Stella Dimoko Music Boss Don Jazzy Says The Music Industry Is Fairer On The Males Artistes And Explains Why...


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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Music Boss Don Jazzy Says The Music Industry Is Fairer On The Males Artistes And Explains Why...



  1. Oya na , babes go and try your him

  2. A man that "liver fails" to find his wife is called....? 😏😏😏😏

  3. Who are the ones that want to have sex with them, isn't it you the music producers?

  4. Life is generally kinder to the male folk. In every industry, men are constantly trying to sleep with women in exchange for favors, promotion, jobs, business deals, exam grades, etc. I'm sure it is worse in the entertainment industry though. It is sad, but it is what it is.
    I'm just glad that it's a man confessing this. When women complain, men claim it's a victim mentality filled with lies. But they know the truth and that's why they are always so protective of their daughters, sisters, etc. Many men will never do anything for a strange woman without expecting something sexual in return.

    1. In actual is generally kinder to women than men.

      Women get a lot of favour for being women that men don't get.

      The ones that get exploited for sex ate the ones that don't know how to use their feminine wiles and their Pussy is suffering from it.

      As a one cares about you until you start bringing value to the table. That's why men work extra hard than most women do.

      If you think men get things on a platter...then ask why Nolly wood women build bigger and better houses than their male counterpart.

      In the even do more work than women. It's a known fact.

      Don jazzy is right to some extent that women get propositioned for sex a lot in exchange for favour.

      But we men don't get propositioned and have to work extra hard to get what we want. Something most women get with their feminity instead.

    2. No one said men get things on a platter though. No one. Life is hard for both. But when it comes to exchanges, men get favoured based on merit or connections. A woman can have both, but somehow because she's a woman, sexual advances are often involved.
      If you think women get things easily simply because they are women and not because some kind of sexual favour is expected from them, you are wrong. Now If you've never been a woman, I dont understand why you would argue with what you have never experienced. Your fellow man who is neck deep in an industry is telling u same, but you'd rather make it some gender competition.

      As a woman, I can confidently tell you that whenever the vast majority of men are in a position to offer some kind of assistance, there is 'that expectation'. Only very, very few do nice things without any attachment. But believe what you will.

  5. I dont understand the first paragraph.


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