Stella Dimoko A Facebook Story That Details How A Baby Mama Won..


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Friday, January 06, 2023

A Facebook Story That Details How A Baby Mama Won..

This is a really shocking but probably nothing new....

''I have been married to my husband for 14yrs now. We have four children together, all girls. I used to be sad about it but my husband has always assured me that he was okay with having only female children.

I started dating my husband when I was 18yrs old. This is to say I have spent over half of my years on Earth loving this man.

One of the policies I created for my marriage was that I will never check my husband's phone no matter what. My husband has never given me a reason to even check his phone. He always come home early and he is a very dedicated husband and father.

"Why create a problem where there is none?".
Our anniversary was on the 26th of October. He was away in Abuja for a business meeting but he promised to fly back home for the celebration that day.
With the help of my girls, I was able to organize a surprise dinner party. I invited some of his close friends and even his immediate younger sister was present.
It was getting late and my husband was still nowhere to be found. I tried his line severally but it was switched off.

Disappointed, the guests had to leave one by one. I cried my eyes out that day.
I didn't hear from him that night. My girls and I didn't close our eyes through out the night. That was so unlike my husband.

Around 8:30am the next day, my phone rang, it was my father in-law.
"Bisola, Andrew is admitted in St. Phillips general hospital, Ogun State. Please go there now".

"But He is in Abuja". I said without noticing that the line was already disconnected.
Like a mad woman, I quickly put one and two together and carried my children to my parents house who were as surprised as I was. From there, I made my way to Ogun State.

I got to the hospital and met my husband in a very critical condition. He was on life support. There were bruises all over his body. I thought it was an accident until the doctor told me my husband was stabb*d 15 times.

I started crying. I called my in-laws who told me they were already on their way.
I held my husband's hands and was crying.
"Baby please don't leave me alone in this wicked world. I can't do this life thing without you".

In the evening, my husband's parents and his elder brother arrived from the village.

It was then I got to know that my husband was brutalized by his baby Mama. Apparently, my husband has a 3yrs old son with another woman.

They had an argument and my husband hit her. With anger, this woman called her boyfriend who is a cult*st and they did this to him. Thanks to good neighbors who rushed him to the hospital. Unfortunately, only the boyfriend was apprehended. The woman is still on the run.

Tears dried up immediately from my eyes. All I felt was disgust and hate for my husband.

"Did you need a male child so bad that you did this to me???? You told me you were okay Andrew. You told me female children are also important. You told me to stop crying and worrying myself over having a male child. Why didn't you tell me you weren't okay ". I said these words with tears. I was inconsolable. My mother in-law tried her best to pacify me.

"We warned him to leave that woman but he wouldn't listen ". My mother in-law said.

So, they were even aware of their son's affair. I felt a fresh wound in my chest. I never would have guessed my husband would do this to me.
I stormed out of the hospital in anger and boarded a taxi to take me to any nearby park. My husband is reaping what he sowed and I won't be part of it.
I was still in the taxi when I remembered our marital vows.

"For better or worse... In sickness and in health... Till death do us part".
I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I was short of breath and couldn't even breath. The driver had to park somewhere and made sure I was good.

When I was a bit calm, I asked him to take me back to the hospital.
I returned back to the hospital and tended to my wounded husband. I hated him but I still needed to do what I have to do as his wife.

The next day, his parents and his siblings travelled back to the village. I was left alone with him. My mother came the next day and stayed with me for two days before traveling back to cater for my children. I put my life on hold to stay by the side of this undeserving man.

It wasn't easy for me at all. My husband was in coma for two weeks before he finally regained consciousness.
He couldn't look me in the eyes. He couldn't speak yet but his face showed he was ashamed of his actions.

He began to get better day by day although some of the injuries were looking so bad.
One evening, I was dozing off by the side of the bed when my husband held my hands.
"My wife, I am so sorry".

I was startled. I didn't know he has even regained his voice.
"I didn't want to bother you. I just needed a son to bear my name. I am sorry, that woman is far beneath you ". My husband said.

He was in so much pain. I just told him to stop speaking and wait till he gets better for us to settle scores.
I held his hands and we were both crying. I fell asleep.
That was the last time I heard from my husband. He died that night.
I cried my eyes out. His family came and took his body to the village.
I finally got reunited with my girls. They were asking about their father and I didn't know the answer to give them.

My husband was buried two weeks after.

I was in the palour with my mom when two men came into the house. I was given a notice to quit. I was surprised. My husband built this house. Who is quitting me
"Madam, this house was sold to my client last week. I would advise you to vacate this building before the due date". One of the men who is a lawyer advised.
"Who sold this house". I asked perplexed.

I was presented with the house documents which now bear the name of a new owner. The house was sold by my late husband's baby mama who is still on the run.

My agony got tripled. "This house was built by my husband and I. I contributed to the building of this house, I don't deserve this". I cried out.
I decided to go to the bank to make enquiry about my husband's finances when I got the shock of my life.

My husband changed his next of kin from my name to his son's name. The son his baby mama had for him.
My world has crumbled'' 

By Judith Onyoyibo


  1. Replies
    1. Funny thing, the babe migjynot even be his biologically. Same thing played out in my cousins home, Man was jinxed, changed everything to new baby's name ,died mysteriously, an accident the baby had reveled the blood wasn't my cousins husband's match. The woman was using same family Doc.
      If Nigeria were a society that works,let her insist on DNA.

    2. Dear women, if you happen to be married to a Nigerian man, please secure your financial future and that of your children, as though you were a widow. I repeat, women married to Nigerian men should plan for their future like they are single or widows; too many of these cases abound!

    3. Madam sorry. But let me tell every woman here. If you do not check phones, make Sure you are in tune with the HOLY SPIRIT.
      In fact, let the Holy Spirit be your friend whether you check phone or not.

      I remember when I dreamt thrice about my then boyfriend. I dreamt that a woman went in between us thrice! I called him to tell him, he just said hmm and then laughed it off.
      I told him to better be careful oh. For some reason, I didn't ask him if there was any woman on his case or vice versa.
      I continued to ask God to open my eyes till I saw the one that convinced me the guy wasn't serious and I packed my kaya and said bye bye. lol
      I can't do no drama.

      I remember him saying during the time he was begging me that he was just frustrated cos God kept showing me things. Me, I she zoomed off.

      Fastforward and I'm happily married. Apart from the fact that my husband is a very responsible man, his transparency put me at ease. We both have access to each others phones. But, I am still in tune with the Holy Spirit. I day open phone and I day pray.
      The other time I dreamt one kind dream, I prayed against it and shared it with him. I told him "once any girl starts moving unto you, let me know oh." Either ways I am she going to know.'

      So make everybody day vigilant before they pull the rug from under your legs.


    4. Adam, Adam !!!
      And someone will tell me women gain more from marriage than men, the whole holiday I have heard one bad story or the other I even became suspicious of my husband who has shown me nothing but love.

      In this life, please as you are doing “together” remember to also save aside for your kids, do not only rely on words… still make plans.

      The kind of marriages I see these days enh, men looking for their mothers in their wives so they could go out and have as much affairs as their fathers did, forgetting their children will suffer the hurt and betrayal they did as kids.

      Women breaking the norm of waiting for their husband to chose them, they too going out to cheat back and find happiness and affection

      Everything just seems like luck.
      Someone once said marriage is like a bail of okrika, you never know what you get

      Push up (original)

    5. Who gave the new woman power to sell? You cannot give what you don't have

      Changing next of kin didn't disinherit your girls or else he wrote a will he endorsed in court and gave everything to the little boy

      Get a lawyer!

      Your daughters have RIGHT!

      Better hurry up and act FAST!

      Lastly; his family should do DNA on the son. Though not your headache; but it will count

      If DNA is wrong; the intruder onyeoshi gets NOTHING

  2. It is sad how women live for men in this part of the world.
    Such a sad story!

    1. Is not even a matter of living for men
      She was inlove, he made promises and she never thought she had an issue.
      He was always showing up
      How do you tell a woman not to be emotionally involved with a man that seemed faithful and good?
      Even if she had all the money in the world, she’d still feel betrayed and hurt.

      Push up (original)

  3. Fear men!out of 24hrs,women should spend 10hrs ‘fearing’ men.


    1. 10 hrs ke?
      Women should spend 23 hrs fearing men biko. They can give you the shock of your life. I'm yet to recover from mine.

    2. They are ready to stain your white at any time.

  4. Hmmmm,if he had not gone looking for what is not lost,he won't end up like that and his family would say till have been intact.
    Imagine what has befallen that woman with her girls all because somebody stupid wants a son by all means.

    1. And the worst part she stood there nursing him and upholding vows when he had already dropped the ax in her back. She better get top-tiered legal help to prove somehow the papers were drawn up under duress and using his murder as proof. She has a good case and will win if she has good representation and does not back down.

  5. So sad. It's possible that boy is not even her husband's own. It could be for the cultist boyfriend.

    1. Honestly it’s very possible

  6. I hooe this is a novel or a screenplay, cause....

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you sabi am.
      Very creative imagination.
      This script writer deserves some accolades.

  7. Men! They will stain your clothes... Theres a woman that lost her hubby recently,Iya no shed one tears I guess her hubby did her dirty too...tufiakwa umu nwoke

  8. Facebook story πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    1. @ Eka, that does not mean things like this is or worse dont happen. There are lessons for everyone. Women, ignorance is not bliss. Men, if you throw away your homes/peace in search of pussy, you would be rewarded with "death" or even DEATH

    2. Why do you always feel your own story, is best?

    3. 16:35, why are u crying? I have made it clear hear that I do not believe such stories not because it doesn't happen but because I don't believe that particular account. People sit down and test their writing skills and then come and share it as stories.

      Have u seen me argue about the authenticity of the stories posted on Chronicles here? Abeg, go and look for what is doing you and leave me with my disbelieve

    4. Lolll, same way I'm looking at the story. That hospital name no exist except she wanted to keep the real name of the hospital anonymous.

  9. Trust men especially those across the river who hold male children as Gods ,it is bad ,it is bad

  10. Another foolish decision that has ruined so many lives. If having a boy was that important to you, why not tell your wife and work out a solution? You go carry tiger lady make am baby mama, now see the result.

    1. He wanted to cheat and have a son. He thought he was wise by killing two birds with one stone. Did not mind sacrificing his peaceful home and girls because of gender. Because of lust. I have come across worse real life stories.............

  11. I have been married for 20years with 4 Daughters.
    My 1st Daughter just travelled out of the Country.
    My 3 other Daughters school in a Good School here in Nigeria.
    My Expectations were Shattered when he cheated with a Mama baby who has a Son.
    Give my Girls Good Education Bikonu.
    That is What You owe Us!!!!!!!
    You see Nigerian Men??
    Fear them

    1. Abeg safeguard your assets if you have any cos na the boy get all

    2. Dont feel bad. Even if you had sons, he would steal have baby mama. Oju kokoro dey im eye. Pls snoop o. Before baby mama beats you to it .

    3. Dear Anon. Come here and receive a big hug. I am married for 10yrs this year, few days to our 9th anniversary, i found out he was cheating with a divorcee and a mother of 2 kids, telling her hw she is the only person that gives him peace. We fought and settled, i doubled up my savings, now i have acquired land, planning to acquire 2 more with the help of God this 2023, architect has drawn house for me, will soon start building. Guy man doesnt know shit, we move, now i feel like a traveller in my marriage, for better for stay, for worse, for pack my load and move. Before nko, i placed him over and above everything in my life, he meant everything to me, now, na shege banza i be.

    4. Just continue being that shege banza it’ll favour you more than the marriage

  12. What a wicked man
    The son might be for the cultist boyfriend.
    And some will say they are team no snooping, if she had snooped she could have get a hint or two and be steps ahead. Kai.

  13. Kai....this one enter, na only God go punish that man seriously.

  14. This is what you get when you put so much trust in a man instead of God and yourself.

    You see,when Sammie died I made a comment,but because of the way some people misconstructed it, Stella had to bring the comment down. We women should always use our no6 while trusting our husbands. I can’t build with a man if my name is not in the papers. My husband has never given me reason to doubt him but I WILL NEVER TRUST HIM 70%. It has to be 50:50 no matter the love.
    Okay you can’t do without your husband, but when he die, somehow life must continue. What happens when he die and you find out he has other children worse case other wives, and all the things you built with him has to be devoured by the people that directly or indirectly made your marriage hell. Make we dey always beat these men to their own game while loving and trusting them.

    Fan Emmanuel

  15. Kai...fear men. Deal with them with one eye opened, one eye closed. The woman should look for competent lawyers, she will win the case

  16. Lagos Mainland Girl6 January 2023 at 15:44

    If this story is real then get a good lawyer.

  17. nigerian women need to start taking charge of their lives financially .look at this mess

  18. Nobody is talking about tracking and jailing the babymama via the transactions made.
    Someone that should be locked-up is busy selling properties??!
    The story no too clear.

    1. That’s to show you na fabu story.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ezΓ­gbΓ³ 'fabu' story.
      I commend the script writer shaa.

  19. Na wa oh☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
    With a good lawyer, she can recover some assets.


  20. That man is so wicked, he never told his wife what has happened with his money and house. May his soul not rest in peace for putting his wife and children into this kind of suffering.

  21. I don’t think changing next of kin gives the 3yr old full access to all his properties when he has a legally married wife and other children. Story sounds fictitious.

    1. Yvonne, hope you know under statutory family law, the definition of children includes both children born within and outside wedlock. That is the dead man’s wish and the law will honor it regardless. He can put his mai guard as his next of kin, provided it wasn’t done under duress or fraudulently, the law would always honor it.

    2. Big corporate employers in the US will not allow you out a 3-yr old as next of kin. It has to be your spouse. They make you get a signed waiver if you want to even put your children on some docs and not your spouse. My personal experience.

    3. That is the US, we are talking of Nigerian Laws where men can comfortably put their brothers as next of kin, to ltr come and pursue their wife and kids.

    4. I worked in corporate Nigeria for 12 years prior with next of kin on corporate forms, next of kin cannot be a 3 year old who cannot sign anything or open a bank account. You have to be 18 or an adult. A home document with next of kin? It doesn’t make sense as next of kin is used in other beneficiary cases like insurance or employer benefits. It’s a will that can list beneficiaries and may have a 3-year old. If there is no will not goes to probate and every party lawyers up. The gap in the story is that next of kin owning the house making them chase her out. Many of these stories are just imaginary with gaps in them that don’t line up with reality.

      However the gist of the situation is clear but the drama of the murderer baby mama makes it convoluted. In practice such ann idiot of a man would leave the house to the murderous baby mama annd make her the guardian of his next of kin on the other benefits. Regardless of which one, this was bad. Invade your husban’d privacy occasionally by Che king his phone & SM. Mine deletes ALL his messages as soon as he reads them.

  22. You need to use like 6months of this 2023 to fear men!!! Chimooo

  23. EhΓ±? What did I just read?

  24. Good for the SIMP boyfriend,. He'll rot in jail.. woman dey control and manipulate you to go fight your fellow man, you send rush go dey stab am,. Shey na so the kpekus swwt ni.. pvssywhipped fool..

    Making someone a next of kin doesn't make the person the owner of your property or money in the bank at your demise,. It only means it's the person that'll be contacted if something happens to you..

    Sharing of property is either by the custom and traditions, law or by Will..

    Unless this story is fake, the wife would be adviced by her lawyer to sue.. those new buyers would have to provide the run away baby mama that sold them the house, how did they get the original documents of the house? infact, they should be arrested first for hiding a criminal and perpetrating fraud, then charged to court..

    All of them dey mad

    1. You're right. People make mistakes about next of kin alot, and this makes me doubt this story

    2. @Dante,
      Case closed and finished.


    3. A minor cannot be made a next of kin on most documents. They can be listed. If the story is true she should not love an inch from the house but get a good attorney. She should also get the baby mama’s agents to produce her for the murder of the husband. A murderer cannot profit or benefit from a crime or from the victim in many countries. I pray strength for any woman going through similar situations. In-laws are not innocent in cases like this. They enable bad behavior and pressure some guys for male children. Ladies can you stop following married men? If a man is in a bad marriage, the usual story they give girls, tell him you don’t care and won’t dare him. If it’s truly broken down or bad, he will be divorced with documentary evidence. Stop enabling treachery and betrayal either as an in-law or a side chick. For polygamy advocates, Indonesia is the country with the most Muslims but they passed a law that has a year in jail as penalty for sex outside marriage! Most Muslims in other countries outside Africa do not practice polygamy. The condition of “equal treatment” is an indirect way of forbid gong it in my opinion.

    4. Dante it also means that if there are benefits to be paid, the NOK gets paid. Some NOKs don’t ever agree to bring out what was paid to them by the deceased’s organisation or insurance company, las las na Nok get money.

    5. 20.35..

      Next of Kin is not the same as the Administrator or Executor of Will..
      I know what I'm saying Ok.. please educate yourself, you can start with Google.. On love πŸ™

    6. Anon may be right oh. Life insurance companies pay the benefit to the next of kin the deceased listed according to their policy. I guess on their part they no get time to be looking for will and will executioner so that's their easy way out. As long as you signed the policy, they pay out to whoever you listed there

    7. Dante i know what i am telling you, after they contact the NOK then what? Why do you think they contact them? All payments due to the deceased, the NOK would sign and receive then it is up to him/her to release the funds to family. Even right now, my friend whose husband died in the military, is contacted by the army to collect all her husband’s death benefit, she in turn releases to the family, if she doesn’t show up to sign, no payments are made. Place of work or other contracts u sign, like insurance and banks have no business with your Will or ur family members, it is ur NOK that matters to them, that is why ppl need to be careful who they put as their NOK, it makes or mars the family. Ask around.

    8. Anon 00:18, maybe military releases funds to NOK, but banks will tell whoever comes to access a deceased person's account to go to the Probate Registry and bring letter from them, with which a new account (Estate of *** person) will be opened and all funds from the deceased accounts will be transferred to the estate account, which you will be a signatory to, if letter of administration was released to you.

      Probate only attend to you if it were mentioned in a valid will, if the deceased didn't make a will then the spouse and adult children are automatically the beneficiaries who will get the letter after their many protocol and payments in Probate. Banks call your NOK if they can't reach you but don't release funds without adequate documentation.

  25. The funny thing is that the son in question may not be his. He may be for the baby mama's boyfriend.

  26. Stella, I don't know how factual or fictional this story is but from what I know, some men, even the ones that are loving and good to their wives get into these adulterous affairs with eyes wide open!
    That husband you think is good, faithful, engaged or even very young in marriage will be misbehaving and be so silly!

    How do you explain an about-to-wed or young newly married man begging his teenage crush to have baby for him? Or how can a fine, affluent man with a beautiful wife and children keep running after a babe living 'next door'. Some persistently deny their wives and children in the face of clear evidence that they have a family!!!

    The worrisome thing is that such men do these in their right mind or should I say driven by their lust-crazed senses.
    I commend the disciplined and god-fearing ladies who turn them down.
    However, not every lady out there is conscionable. Those silly ones get entangled with these lust-laden men are laying up negative rewards for themselves just as the men are.

    Flee and say "NO" to lust!

    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom!

    1. This is very true. Last October, I reconnected with a man I had known since 2003 when we both attended Aptech. He told he was not married and only has a son with his baby mama in the US. He always came to my house and somehow my instincts always warned me he was lying. I even had a dream and saw him getting married; I told him and he reassured me that there is no woman in his life. After the dream I I decoded to find out about him. I asked for his address and he gave me an address at Sholanke Street around Abule Oja. I went to the address and was told he doesn't live there, I walked the whole of the street. I called him to ask where he lives on Sholanke, man told me I should ask for Modupe Cole street, that his house is by corner. I got to Modupe Cole and discovered its a home for physically challenged people. This made me determined to find him out. I walked a lot that day but I finally got his address. He answers his local name, Kwabena in his area and I know him as Reindolph. It took a lot to find him out. Man is married with 2 kids. Told me he is pilot, I find out that was a lie as well. I was not too shocked because my mind has always warned me that he was lying. I just wonder how he wake sup from his wife’s side and comes to my place, profess undying love to me and it's all a lie. A man that told me we will be married in 5 months.
      Women, please do due diligence before accepting a man. I won't say all men are the same but a great number of them are living a lie. Stay woke!

  27. This is so sad, just too many for a poor woman to bear, what a world. The child may not be his, this is so sympathetic, may God comfort her and give her strength to carry on. 😭😭😭😭

  28. Did he will the property to him? Next of Kin means nothing.

    You are the legally married wife. Instead of feeling pity for yourself, take her to court.


    1. Exactly, she's even a criminal that is on the run.

  29. Abeg this is a false story. A woman who is on the run for murder and all of a sudden, she inherits house and her child inherits too. Story story


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