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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Wise Saying

 Craving and longer throat na the same thing, na just English differentiate them..


  1. Oyinbo repete 😉

    1. Kai! Stella you are not far from the truth.

  2. No be the same thing abeg. The word "Craving" is usually applied when you desire to eat a particular type of food. When you are a craving e.g roasted groundnuts, no matter what you eat, you won't be satiated until you eat the roasted groundnut you've been craving for. It doesn't matter if the roasted groundnut is in sight or not.
    Longer throat on the other hand is when one wants to eat anything they see. They may not be hungry, but so far they see that particular food, they must eat it. A "Longer throat" person will finish a full meal and be satisfied but once they see another food, they'll want to have it even if it's a little. Bottom line, longer throat is wanting to eat a little of every food in sight.

  3. They are similar but not actually the same.


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