Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star Tacha Rants


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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Big Brother Star Tacha Rants


  1. Tacha Nnem odi real worrisome

    Ada ohafia

  2. Not judging. Just being philosophical.

    See ehn, Tasha, welcome to the Real world.

    Not social media rants, no smart phones, the REAL

    welcome to those who are young and angry

    A quote says; the (older ones) are 'dead' but the living are Hungry ..!

    The Deep.

  3. Hmmm.. this girl manage come get sense like this? I had given up on her.

  4. She is not different from a dictator if she can't respect peoples opinion.i wonder how we reason in this country.i am voting asiwaju..and if he fails I go home and sleep and pray for the elected to do well..we should be concerned about making our leaders responsible after elections and not all this people are different so its their choices and opinions..that's life.

    1. Oh please.
      You are one of them.

      Is this Toyin Abraham? Well done Ma.


    2. 14: 38 this seasons election is not about people being dictators. Nigerians have seen real shege pro max in this administration.

      If you will be sincere to yourself you would admit that you chose to vote Asiwaju because you see possibility of you gaining something from his administration if he wins the election.
      Majority of Obi supporters didn't choose Obi because his administration will favour them directly. They chose him because he is the most credible candidate out of the three contestants.

      Check their past records and get the facts. Did you forget last two or three year? I don't want to go into details because you know the story .

      Nigerians, before you choose a candidate for election, please check if they possess the qualities of a good leader. Don't just vote for a person because of your selfish interests.

      He did not give most people money neither are they expecting money nor appointment from him if he wins. They choose him because from the sincerity of their conscience, after comparing who has the most qualities of a good leader amongst the three candidates, Obi scores the highest.

      Obi may not be the best candidate to save Nigeria from this suffering but when you compare him to the other two in sincererity and good conscience, you would see that he is the most credible candidate for the presidencial position. Forget old age. I am not judging based on how old or healthy a candidate may be so let's keep that aside and compare other qualities.

      A selfish person votes where they will benefit directly.
      Those who mean well for this country will vote not minding if they themselves or their relatives would likely benefit from the administration.

    3. We all know the truth; so let's stop acting as if we a oblivious of what is playing. Nigerians angry with the way things are and they want a better Nigeria not pocket money and paliatives.

    4. @ Slim Shady
      A governor who watched his state's doctors go on strike for 9 to 13 months CANNOT be more credible than the one who revamped and modernized his state's health care facilities, engaged the FG for structural improvements and initiate programs that other states now use as templates.
      A governor who "invests" state funds into his own bank and company CANNOT be said to be more credible than the one who grew his state's IGR exponentially, and laid a template that other states now copy.
      Be carried away by frenzy all you want, vote who you like, but please get your facts rights.
      Don't put the sins of the present administration on a man who has NEVER held a federal office in this country.

    5. @ Slim shady. See yaself, just because this person has not said he or she is one of you obidients, you assume he or she is for Asiwaju. Is that fair?
      There are 18 candidates on the presidential ballot

  5. God bless you @ 14.38.
    Why can't they just accept what democracy is?
    Freedom of choice for each citizen. One man one vote
    They question and dare to insult the choice of other citizens, as if they are more Nigerian than others.
    I have never seen a more negative and intolerant people like these ones that are supporting a particular candidate.

  6. Tacha,

    Are you just getting to know Nigerians? So you believed that "celebrities demanding for good governance ".

    Who are their godfathers? Who sponsors them?

    Go to the workplace and see how an average Nigerian can sell out her friend and colleague for less ?

    They don't think of their future . It is just how to flex. Flex for the gram.


  7. Please respect other people's choices, that's what democracy is all about. To castigate others as making incentivized decisions and yours as being 'pure' is usually myopic, mostly false, and shows inability to broaden ones scope and thinking capability.

  8. why do people always want to negate truth in other to sound woke. This is no time for lukewarmness those candidates track records are bad point blank we need a change hence do the right thing by voting someone who is willing to help steer the country in the right direction. If we begin to point out all the abnormalities of some candidates you want us to respect we won't sleep anytime soon.

  9. Attention seeker


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