Stella Dimoko Ohanaeze Alleges IPOB Activist Simon Ekpa Took $1m To Destroy Obi’s Chances In Presidential Elections


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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Ohanaeze Alleges IPOB Activist Simon Ekpa Took $1m To Destroy Obi’s Chances In Presidential Elections

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide has warned Simon Ekpa, a leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to return the money he is said to have amassed “with the goal to undermine the prospects of the Labour Party to win the 2023 Presidential elections on February 25, 2023.”

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide’s Secretary-General, Okechukwu Isiguzoro, made this demand in a statement on Tuesday, January 24.

It reads, “Intelligence reports have it that Simon Ekpa became frightened that his secrets have been uncovered and he quickly retreated; and withdrew his response to the $50,000 bounty placed on him; and has been begging Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the last 24 hours through the third-parties to reconsider and review the sanctions as well drop the bounty placed on him.

“Ndigbo’s response to Simon Ekpa’s plea is that he should return the 1m dollars to the disfavored; and unpopular Presidential candidate. He must quickly return all he had collected (to his paymasters); in other to destroy the support base of Peter Obi through his old-fashioned mantra of NO ELECTION IN BIAFRA LAND; and rescind his intentions to declare a 4 days Sit-At-Home from 22nd to 26th of February 2023 in the view to disrupt the 2023 Presidential elections in the southeast.

“Ndigbo will resist attempts by Simon Ekpa to scare away Voters in the Southeast and South/South through his planned 4days Sit At Home, our suspicion was reinforced after Ekpa was asking for forgiveness and we knew that his plans to boycott the elections in southeastern Nigeria were to stop Obedient devotees from voting for Peter Obi and lessen the strength of the Southeast.”
Ohanaeze’s statement added: “The 2023 Presidential elections must hold in the Southeast; and Ndigbo must vote for whoever is their choice at the polls.

“Simon Ekpa must pay back all that he has amassed from the enemies of Ndigbo; stop his killer squad in southeastern Nigeria, show remorseful repentance; and apologize for the inconveniences caused by his rantings and crooked falsehoods to Ndigbo, except he abides by these conditions.

“Ndigbo will smoke him out of his hideouts in Finland and Europe; as Ndigbo and Nigerians in Finland and Europe have responded positively to the $50,000 bounty placed on him. It’s a matter of time, Simon Ifeanyi Njoku Ekpa will be apprehended, and his extradition to Nigeria will happen shortly; so that he can answer all the crimes and killings he instigated in the Southeast.”

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  1. Ohaneze and IPOB are two unscrupulous elements
    Believe their fabrications and lies at your own peril

  2. They should release Nnamdi Kanu.

    Anu mpam Ekpa. Even if we are rooting for Biafra, the Way Simon is going about it isn't ok.

    1. Release Kanu for what? What's the difference between the message of Kanu and Ekpa? You and your ilk are the ones that brought the East to this present situation.

    2. @Ak047 you and your family are involve in the situation too. Not me.

    3. Yes Mao. Me and my family live in the East and in this situation, so don't expect me to pat you at the back when you support nonsense that will endanger me and my family.

    4. Thank you Ak047, don't mind the gullible once.
      moa is living presently in the north ooh, nobody is disturbing her as she goes about her normal business.
      If you so much love una bịafra come down to the east and partake in the evil you all have been applauding?
      But, no you won't Ndị ọjọọ.

      But she is here supporting evil.
      That una mnk will stay in prison for a long time.
      And just so know, that una bịafra is not going to happen, you people have committed atrocities on and upon Igbo Land, killing defenceless men and women, and even a pregnant women, just because she came out the day the ekperima called sit at home day!!!
      And you think that this una struggle go work???
      Chukwu ajụ!
      As for that one simon, there is no different between him and mnk, simon is an apostle of mnk.
      Both are advocate of violence, killing and maiming persons of other tribes, especially, the police and military personnel!
      So people don't get it twisted, mnk and simon are cut from same cloth!
      mnk is only 'quiet' cos he's caught!

      SDK please post.

  3. No wonder the recent killings and chaos in the south east. He should do whatever he likes, God pass him.

  4. Too much talk.i need actions. That bastard's time is up. God punish him for causing pains to victims

  5. There is nothing hidden under the sun. Anything that has a begining must have an end. It's just a matter of time. One thing is sure.....those that eat with the devil must learn to use a long spoon or else.... Jukwa ese

  6. Not surprised. Trust most Africans at your own peril.

  7. I am honestly sick of am these

  8. Igbo people and their greed! The whole Nigeria is supporting Obi, but his own Eastern brothers and Sisters, who have sold their soul to satan for material things. God forbid/ Igbo and Yoruba are the problems in this country! See who Tinubu forced on Nigeria because of greed! Stella if you like post! Because now APC blood money you Dey share give people sometimes! I know you are kind most times, but you don’t have boundaries on who not to take money from! Some kind of money is a curse.

  9. very good. evil man, supporting a stranger against your brother because of money.

  10. How can one dwarf in Finland be holding the whole Igboland at ransom by proxy and everyone is quiet. IT is about time they smoke that bastard out. They can use Nigerians in Finland if the price is right.

  11. Believe all you read online at your own risk. He who talks first is right until the other speaks.


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