Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponis Corner - Basket Mouth Jam Overfamiliarity..


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Monday, December 05, 2022

Sisi Senaponis Corner - Basket Mouth Jam Overfamiliarity..

 Sisi you have Basketmouth!!!

Una doh o! Yard pipu of life? How de airspace?
Stellamarvellaranger, how dey galaxy? I hail o!

I send Oche meh he go buy me satchet milk and golden morn come.

Na im he carry satchet wey don rumple, plus be like rat abi na ant don chop one of the satchet!

Na wetin be this? Na who sell this kain rubbish gee you?!

He point go Iya Dada shed! Na im i waka go there?!

I greet her, she sidon with her bad belle partner.

I say Iya Dada, abeg, shey na you carry this kain thing give pikin wah send to you? She say yes, wetin do am?!

I say, he hor mention my name gee you?
She say ehn, wetin come hapun?

I say she nor see as the satchet don tear tear, wey she pack inside nylon give pikin!

She say no be familiar people she go sell market wey get problem give?! Say as customer, anor suppose complain!

I say make thunder fire her mouth, wey she use talk that nonsense!

So overfamiliarity say i dey follow you buy market, come mean say you go pack all the market wey get k-leg gee person!

Crase dey worry you for head!

Na im her badbelle partner say why i dey vibrate?! On top how much?!

I ask her? if na she collect the money wah gee pikin, she say No!

I say when i enter hia, i face you?! She say No! But na her friend i dey...

I shut her up, make she nor see road land!

I say which friend?! This same one wey you dey carry her name and matter come gee Babalawo for yard every Sunday evening?

You dey go church for morning, evening time, na how to destroy your fellow woman you dey find!

*Be like say dem pour her ice water for body! *

She say she dey go her house!

I say make she nor forget to pack her teeth and tongue wey drop for grand!

Iya Dada abi na wetin dem dey call you?!

Anor think say you know sah dey see, as dem dey destroy your under inside danfo for garage abi?!

She say ehhhh! Make i no carry lie put for her head o! Yen yen yen!

I say mah bring quran make she use swear?!

As dey nor kukuma get respect for Bible again, as God don dey too nice!

Oya come and lie with Quran, mah see something first! Nonsense!

Gimme my money mah comot for here biko!

Carry nonsense dey sprinkle for shop every morning, make customer eye dey close to your bad behaviour, you nor go change your character! *clickstongue!*


  1. Ahh! Sisi your mouth sharp like razor. Wetin hapun? Iya Dada & her friend don collect wotowoto for your hand 不不不不不

    1. Hahaha....sisi,why you come dey vex reach like this na? You just dey open everybody yansh left,right ,centre. Take am easy oh. E Neva reach like that.

  2. Dem go begin fear you now, as u carry their secret full under armpit

    1. So annoying how people cheat kids when you send them to buy things for you.

  3. Wawuuuu
    A round of applause for sisi

  4. Being gentle no dey pay again
    how she reason to give you damaged product untop ur own money? who she leave the fresh products for?

  5. This one loud o. Friendship no easy for this nija again.

  6. Chaaai sisi u carry bazooka enter street today o

  7. Wahala, Sisi have vexed oh.


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