Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Sunday, December 04, 2022

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Let's meet some other time cos i am all time busy.
    Procrastination keeps setting in and it eventually turns out to be a flop.
    Y'all that do that should stop it.
    Stop saying stuff that you are not absolutely sure of mbok.

  2. I'm the one with the excuses
    I'm very sure my friends and families are tired of me, few of my excuses are:
    I wasnt with my phone
    I didnt hear it ring
    I'm not at home
    I'll call u later
    I'm not emotionally ready for this conversation
    I've been depressed lately
    Motherhood has been dealing with me lately
    I'll come to your house
    You wont understand

    1. Are you me?
      You are me?
      Why do we have the same excuse?

    2. "NO ONE IS PERFECT ". The way people use this phrase to justify nonsense behaviours ehn, it's annoying

  3. I don't have chance...
    This is the excuse I give all the time and I'm sure people are also tired of hearing me say it🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. I'll call you back...

  5. 'We are only human ' after sleeping around like a street pig. No sir/ma, you are street pig with minus zero self control.


    1. You mean Ezi Bida? Hahahaha

    2. That Ezi bida na onitsha slangs oo😂😂, you dey hear also of Udele fegge chaii this brought memories

  6. I am too busy
    I don't have money
    I don't have time
    If you are not married you will never understand

  7. I'll get back to you

    I just give up instantly when I hear this

  8. Don't worry,I will notify you but the notify is not yet ready since 5yrs now.
    Will call you back

  9. It's men's nature to cheat, like.... Such a foolish excuse

  10. I actually wanted to.
    It was honestly my intention.
    It was the devil.

  11. I'll get back to you
    Give me few mins
    I will see what I can do

  12. "It's the economic situation that caused it".
    That is my own excuse up there, I'm sure people are tired already.

    Why didn't we hear from you all these while? Why are you sounding like this? Why didn't you attend the occasion? Why have you not come online for weeks now? Etc.
    To all these questions and more, I will give the excuse up there😟

  13. If I get the certification, what if it doesn’t bring a job

  14. I will get back to you

    It's better you don't say anything to me though

  15. Blaming Everything on the Nigerian leaders but so many of us are morally bankrupt as individuals. We make up the system not spirits

  16. America and europe is holding Africa back. No, they are not. Our leaders are holding us back

  17. It is the devil ooo.

  18. TRUST ME, I HAVE A PLAN (especially in a relationship).
    If you can't let me in on your plans for the relationship, then kindly use the door.

  19. I will do it later


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