the age of getting married people will no longer respect you, little talk they will say that is why you are not married.

    Just grow a tough skin, wash your face, pick your fight, allow them talk, be focus and keep on moving cos God has the final say.

  3. It's true.
    I snooped my moms whatsapp and saw messages she sent to some male distant uncles and even the royal father of my village(we are related) telling them to find me a husband cos my I'm the only one left unmarried. She now sees them as my father she can discus such with cos my papa is late.
    & they are planning arrangee once they find a suitable person.
    I just laughed and I didn't let her know I saw her chats.
    Me I don't want any arrangee, I know what I want, I'm praying my plan works ASAP so the time doesn't come for them to begin stress me to marry one person I no like or know.

  4. Anywhere I go and turn to they keep on asking me when are you getting married. In church yesterday one uncle is even asking me when am I introducing my man to them, that time is going, I should do and marry fast, as if na my backyard den dey manufacture husband.

    1. No mind dem, your time will come

    2. A culture that encourages shortsightedness and desperation disguised as well wishing everyday worldwide pushes people into regrettable mistakes

      Rather than desperation let us preach encouragement

  5. It's well,this thing isn't funny,but I am not settling for less cause what I want exist and I must have it,the society cannot detect for me,forever is too long to couple up with a stranger,while waiting good your heads up ladies and keep reaching for the goal✌️❣️❣️❣️

  6. Asin..

    I went to visit my parents during the weekend. That's how my mum and dad while talking about my studies started asking me about one brother they once knew...mum started asking me about some of my friends she knows.
    They started asking me when I intend to bring a man home.


    She said, I should do fast o. I should just marry any man even if he doesn't care so much about me, that I can care for myself since I'm doing well.


    I am just 27. Is it because I have a job and a running business? I dey even suffer alone sef.

    So, I shouldn't marry for love again.?


    I never knew all this yeye pressure will get to me like this. I won't visit for a while again.

    1. They don't know any better

      You do

      Protect your peace of mind

    2. So she knows more than her parents? Pls explain.

  7. Many adults though working or having sources of income in some cases are not emotionally or mentally or even physically ready for marriage

    Damaged /selfish/ badly brought up people everywhere

  8. Gbamsolutely! You couldn't have said it any better.

    Instead of pressuring people to get married, advice them to start going for counselling/therapy to get to know and love themselves better, that way, it is easier to discern the right person for them.


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