Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - When An Ahewo Disgraces You.....


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Sunday, December 04, 2022

AMEBO CHRONICLES - When An Ahewo Disgraces You.....

I don’t judge people by their kind of work/profession because we all can’t be lawyers and doctors....

. people have to become one thing or the other so that there can be a balance. Therefore, when you engage the services of someone - PAY.

There was power outage for days so I couldn’t do my laundry. I keep my machine at the balcony outside so at about 4am the power came on and I rushed out to do the one I could do, then I heard the noise and a lot of swear words.

I heard a car engine rev and a woman screaming and swearing, I also heard male voices and beating sounds. Trust people on my street now because gates started opening and so I went to the opening of my fence to know what the noise was about. LOL

Turns out a uniformed man and his brother employed the services of the “ladies of the night” from a popular brothel, the ladies worked over night and “over worked” and got swapped too.

The men woke them up at 3am to clean up and get ready to leave, they asked for pay and the uniformed man gave half of the pay promising that he will do a transfer as soon as the bank app comes up. The younger brother told the other lady that she ate and drank and enjoyed herself too so why the fuss over balance.

Babe got angry and raised her voice, brother slapped her and pushed them out of the compound but they didn’t leave. Brother works far so he leaves home early to beat traffic. Uniformed man and brother got into the car and drove out but the Babes were waiting.

Babes blocked them and sat on the bonnet of the car but were dragged and beaten. They fought back and hard. When uniformed man saw that neighbors came out and the babes didn’t leave out any details of their escapades he started pleading with the tall Babe but his brother already did a lot of damage and the Babes wanted their balance plus compensation for the beating.

It was an embarrassing sight because uniformed man is a married man, always calm at CDA meetings and one of the few good uniformed men I have seen, his wife and kids just “japa”. 

The men that came out controlled the brother and the uniformed man made the transfer, they got into the car and left. The Babes thanked everyone and went their way. hnmmmm

But why did they hire them and didn’t want to pay? Forming calm and allowing his brother beat the Babes. His bank app was okay he just wanted to scam them. Hairdresser said they have been doing it and getting away with it. Now see the embarrassment mtchewwwww


  1. Very shameless of them

    1. now everybody for estate know them as ashæwo master, no more respect for them

  2. What a shame!!! Picking a hooker is bad enough, refusing to pay as agreed is just another level of low, like you will actually scam someone in that condition? I don't know why I always feel pity anytime I see them. Na wa oh.

  3. Some men are evil, shameless. You hired people to carry out a job for you and when they have done their job you refused to pay them. Is good for that uniform man.

    Next time he will never try telling lies that his bank app is not working. I pray his wife get to find out about his stupid character and stay far away from him.

  4. Good for the men
    They think its every runs girl they can scam,they think runs girls will hide their faces in shame in situations like this but reverse is the case
    Society has embraced the presence of hookup babes and nothing to be ashamed of.
    The labourer is entitled to her wages.
    Next time they will go for the ashawos their money can afford

  5. Very shameless people🤮

  6. I absolutely despise men who do this. Pay just like you pay at the supermarket or gas station. The women should collect their full money before they start any work. Then they always want to beat and abuse these women. If you despise them why use their services especially when you have a whole wife with the same thing the sellers have and the world is not passing through your wife. Go use your wife's body that is what she is there for if you can't pay or too damn cheap to pay an outsider, damn scum cheating and exposing your wives to diseases and still bringing disgrace to the family home because your asses cheap. Maybe if some of you were paying your wives you would get better quality action.

    Thank goodness these women put up a fight and demanded and got their pay plus and outed their low life asses.


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