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Sunday, January 01, 2023


 Light is life and no matter how big your generator is, it cannot give you that peace of mind that Nepa light will give you.

Now imagine entering your street and you see light and then get to your house only to find out that Nepa had packed the wire away. Ha!

How? Why? I went straight to my neighbor’s apartment to ask what happened and he said we were owing Nepa. How?

Turns out the woman in charge of collecting the bill has not been paying.

She is a stay at home mom and so she volunteered herself. She takes care of the trash, light bill and any repair that comes up so we contribute and pay. So what happened?

Madam collects the money and pockets it, when Nepa comes they cut light. When they leave, boys in the area come around to “help” the affected people so she gives them a token and they reconnect. Ennh!

I was angry and so I went straight to her apartment, guess what? Their generator was on and the husband opened the door with plenty greetings. My head scattered.

At first he apologized and said he already scolded her and so it’s the solution we should find now. Oga what solution? He said we should find a way to contribute small money then go to Nepa office to beg them to give back the wire. 


Then the shouting match started between all of us and he walked out on us. This man has been misbehaving for years now and we just leave him because of the “good” wife.

Nobody has monopoly of madness.

I told my neighbors to follow me and so we went to switch off his generator and carry it to my place. Your fada!

He came out and started screaming. I already entered and locked my door.

 Nobody came out.

Next day he went out with his wife very early, I came back and saw light; I asked my neighbor to tell them I wanted to see the receipt. They paid 70 percent of the money and promised to balance up so I told them to carry the generator.

Gentility no be stupidity.


  1. Next is to seek solution.
    I suggest you get a prepaid meter that way you get to avoid this kind of wahala. The earlier you apply for it the better, it will save you this quarrel.

  2. Waooow I love people with action..πŸ‘

  3. You are my kind.

  4. Funny people. Your greed caused an entire compound to be in darkness and you're enjoying your generator, waiting for the Google that will find solution. Please, if they don't balance up after a week, go for the generator again. Radarada.

    Plan on a prepaid meter or let the levy be connected by someone else.

  5. When I read "...Their generator was on and the husband opened the door with plenty greetings.. ", I was livid and thought to myself that I'd ve put off the yeye gen if it was me, only to read further and realise that you even did worseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love you already, you re a better somebodiπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    1. Gangster solutions 😁

  6. Wow!! I love you too much. This year no time for nonsense

  7. Wicked husband and wife. You people better investigate if she pays for waste disposal before they will bring so many yrs bill to you

  8. Get your prepaid meter and rest. Prepaid meter is move able, that means you can relocate with it within the areas and states covered by your service provider. All you need to do is to notify them of your relocation. This also saves you from any debt you might have met at your new place.

    1. @Marigold, please i am a customer service supervisor with Ikeja Electric, biko, prepaid meter is not moveable o. Don't advise wrongly. A prepaid is the property of the residence /address it was bought in. Liaise with your Landlord before buying prepaid on how to get your money back or else, if you move prepaid, you can be held for theft of property.


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